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  1. Last time I saw Jimmy Eat World was at Leeds fest 2014 and they were do dull. I like Clarity and Static Prevail but not a fan of them live. Also they seem to be doing a full tour UK around Trees. Not really that big of a pull then either
  2. Nothing But Thieves confirmed for Mad Cool (same weekend as Trees). Guess that they're playing then
  3. I don't think so. Well, if this anything to go by you shouldn't trust my info because apparently I know nothing
  4. Is that what "is kosher" means? I thought it was negative, sorry pal. Never heard of the expression before
  5. Ok I'm still sceptical of what I've heard but are you dismissing it because of the timeframe? Because it literally agrees with that. I even specified a show in June (anyway, I could have remembered that wrong, might have just said Summer). I shrugged this off weeks ago but when you said those European fests it all made sense and seems to come together pretty well imo. Not saying that confirms it but it has got to add weight to it surely?
  6. No mention if it was APE or not but I was lead to believe it would be something like what QOTSA did a few years ago
  7. Ok, so what I heard about the MCR thing was a show in London. However, I didn't hear Brixton. What I heard is that it's more of a curated line up/day festival kind of thing. I believe June was mentioned and that one or two band were booked (this I'm less so certain of). I heard this all weeks ago and I brushed it off as nothing more than another BS reunion rumour so my memory is a bit hazy. Please take this with a huge grain of salt as I'm not certain myself. The person I heard it from may have misinterpreted it themselves but given the whole Brixton thing I'm pretty sure a London date in June is a sure thing.
  8. MCR are doing a London show in the summer. Can't say more than that right now but trying to find out more.
  9. Zebrahead played 5 years in a row from 2014 to 2018. They're festival favourite, I'd feel confident in guessing that they'll be on the PiD stage.
  10. I'll take that just for Your Demise. Apart from that only really interested in The Story So Far and will probably see Basement. Still, got a few bands I'd see so it's shaping up really nice for me
  11. It's gonna be Grayscale ain't it
  12. I'm just happy with The Wonder Years and FYS and Knuckle Puck are decent for me as well. Wouldn't mind seeing State Champs or Broadside either if nothing else was on. It hasn't been confirmed yet but that's the logo for the upsides isn't it...
  13. Do we know what day Deftones are playing yet? If they were subbing SOAD, I'd consider a day ticket
  14. What makes you say that? Thought it was a pretty standard affair to be honest. Still, I think Knocked Loose ain't a bad shout for next year. Could see them mid/high on The Cave easily.
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