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  1. Got my first vaccine last night, 28. Pfizer, arm hurts a bit and a bit drowsy but no other symptoms 🙂
  2. chazwwe

    Wolf Alice

    I really wouldn't use this forum in anyway as a meter for popularity, the reason they're being discussed more is because they've been mentioned by Emily, they have a new album and the main factor, there is an actual discussion on where they would place. There's not TOO Much to talk about regarding the festival next year, so people wanna talk about it. I can see them as a very strong 3rd Pyramid and a weak pyramid sub.
  3. chazwwe

    Billie Eilish

    Trying to explain to a friend how Billie Eilish would not sub headline next year is ridiculously difficult. Its the normal thing of 'Not been around long enough, I don't think they fit Glastonbury' (aka I dont like her music)
  4. haha, I get that! They played 4th down in 2016 and that was off just 1 album, which I thought at the time was too high. My only concern with them on the Pyramid is getting lost in the 'chair sitters' but I know if its Kendrick/Macca/Taylor I wouldn't be seeing them if they were on Other, so its more of a selfish guess.
  5. I'm completely the same, the past few years (17, 19) have been far too hot, 30 degrees while setting up camp on the wednesday followed by a 32-34 degree day on the weekend almost ruined me in 2019.
  6. Yup, I believe Emily also name dropped them on the lead up to the stream about acts that could make an appearance next year. I can see them either 3rd down Pyramid (as Pyramid is already seeming pretty full) or headlining Other.
  7. chazwwe


    Honestly, at the age they are, and after what the worlds been through the past 17+ months I don't blame him.
  8. chazwwe


    I'm not sure of this, but I think he's thinking that traveling from the UK > Europe would still make taxes and visas difficult, but I'm unaware if that is a thing.
  9. See thats so crazy to me, normally Glastonbury like mixing it up a little in-between some of the later Pyramid acts. Crowded House > Aerosmith > Noel > Macca is just full on dad rock. I'd imagine the other stage is gonna be packed with some newer stars/more mainstream music.
  10. Yup just heard from a friend about this. Wonder where they'll play. 4th on Friday maybe?
  11. chazwwe

    Billie Eilish

    Really not a fan of this, I don't mind the others she's releleased but I've not really liked anything since Everything I wanted.
  12. Unless she's already been booked to play from earlier this year. Which would of carried on from last year? If shes not playing then I can 100% see her headlining 2023. Which would also be interesting to see if they would do Billie and Dua both headlining.
  13. Yup completely agree. I imagine even if her album isn't rated as good as her first by the media its still going to sell insane numbers. She has a number 1 single now thanks to the Bond theme. Which I'm sure will re enter the charts when the film comes out. She will be great booking if she headlines next year, I wonder if Reading will grab her first though.
  14. I really hope it is that trio, because from the looks of it, we wouldn't of had a Kendrick album by last summer or Taylor doing Folklore/Evermore. So to me the 3 were already insane. If Kendricks album is 'good' (of course it will be) its probably gonna be my favourite 3 ever.
  15. The times I've been I've always had issues with sound if I'm further than the first 15 or so rows back. As for getting there, its the worst, especially as I need to get to Liverpool street before my last train.
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