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  1. Really hope that Touche Amore get added to the Friday. The new album is great and the new songs work really well live judging from the livestream last night.
  2. I suggested Pixies as a curveball headliner to my mates the other week and I think they wouldn't go down too badly. That being said I do not think that they are at all likely for this.
  3. Headliners for the Cave and the main don't often clash but last year While She Sleeps headlined the Cave and played at the same time as Frank Turner. I reckon that the same will happen for JEW and Crossfaith so JEW don't clash with Menzos.
  4. Now that's more like it! Knocked Loose, The World Is..., Higher Power, Black Peaks, Wytches, Svalbard, Press to Meco, Nervus and Leeched. Why can't the other days be like that for me
  5. Converge were in Europe in the week of Trees last year (or very close to it). If they were going to play it would have been then. Would love for them to play however, incredible band.
  6. Gutted if this is true and given that Knocked Loose basically pulled out this year I reckon that they won't be here next year either. So I'm basically only left with The World Is... out of my desired 3 that might show up. Can't say I blame SLS given all the uncertainty that's still around. Hoping that they show up in 2022 then. Both would have been the most ideal situation . And as much as I love Menzos, I have seen them play a bunch more times and generally prefer SLS but that won't stop me going down to the front if this goes ahead.
  7. Certainly more bands to come but I'm not too sure if they will be bigger artist. Also I don't know if it's just me but isn't Laura Jane Grace playing in a spot that Against Me! could play anyways? Like, compared to the Thursday Against Me! seem they'd be the right size so why not get them all instead of just her solo?
  8. Less keen on that than yesterday, starting to think that I may like this line up less than this years. Only two bands I care about on there are Ithaca and Fresh. Also starting to get a bit worried that Knocked Loose, Spanish Love Songs and The World Is... are all not returning for next year which I hope is not the case considering they were the 3 bands I was looking forward to the most this year.
  9. Really happy with The Menzingers but just overall a meh day for me. Hoping the other two days are a bit better for me. I really want Spanish Love Songs and The World Is... to return and hoping for a few bands like Loathe and Employed to Serve play.
  10. Looks like Thrice back then. I think that's their name on the Friday.
  11. Well they way are doing it seems to me that they're going to leave one headliner out of the announcement. Anyways my guess is that Afi will be announced on Monday.
  12. The majority of the line (around 90%) is being revealed next week. Got an announcement everyday Monday - Main stage headliner Tuesday - Thursday line up Wednesday - Friday line up Thursday - Saturday line up Friday - Forrest stage Can imagine that most of the lineup for this year will run over to next but still hoping for one or two surprises.
  13. The new exhalants album is really good. It's some old school noisy post hardcore with quite a punch. Would recommend if you're a into stuff like Big Black, Drive Like Jehu, Jesus Lizard, Unwound and Slint. https://exhalants.bandcamp.com/
  14. It's not like Melvin has embellished the truth before and will most people even know/care about the 6 first time headliners thing anyways
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