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  1. chazwwe

    Taylor Swift

    Would of loved the Lover festival idea with themes revolving around that album and summer but as said above a full on greatest hits with 3 or so songs from each album, with a lovely Folklore/Evermore stint in the middle of just her/piano and a guitar is the dream.
  2. The amount of work that would have to go on in the background to get this to happen, from setting the field up in late may/June to getting all of their artists to reschedule, including all the late night areas, craft areas and everything else. We would of heard something by now. I think unless they were already planning on moving it before this announcement, its not happening unfortunately. Also 100%
  3. My thoughts are Lady Gaga (or Billie)/Arctic Monkeys/Paul McCartney
  4. chazwwe

    Biffy Clyro

    Am also very interested.
  5. chazwwe

    2020 New Music

    Yep, its a little too clean on some of the tracks but it really feels like they're really trying some new things. Instant History is a bad song, by it self, in the album how ever you look at it. Personally this is easily their best album since Puzzle
  6. chazwwe

    2020 New Music

    Biffys new album is great.
  7. Yep, was fairly quiet until they were a few songs in, the front was pretty receptive, usnure of how it went down further back. I managed to walk into the front during the first song.
  8. Yep, just came to post this. Great news.
  9. chazwwe

    2020 New Music

    The first minute of this track is very similar to her usual stuff, good but not great. The next couple of minutes how ever are great, great production work. Just put Fontaines DC album on, enjoying so far.
  10. chazwwe

    Taylor Swift

    This is my exact thoughts, instead of knocking out 2-3 classics in a different manner or sadly an All Too Well, she'll bring out 2-3 Folklore songs and change it every night so if you see her multiple times on the same tour you'll see different songs. I can see Cardigan being a proper band production performance. As for the touring discussion I really can't see her being back next year sadly, I really can't get on board that other festivals 'couldn't wait' for TAYLOR SWIFT one of the biggest pop acts in the world to reschedule and had to have another act in place just so they could annou
  11. chazwwe

    Billie Eilish

    Looking forward to the new track. Social media is a weird place, just a bunch of 'fans' comparing Billie and Taylor and having a go at each other.
  12. chazwwe

    Taylor Swift

    Exactly this, have already had a few people on my socials say to me they don't listen to Taylor but Cardigan is great, have also seen a few people who say they only like pop music so its a bit much/slow for them.
  13. chazwwe

    Taylor Swift

  14. chazwwe

    Taylor Swift

    This is my thing, I can't see yet how a lot of these songs fit in her usual set and songs. The production is so different and so much going on in the background her band would have to completely change. I low key seeing her only playing 3-4 songs of this album on her next tour all stripped back.
  15. chazwwe

    Taylor Swift

    I lowkey love seven.
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