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    Doja Cat

    What is happening in here.
  2. While I agree Kendrick could do a EU tour. I'd imagine he would do a US one first. It seems a bit much to have an album come out, do a US tour, do a UK/EU tour and Glastonbury all within the next 6/7 months. The DAMN tour in the US went from July 7th - September 2nd and he didn't come over to the UK until the following February almost a year after DAMN even came out.
  3. Would be a really big get, especially with both Billie seemingly being a EU exclusive too and I doubt Macca will be popping up at any festivals. What if its Billie/Kendrick/Taylor, would they really go a triple US headliner?
  4. I love Kendrick, I really do, but with nothing since DAMN my hype for him has dropped so much. I know he would crush it but I feel like after the past 2 years of Taylors releases/re-releases it would be a huge part of an insane run.
  5. chazwwe


    Unsure what the record is but it'll probably be the biggest album of this decade in terms of vinyl sales.
  6. Fantastic news, will always take the time to watch them if they're about.
  7. Factually false. I love what Dua is doing, I've been bored with Muse for many years. The chance to see a Beatle on the Pyramid stage is something special.
  8. I really can't see Neils info being this level of wrong and I can't see Glastonbury not managing to get any of the 3 headliners back from 2020. Foals/Muse is a bad clash too, probably similar fanbases.
  9. chazwwe

    Taylor Swift

    SNL Normally give enough time to do 2-3 songs throughout the evening, she just chose to use her time for 1.
  10. chazwwe

    Kendrick Lamar

    It really was, even at the time with no Folklore/Evermore.
  11. chazwwe

    Kendrick Lamar

    That's been my hope as well.
  12. I think the issue with his voice is that he's still trying to hit the notes and vocal line the exact same and just can't. McCartneys voice isn't great but he's changed the way he sings a fair few songs and stops trying to hit all the high notes making it at least easier to listen to.
  13. chazwwe

    Taylor Swift

    1989 Folklore Red Evermore Lover Speak Now Redemption Fearless Self Titled.
  14. Really good shout especially with those you listed.
  15. Placebo I think are too big with what else we have on the show. They would be a great sub other but it feels like thats all covered? Hives in the JP tent is a must.
  16. Justin continuing avoiding the festival outside of the appearance with Kanye is so strange to me.
  17. chazwwe

    2023 Headliners

    Sort yourself out.
  18. chazwwe

    2023 Headliners

    'But as said, Elton can because he's at his end, the thers can just because they can.' Is literally unreadable. I think I know what you're saying and I in no way doubted Elton playing, just that it would probably be the biggest 3 they had.
  19. Not a clue, I can't picture Kendrick playng the Saturday time BBC slot that gets all the views, but I also can't see him closing the festival. I doubt BBC have a say in the matter though. I have a feeling Maccas set will be special with a few guests (aerosmoth/Noel including) which would be easier done if he was still on the Saturday.
  20. Macca Noel Sam Fender Aerosmith. If it is that, its very samey. I think having someone of a different genre in that 3rd slot would help things out a bit. I think he's probably locked for sub headlining Other.
  21. If this is the lower card, along with Lorde and a few other bigger acts, it really will be a sight to see on the line up come next June.
  22. chazwwe

    2023 Headliners

    I actually don't know what you're trying to say here.
  23. Coldplay for 23' seems fair, it'd of been 7 years.
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