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  1. Been away for a bit again. Whats the thinking on headliners right now? Just seen someone on a glastonbury 'rumours' facebook page saying Ariana/Drake/Strokes, which sounds bizarre and wrong.
  2. Have been good, supporting family and Working from home. Trying to do a few bits for the community but thought I'd pop my head back in here to make sure we're all good
  3. Haven't been here since the cancellation. Hope everyone is keep okay ❤️
  4. Keep talking to people, I had to return to therapy at the end of last year its awful. YOU will get through this.
  5. Exactly! I might work on an outfit as outlandish as yours for next year! Gonna pick up the guitar which I haven't touched in a few years too. But remember everyone, keep talking to people, even if its on here.
  6. To everyone that is a regular here. We will be okay and we will all have the best meet up next year. We will be okay. Keep talking to people, find distractions, use this social down time to learn a new skill, watch that show you keep putting off.
  7. Its changing day by day, I'm sure what renters are doing will be next. I know we all like to shit on the government but this situation really is changing daily.
  8. Stone circle knows her and has done for many years as far as I iknow.
  9. I mean, with your history and post count here I don't know why you would lie, but really wanna wait for something official
  10. Back to the old thread where the poll was more happy?
  11. So either there's math of somewhere or im confused. Because 1950 - 578 is 1372. But yet there was 409 cases as of today.
  12. 409 new cases, 1950 overall cases. The past 2 days have double are overall numbers.
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