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  1. @plot2pot you're going to Glasto! I'll try and fathom out how to send you a PM!
  2. Glastonbury exclusive from Emily Eavis on Clara Amfo’s Radio 1 show this evening…
  3. Invalid code here as well!
  4. It's got to be getting through the green gates first thing on the Wednesday or possibly the first pint at the brothers bar!
  5. I know they don’t have the best track record on here but seeing my favourite band at the best festival would’ve been amazing. Just makes it all that little more painful!!
  6. Somewhere on the A303 towards the sacred grounds. Instead 5 beers deep drowning my sorrows!
  7. The Killers “Secret Set” in the JPT, Sunday afternoon 2017. Appreciate they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but I’d wanted to see them for years and the tent was certainly buzzing.
  8. You would assume it won’t be next year as they usually have it in the city of culture which is Coventry.
  9. Tom_12

    Other Stage 2020

    So Fatboy & Dua Lipa have both confirmed headlining the other but just the standard we are playing announcement from PSB. Anything in that?
  10. Tom_12

    Food Stalls 2020

    These were really good! Down by the other stage / the glade area. Let’s hope they are back but with more stock, they were closed by the Saturday evening after selling out.
  11. DEL10 will get you free delivery on the order as well just for the book, just make sure once you’ve entered the code you go back up and change it from next day to standard.
  12. Pink car park and was straight out and away without stopping at about 9:50am. A lot easier than I expected.
  13. Tom_12

    TBAs 2019

    According to Annie Mac’s Instagram she’s playing Glastonbury on the Saturday, but where? Surely not ‘headlining’ the JP for the second year in a row?
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