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  1. A few clashes that I don't think will happen. Not enough pop on the Pyramid, but outside of that, Diana Ross > Lorde > Biffy > Kendrick is an insane end to the festival.
  2. Yeah I can't see it being this late out, even with the roll overs and stuff, Emily said they had 2021 headliners pretty much confirmed before 2020 happened if I'm remembering right? (please correct me) so with that and the roll over of as many 2020 artists as possible I can't see them waiting around 3 months before the festival for the chance of someone saying no.
  3. Ah man, there's Sam Fender headlining a small festival, he'll never headline now. /s
  4. Wont this be Glastonbury weekend next year?
  5. chazwwe

    Doja Cat

    What is happening in here.
  6. While I agree Kendrick could do a EU tour. I'd imagine he would do a US one first. It seems a bit much to have an album come out, do a US tour, do a UK/EU tour and Glastonbury all within the next 6/7 months. The DAMN tour in the US went from July 7th - September 2nd and he didn't come over to the UK until the following February almost a year after DAMN even came out.
  7. Would be a really big get, especially with both Billie seemingly being a EU exclusive too and I doubt Macca will be popping up at any festivals. What if its Billie/Kendrick/Taylor, would they really go a triple US headliner?
  8. I love Kendrick, I really do, but with nothing since DAMN my hype for him has dropped so much. I know he would crush it but I feel like after the past 2 years of Taylors releases/re-releases it would be a huge part of an insane run.
  9. chazwwe


    Unsure what the record is but it'll probably be the biggest album of this decade in terms of vinyl sales.
  10. Fantastic news, will always take the time to watch them if they're about.
  11. Factually false. I love what Dua is doing, I've been bored with Muse for many years. The chance to see a Beatle on the Pyramid stage is something special.
  12. I really can't see Neils info being this level of wrong and I can't see Glastonbury not managing to get any of the 3 headliners back from 2020. Foals/Muse is a bad clash too, probably similar fanbases.
  13. chazwwe

    Taylor Swift

    SNL Normally give enough time to do 2-3 songs throughout the evening, she just chose to use her time for 1.
  14. chazwwe

    Kendrick Lamar

    It really was, even at the time with no Folklore/Evermore.
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