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  1. SARS was 2002/3, H5N1 was 2003 onwards, H1N1 was 2009/10, MERS around 2012. Ebola and Zika even more recently. Sure not all were pandemics, but all were at least significant public health emergencies. Governments and people not prepared for this kind of event simply haven't been paying attention.
  2. A real shame for their first year. Local busybody groups made it hell for Field Day when they used Brockwell Park and have been vocal about not wanting this or Cross the Tracks. Feel rescheduling will be a struggle against that.
  3. I saw them at Green Man a couple of years back, they're much better live than on record.
  4. The app is known to share data with the police so I'm not sure that's a road we want to be going down.
  5. Another festival that's forgotten women exist.
  6. Seems inevitable that it will spread in the UK and cause significant disruption. But it's mainly old people dying from it so far. Would have been useful before the election.
  7. Most of the country is racist and/or willfully engages in the support or promotion of racist institutions and power structures. Most people on the political right and centre right are at heart ethnonationalists, as Morrissey is, so would support the statement from him that you quoted above.
  8. Morrissey's views, as repugnant as some are, are not really that outside what a lot of people think. That it is affecting him booking shows seems sad, he's not done anything illegal. A lot of pearl clutching to be honest. The lead singer of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers is a self-confessed nonce and nobody seems to wet themselves when they headline festivals.
  9. My abiding memory of last year was that one of the bars was constructed at an angle on a slope so if the bar staff left a drink on the bar it would slowly start slipping away from you. Flaming Lips and Katherine Ryan were great though.
  10. Excited for this and hope to see it succeed. Reminds me of the eclecticism of old field day lineups before their booking policy veered largely towards the more po-faced end of electronic music.
  11. Gruff Rhys can go either way in my experience, but I've enjoyed his shows supporting the last two albums.
  12. Sympathy for the guy whose dick fell off because of a rare all women lineup at a festival. Life must be tough for you pal.
  13. This will be the fourth time Floating Points has played Field Day in six years.
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