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  1. chazwwe

    Self Confirmed 2020

    I've noticed they seem to get more chaotic when we bring it up and it goes from a post a day to multiple posts in multiple threads of just nonsense.
  2. I only went Thursday and Friday night to the SE but it felt a lot easier to get in but still just as busy once you were in.
  3. chazwwe

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Gotta agree, 2 things about the Efests forum that I wish were a thing 1. Dark Mode and 2. an Ignore function.
  4. This makes me sad. Would of been an amazing evening on that stage.
  5. Chris was bumped up from Saturday sub because Prodigy were meant to headline.
  6. chazwwe

    Self Confirmed 2020

    I know a few stories like this from bands similiar sized and or smaller to Royal Blood, especially around the time that they're touring. Its a shame really.
  7. chazwwe

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Completely agree.
  8. I got..I got..I got....I got. PARA PARA
  9. Completely agree, apart from some headliners the Other Stage can most of the time be matched with Readings main stage. For instance, with what was meant to be last years Sunday line up of Billie Eilish > Dave > Courteeners > Prodigy, would not look out of place as a Reading line up.
  10. chazwwe

    The 1975 2020

    I'd say they're either headlining Other stage or doing a secret set. Can't see anything else personally.
  11. In my head its going to be one of those situations where he's big enough now, but do GFL think he was big enough when they were booking him? I also doubt they'd do Taylor/Capaldi/Dua. I can honestly see him being 3rd down on Friday.
  12. Yep, first time I've signed back up since a few weeks before the last festival, lots of 'so why can't arctic monkeys play?' posts of people just thinking that people who are predicting Kendrick are saying Arctics aren't big enough to headline.
  13. chazwwe

    2020 New Music

    New Biffy song sounds like they've jumped the Imagine Dragons bandwagon 5 years late. It actually made me sad. Putting the new grimes album on though so thats okay. Also BTS
  14. No different to those saying Coldplay or Foo Fighters
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