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  1. One Tonne Baby

    Who was the first act you saw at Glastonbury?

    erm...Rolf Harris...Pyramid stage, 2010. 😩
  2. One Tonne Baby

    The most smashed you’ve ever been?😳 (At the festival.)

    Probably 2011. Must have been the saturday. Not a big drug taker, dont do it any more but for some reason started at 11 on Mandy and beer. Smiling through Warpaints set. I then went to Morrissey on my own and in all honesty, he lowered my mood almost instantly. I then stumbled over to West Holts and against all odds literally walked into half of my mates. The other half then bumped into us about a minute later. We stood in front of the mixing desk watching Chase and Status and came up at exactly the same time, as it started absolutely pissing it down. The most i've ever loved rain. Just a great moment.
  3. One Tonne Baby

    Record number of people trying .

    Interesting, thanks. i just remember in 2011 seeing a ‘welly graveyard’ by the park stage with about 200 lost wellies and walking around shangri la with mud up to my knee.
  4. I missed out today and although I didn’t think I would be, i am really gutted. Definitely put me on a bit of a downer today. I remember standing in the pyramid stage after Ed, reading the screen , “see you in 2019” and taking it all in knowing it would be 2 years. Well now it’s probably at least 3. Saying that, I missed out in October 2014 for 2015 and it got me down for months and today is nothing compared to that. Im more gutted for my mate who went for the first time last year and was blown away. He hasn’t stopped going on about 2019 since we left and he’s devastated. im glad some people will get to experience it for the first time but I do think the system is a bit antiquated. I also feel like Glasto is so in demand so sought after, maybe the 50 quid deposit is encouraging people who may not be fully behind going. A bit of a middle ground between overhauling the whole ticket selling process and making sure the people going are the ones who really want to go is to reintroduce paying the full balance of your ticket in October. Just a thought.
  5. One Tonne Baby

    Record number of people trying .

    Double post
  6. One Tonne Baby

    Record number of people trying .

    Was 2016 worse than 2011 weather wise? i had a relatively crappy 2015 and needed a year off. I was also out of the country so it all sort of passed me by.
  7. One Tonne Baby

    Resale Club 2019

    Checking in. I got one coach ticket for 2015 and 2 tickets for mates in 2017 so had some success. Needing 6 this year makes it harder with the 4 person limit on the main sale.
  8. One Tonne Baby

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Seemed to be sold out faster than usual? Maybe less crashing. On one laptop i was consistently on the holding page from 9am but no further. 5 trying and not a sniff.
  9. One Tonne Baby

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    1hr until Kick Off
  10. One Tonne Baby

    its the final countdown

    Up and ready after a lot of broken sleep. Feeling confident...sort of...
  11. One Tonne Baby

    Forgot to update photo

    I think the photo was advisory but not necessary. As long as it still looks like you. Maybe take added ID if not.youll be fine.
  12. One Tonne Baby

    Coach ticket vs standard

    I'm sort of in the same predicament. You just have to weigh up the pro's and con's of each and decide based on your situation. For me...Pros: Another chance at tickets, dont have to worry about cars or driving, no queuing for the car park, dropped right at the gate, can sleep on the coach home. Cons: Limited to what you can bring, lack of clarity on arrival times could affect your plans, having to travel with your stuff to get the coach, lack of supplies in a car you can go back to. I think we aren't going to try tonight and wait until Sunday. The only thing i would say is that I missed out in 2015 but was successful on the coach resale. So if you dont try today, or try and fail today and sunday then there's still a bit of a (limited) option for coach.
  13. One Tonne Baby

    Coach ticket vs standard

    The one year i got the coach I had some mates who drove and had all the beer/everything else in the car so i goes that's an option. I think Car Park tickets won't be an issue but in all honesty the traffic around the site is insane and getting a cab out of there might be harder than getting a ticket on Sunday!
  14. One Tonne Baby

    The Return Of The Growler?

    It beats all of that generic chinese/burger/pork rolls vans that are at the back of the other stage.
  15. One Tonne Baby

    My best tips for ticket day....

    To add to the topic of IP addresses. For the 2016 resale i stayed late in work and logged onto about 5 computers and sat in the middle refreshing. I had no luck and then all of a sudden, all of them went onto the booking page.