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  1. justanothername

    2019 New Music

    Was kind of dreading a new album by them but this is actually decent. Better than anything on LP2 so I'm bit more hopeful now.
  2. justanothername

    2018 in review

    Album Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want Song JPEGMAFIA - Baby I'm Bleeding or Camp Cope - The Opener (can't decide) Gig Turnstile - Rebellion, Manchester Festival 2000trees Movie Annihilation (I only watched like 5 films from year and this was the only one worth talking about tbh) Favourite eFester @UndergroundSound just for that final night of Trees Did you miss Glastonbury? Never been Three wishes for Glastonbury 2019 1. I get a ticket 2. Fugazi reunion 3. I get a ticket Festivals lined up for 2019 None at the moment but almost certainly 2000trees and I'm thinking about APE Bon Iver day, Outbreak Festival & Slam Dunk as well.
  3. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    Yeah I love Spanish Love Songs album, missed them on their previous tour so would it would be great to see them at Trees. Also with American Football announcing their album it would be nice to see them headlining The Axiom but I doubt it.
  4. justanothername

    Slam Dunk 2019

    How can you be a fan of Pop Punk and a regular Slam Dunk goer and not know who TSSF are
  5. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    It's already been and gone Didn't go this year but I wish I did so I'm hoping to go next year. Ceremony would be a dream. Don't think either at all likely. Not that kind of festival.
  6. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    Doesn't really matter. It shows that they're in Europe around the same time. But they only share one or two acts. I still reckon that While She Sleeps, Higher Power, Birds in Row and Converge are kind of likely. Also depends if Download or Outbreak wants them (I know they share acts sometimes but it always tends to be one or two at best).
  7. justanothername

    Download 2019

    They headlined the 3rd this year
  8. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    Foxing and The Twilight Sad are also at Mad Cool next year. Can see both of them here then.
  9. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    Well that rules out my wacky Jawbreaker theories out then for this year From that Hellfest announcement I'd love to see Daughters, Refused and Employed to Serve. Great tour there but it's around the same time as TWY tour so I'm gonna have to see how it works out They always try and get a few Hardcore bands though. The cave is pretty much dedicated to Hardcore/Post Hardcore/Metalcore and there has always been at least one Hardcore type band headlining in recent years.
  10. justanothername

    Download 2019

    It's AOTY for sure Frontierer is Dillinger on crack. I love Orange Mathematics. Check out Sectioned as well, most of their members are in Frontierer and it's even more insane. I thought the album they put out this year was better than Frontierer's.
  11. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    Dream headliner for The Cave. Saw them in April and they were incredible. Seriously hope Trees book them. Also seen that Higher Power and Birds In Row are also at that fest Converge are at so would love to see them on the line up as well and I reckon that While She Sleeps will be there in a decent slot as well.
  12. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    Milk Teeth are likely every year just because it's Milk Teeth and yeah that pretty much confirms La Dispute for me as well. I can easily see them subbing The Cave like Touche Amore did this year. FIDLAR were in the country around the same time as Trees this year so don't count on them and don't really see The Bronx as big enough anymore. They did headline The Cave on the Thursday once and if they're not planning on doing the main on Thursday again then I guess. Also, I swear I've seen on here that Every Time I Die were booked one year but it fell threw so maybe they turn up next year so who knows?
  13. justanothername

    2019 festival

    Stinky Malone
  14. justanothername

    2019 festival

    Went on it out of interest and caught him calling The 1975 shit. Bet @Mash011 is already there to defend them and call him a gammon.
  15. justanothername

    2018 New Music

    I forgot about this, been too busy with itoldyouiwouldeatyou instead. I love their EP but wasn't keen on their first album but I'll give this a go later. Also itoldyouiwouldyoueat's album is good. Worth a listen if you like The World Is A Beautiful Place...