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  1. chazwwe

    2020 headliners

    They sold out the O2 Last year, stop this silliness.
  2. chazwwe

    2020 headliners

    Gotta keep you coming back.
  3. chazwwe

    Thom Yorke

    Hey Neil, am unsure if its an error on my side but when I click the link on https://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/glastonbury/2020/ For the 2020 line up and rumours page it directrs me to 2019? Have to physically change the URL to 2020 for it to work out.
  4. chazwwe

    2020 headliners

    Honestly, I think Panic! would smash an Other stage headliner slot and get a really good crowd size for it too. Wouldn't surprise me if Brandon came out with Tay' for ME! and then performed next year. I think that has to do with the internet though, she makes a lot of news headlines, there was all the meme/faff around 'I knew you were trouble' and then just the size and popularity of some of her singles do outweigh that of Kendrick.
  5. This happened to me in 2017 on the Wednesday, got set up and sorted by 11am, got back at 10pm and there were loads of new tents including 3 tents of the exact same type as mine and 1 the exact same as my friends all within a 10 tent area. Met some lovely people though. For this year I'm gonna add a string of LEDs that I turn on when I'm out and then off when I'm done for the evening. I then go 'whats nearest tent that's recognisable/flag, point of interest/walk way that looks different, etc' There's also a location point on the EE app that works well.
  6. Gotta agree with the screens, the footage that I've seen looks phenomenal from them. Would give the stage a bigger feel too. I also think the Pyramid could use with some bigger/vertical screens too, but thats just me.
  7. They did tour just earlier this year. Will probably do Europe before those dates.
  8. This would encourage people to leave their stuff/trash it from what I've seen at other festivals that do this. Its more waste/stuff being left at the festival and is kinda counterproductive to what they've been trying to do.
  9. I feel like Thom would be a real weird choice for WH, way more of a Park style headliner but agree on crowd size.
  10. I take a bumbag and then a small-ish day bag, Can put my water bottle and a bottle for spirits attached to my hip, and then fill the small bag up with 3/4 cans and something I'll think I'll need for the day (poncho/over hanging shirt) and a snack. I do a restock normally late afternoon before the last few acts and by the time the headliner is on all I've got in my bag is a poncho or shirt depending on weather and it squishes up firmly to my back.
  11. chazwwe

    2020 headliners

    The fact we're still on the 'Foals aren't big enough to headline' talk is insane. I swear we have one of these conversations every year.
  12. While this is fine, Glastonbury is too big of a festival for me to do this. Also helps you take around alcohol. My main thing would be from Rock Wercher and have a IN > OUT system for the pyramid stage in between acts.
  13. After the crush that I was in of trying to get out of Biffy Clyro/as people for Sheeran came in, I didn't go in the front circle at all this year. Only saw 3-4 acts on the Pyramid but I do hope something a bit easier gets put in place. Can be might scary at times.
  14. Have seen a few people floating around about The Kinks playing, so I'd be good with that. Would rather a heavier act in the line of Motorhead though.
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