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  1. A fun idea, but fuck trying to walk from John Peel to the Park with the meat sweats after a full roast dinner.
  2. One of my mates at AM in 2011. Off his tits on something "Why are all these people looking at me?" I turned around and he was facing away from the stage. "I think they are watching the band mate." Might have been the next morning, another mate said to me, very sincerely, after a very heavy night. "Ad, be honest with me....are my eyes open?" They were, for the record.
  3. 2010 - blinding heat. My only point of reference was reading in 2006 and it clearly got blown away. In hindsight I didn’t really GET the festival that year and combined with the heat, didn’t see even half the site but stand out memories are seeing the site for the first time from the road, almost like seeing a celebrity you’ve seen loss on tv and now all of a sudden they are in front of you. Watching vampire weekend with a cold cider, doing a great set and of course stevie wonder, which blew me away. Also seeing and doing shangri-la for the first time was an experience. My 10 year anniversary next year.
  4. Strangely i always find myself awake earlier, even if i didnt get home until 5am. I end up going wandering on my own while everyone sleeps, and find something greasy. Watching the bootleg beatles at 10am, on my own, in the drizzling rain, shaking as i tried to sip coffee was one of my best moments of 2017
  5. That obviously sucks, but the reality is that both camps are pretty far from the main site, so you shouldn't be spending too much time there when you aren't sleeping. You'll say goodnight at 4am and then hello again at 10am. But seriously, if you cant change them, it wont hamper your glasto experience, just a minor inconvenience.
  6. Quick question if anyones got a sec... When I got WV tickets, i put my details in but only my mates names (not reg details). Whats the process for getting in on the day, and as well as that, we have one spot in one tent. If my mate gets a ticket in the resale, would he be able to get in?
  7. Got through about 7.10 but everything i selected went by the time i pressed buy tickets. Ended up getting what looked like 2 of the last 4 man bell tents. Never stayed at WV so excited and also worried about the hill/the distance but it'll be a new experience.
  8. At the end of the day, some people prefer to spend their money on comfortable camping, and some people will spend the same money on drugs. If it makes you happy at Glasto, then I'm all for it.
  9. Ive never used one but tempted this year. As i get older, the thought of someone else putting my tent up, and putting it down, some private(ish) toilets and not having to queue to get a good spot appeal. Think the 6 people ones work out about £230 each, which is expensive, but as a once a year thing, I dont think it's too bad. Of course, I know that prices out lots of people, but it's not like you pay that or sleep in a toilet (some people still do, i guess).
  10. My favourite musician of all time, at my favourite place...cant complain can I? He's clearly not where he used to be, even a few years ago, vocally, but he has all the songs and all the presence to make it a special night. The bloke will be 78 by the time he performs, so I cant imagine he'll have many shows of this magnitude left him. Saw him once before, about 10 years ago, at the O2 and whilst he was great, that place is soulless. Cant wait to see him in such a special place.
  11. Agree...especially if it's your first one, or the weather is horrendous. I think it took my until Glasto 3 before i saw the majority of it, and even then, i probably missed stuff. You are probably never going to cover the whole site, or at least do something there, so just enjoy what you are doing and explore over the next few years!
  12. Use Wednesday and Thursday. I think some people, especially those who have never been before, think that Glasto doesn't really kick off until the Friday. From Friday-Sunday, you'll probably be going from stage to stage, and it will be a lot busier. Wednesday and especially Thursday are great for getting lost and wandering. Even if you think somewhere isn't your bag (baby), just go. It's literally amazing what you stumble on. Avoid plans for these days and go with the flow. Dont do it too quickly either. Take some time to sit and take it all in, because its amazing and you might miss it when you are watching bands back to back over the weekend.
  13. I didnt really enjoy 2015 for a number of reasons. I missed out in 2014 after just breaking up from my ex, who did get tickets, and i was gutted. I built 2015 up and all my mates pulled out, so ended up getting a ticket on my own. I knew a couple of people who were going and tagged along with them. One was having some issues with her BF (who was there) and spent the whole festival looking for him/crying about it. I was also in a bad place and the crowds and annoying teenagers pushing me everywhere i went made me a bit mardy. I thought that might be it for me and Glasto, but luckily I was in a much better place in 2017, and went with close mates and it was the time of my life.
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