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    BBC Coverage 2022

    Pretty much the whole right hand side left and moved to the pyramid and filtered into Noel's set.
  2. Yup about 5 minutes before she started everyone appeared then most moved over to Noel.
  3. Olivia start's in 10 minutes and you Dan pretty much walk down to the first 10 rows. Thought it'd be rammed.
  4. chazwwe

    Queue watch

    Currently sitting in my fresh and black tent up in darble because I couldn't go any further. Partner isn't down till tomorrow. Today is a sit down and rest
  5. chazwwe

    Queue watch

    No idea. Got through and one of the female stewards on the wrist band area asked if it was busy because people have been coming in ' slowly ' I mentioned how no water was being handed out and another chimmed in with ' they were meant to'
  6. chazwwe

    Queue watch

    The 4-5 hour wait in gate a. Has ruined me. Ran out of water, proper heat stroke and atshma playing up. What the fuck was that.
  7. chazwwe

    Queue watch

    Gate d. Moved 3 zig zags in an hour. About 7 away. Is it normally like this
  8. chazwwe

    Queue watch

    This happens every festival. Rumours of it being open earlier. Followed by more and more people getting there earlier.
  9. chazwwe

    Queue watch

    Should be in gate A line around half 7. Anyone from experience know how busy it'll be?
  10. We did it. Warm on the way in. Cooler weekend. Light shower on Friday to keep the dust down. Everyone wins.
  11. Walled around Glastonbury town and went up to see the Tor for the first time.
  12. As long as the wind is low, a hoodie should be just enough.
  13. Wednesday/Thursday is mid20s, VERY small chance of rain on Thursday evening. Friday is 20 degrees, small chance of rain in the evening. Saturday is 18-19, chance of rain in the afternoon (very low) Sunday is 16-17 with the higher chance of rain throughout the day but no evening rain
  14. 1.4mm of rain over 3 days. Easy
  15. Oh no, not blaming, just making a general observation. I'd much rather low 20s with a chance of rain than high 20s/low 30s. As long as it doens't rain for a long time and all 3 days (which would be very hard, because then everyone would be right?) then I'm good.
  16. Genuinely seen him more happier for rainier checks than if the temp is above 20 degrees.
  17. Yup, I actually lost my ticket in 2019 coming into castle carry. Was an utter shit show, pulled me to the side within the massive crowd and all my gear and had me standing around for ages asking why. Showed them my return ticket, showed them my bank statement of me buying the ticket for the right price but they were having none of it and were suggesting that I gave my single to someone else. Eventually they let me go as the station was packed and it was actually holding up people because they had 2 members of staff dedicated to me. I believe it would of been around £140 fine, on the spot (double my ticket price)
  18. Let's go. Stick. Showers on Saturday afternoon. Dry Sunday with 17 degrees and no wind.
  19. I'll take that Friday.
  20. Yup. Hard ground on arrival meaning it won't get ruined with people coming in and less chance of the rain doing much damage to it.
  21. bamboo quick dry. Will take 3 pairs and wear a 4th, wash in the morning. Same with socks.
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