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  1. Always wanted to go to the park silent disco but whenever I walked past it was closed or there was a queue of 50 people. Too much happening at Glasto to queue for pretty much anything
  2. As frustrating as it can be, especially when there aren't any announcements for a few days, I have to admit, the refreshing at 10am every day and checking here, is exciting and pouring over a new poster is cool. Dont get me wrong, if they were able to put out the full lineup at the start of May, i'd take it, but they can't and the wait was seem excruciating if we had to wait until late may/early june for anything after the initial poster.
  3. Seem to remember the Wednesday in 2017 was record breaking my hot. We’d got in and set up by about 9am and it was already about 26 degrees. Remember really struggling in the afternoon after no sleep and it being about 34 degrees (may be exaggerating but couldn’t have been far off)
  4. Great thread. not going to make firm plans as Wednesdays is all about going with the flow. We are in WV for the first time so once we’ve dumped our stuff I’m sure we’ll have a quick look around the campsite to see whats there. a bit of a tradition to wander through the green and healing fields in the afternoon and have a lay down somewhere around there. Last time I watched someone have a gong bath which relaxed me! I might even try one myself this time. then down to Avalon bar to get a few beers.
  5. Haven’t been a cider drinker since I was about 18 as it goes straight through me but considering taking some cans as it’s more palatable warm than beer. I must confess, in 2017, we were all set up and out walking the site by about 9am on the Wednesday and because we’d been up all night we sort or lost a sense of time. We were extremely confused as to why there was no where open to get a drink and then we realised it was 9am. Anyways, we saw a few people with drinks cups and asked where they’d got it and they guided us towards the cider bus. Was a nice little walk, until we found out the price and then tasted it. Barely drinkable but I finished it nonetheless 😄 not sure the lesson or the point here
  6. One of the few bands I don’t really get. Like a few songs but he couldn’t sing in his prime, nevermind now and when I saw them before the stones he seemed to be doing his best to bring down what was one of the best atmospheres at Glasto I’ve ever experienced.
  7. In 2017, after being up for about 36 hours, in the heat of the first day of the festival. I was on the point of ‘I need sleep otherwise I’ll pass out’ and found a bit of shade outside the hare tent. I closed my eyes and was listening to their chant over and over to the point where my mind did some crazy things and I fell into some weird medidative sleep state for an hour. When I woke up I was being stung by some fucking fire ant or something. What a trip.
  8. Aside from this year as we are at WV I’ve always camped in Dairy. Close to other and close-ish to park and not too much of a trek back from SE corner. Stayed there once since Arcadia moved and it was a bit louder but not too bad. in 2015, when I camped with a few not so close friends who set up before I arrived in Oxlyers, which I didn’t really enjoy. Possibly because I got really sick one night and ended up having a fever in the tent at about 11pm with Chemical Brothers shaking the very ground below me.
  9. Feel like I’m in a much better place than 2020 or 2021, mainly due to my son being born. I’ve taken a years sabbatical to look after him, which basically involves walking around town all day with the pram. Doing between 10-15k steps just pottering. About to go for my first run in about 4 months. Have had a gout flare up which comes once a year and lasts a month which has stopped me and could potentially fuck up my Glasto so fingers crossed that doesn’t return by June!
  10. Really is isn’t it? They continue to evolve and blow other artists out of the water. Not holding my breath but hoping they pop up at Glasto as well as some of those listed, also looking forward to Ibeyi’s new album.
  11. Maybe they’ve moved the trees as well 😄
  12. Everyone making out like the Glade was/is the hub of Glastonbury and a move 200 metres is going to change much. Let's wait to see what it's like and not get too wound up beforehand.
  13. Always have the same debate with Leftfield. Tons of talks I’d be interested in but sort of see Glasto as a remedy to the daily anxiety of what’s going on in the world and don’t Particularly want to get into that mindset whilst there. We’ll see.
  14. Lovely replies. Thanks. We’re coming from the east. Essex/London way. general tips on arriving/departing welcome too
  15. One Tonne Baby

    Traff Tips

    It’s a boring subject but let’s discuss it. Hints and tips for people arriving at the festival please. Questions welcome. my question is around traffic times. Usually get to site at 2am but this year I’m valuing a night of sleep instead. Happy to get there a bit later as we are in Wv so have a guaranteed space but also don’t want to turn up and sit in 2 hours of traffic. Any insight into best times to arrive to avoid?
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