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  1. chazwwe

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    I feel like we need a thread during festival time for toilet watch, 7-9am and we all let each other know where the best/cleaner ones are.
  2. Wheres teh list of stages that we're waiting on? Maybe we'll get cineramagedon this week to mix it up abit? I expect Glastonbury on Sea and Arcadia to be the last 2.
  3. chazwwe


    'Why do you keep going on that festival forum...what do you even do there can I see?' 'Nope...not today.' The Park Stage is female.
  4. I was doing some poi spinning to the drystones in 2016. Fantastic set.
  5. Drystones ❤️ Also a Sunday announcement. Hell has frozen
  6. No Grace Petrie on Leftfield? I really hope she plays a few times so I can catch her once
  7. That's my thinking. Unfairground today. Next week block 9 and leftfield
  8. chazwwe

    day and stage

    This is more and more likley pointing in the direction that Idles will be on Thursday night/Friday morning. Which makes me ridiculously happy.
  9. Purchased some spare (good) pegs for the tent. Got some of my gear out to look through. Made the shopping list for next pay day.
  10. Gotta go with what others are gonna say. Glastonbury has put a straight out ban across the site. Bars, ice cream trucks and probably co op too. No plastic bottles.
  11. Someone brought up in another thread using the small squash containers for vodka if thats your deal. Thats what I'm gonna try, my go to is always rum though. That's a damn good idea. Yeah that's what I'm expecting, looks like I'll be on the wine a fair bit if they have it in stock.
  12. Not sure if this has been answered. what are we thinking in terms of mixer because no plastic? Just cans? Also do we think they'll sell boxed wine/plastic bottles of wine? Trying to see how much I want to bring on the coach vs just getting there for a bit extra.
  13. One after another on the Park...Just before Idels...anyone?
  14. Confidence Man and Superorganism are 2 of my most wanted for the line up
  15. I didnt realise it was in that kind of state. Will be signing up for gold when I get home. Have you ever thought about asking valid members to add to the site/help keep it going as volunteers/admins?
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