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  1. Fringe guide is out https://issuu.com/exposed_magazine/docs/fringeattramlinesonlineopt And someone has made a very handy clashfinder https://clashfinder.com/s/tramlinesfringe2019/ I'm working Friday and Saturday and seeing the family on Sunday but I'm still planning on catching Kagoule & ASIWYFA. Quite a few decent things about.
  2. First one is the policy, was sent out in the latest "import news" and the second is an email they sent to someone in response. They've put on twitter that they're not going to stop anyone from bringing in how much they want. Not sure on the readmission rule though, they have said "old rules" apply but it's not clear if includes readmission. It's certainly misleading with the wording and the use of bold red font. I'm sure it'll catch a few people out.
  3. I know that the alcohol policy they sent out is advisory and not going to be enforced but it's still is incredibly misleading and confusing. I get that the festival is independent and these kind of things can help you stay that but surely there are better ways to encourage people to go to the bars and bring less alcohol.
  4. Didn't even notice Pretty Vicious. Bands have been moved around quite a bit and the website hasn't been updated since halfway through the 7 days of Trees thing. Guess it could be a mistake and that they're the TBC on The Axiom. Not really any major clashes for me; Can't Swim/MOL and Free Throw/Muncie Girls are the only two that stick out for me on that day.
  5. And finally the Saturday clashfinder. Still one band left on the Axiom to be announced.
  6. Thought so! And annual habit? I didn't go last year . I just turning and thinking "oh shit it's Andre" then you screamed my name before i could do the same. I went Manchester, fucking wild. Need to them to do another headline tour. That's gutting, saw Deafheaven in October last year and I loved it, and I dig Portrayal of Guilt as well so it'll be cool to see them on their first UK tour. So looking forward to it.
  7. Nah, I can see it maybe becoming like Parklife or Field Day by being a two day fest but not camping in the next 10 years. I just think there are too many problems for it to be feasible. Also the headline pool is tiny and even if the festival grows it'll have to recycle headliners frequently. Yeah it can get bigger ones but it can't use the same older ones and expect to thrive. Even if it gets bands like Blink or BMTH to headline it can't exactly go back to JEW or YM@6 again.
  8. Once you see Turnstile in a sweaty no barrier venue there is no going back, their fest sets are fun but those are something else Also Touche killed it dude, should have stayed for the whole thing. You're at least gonna go to the tour in Oct though right?
  9. I enjoyed Slam Dunk this year despite the rain and saw pretty much everyone I wanted too apart from Angel Du$t because of getting in. WSTR - Started to watch them but I don't know why but they actively annoyed me so I just went to find my mates mates before Knocked Loose. I don't even hate WSTR, just couldn't stand to watch it a second longer. Will try it again at Trees though. Knocked Loose - ngl, I thought that the singers voice was really goofy. Like, it's higher than what it on record and I thought it was hilarious. Still, a great set and I enjoyed it. 7/10 Tiny Moving Parts - Made me realise that I really don't like their new album and no Dakota? Seen them be far better than what I saw on Sat 5/10 Turnsitle - Despite getting hit in the face hard and missing a few mins I loved their set. Still one of my favourite live bands but nothing does compare to a no barrier headline show by them. Though, still one of the best bands of the day 9/10 Tigers Jaw - Haven't really listened to them in a few years but they were good fun. A nice change of pace from Turnstile, just a few emo tunes in the sun 7/10 Seaway - Seen them do far better but I had fun, though they need to sort their setlists out; like 6 songs from the new album with one b side from that album while the first gets only one even though it got the best reception of the whole thing. 6/10 The Get Up Kids - Prefer these guys to Saves the Day so made me happy, just sat down for this one. They were decent. 6/10 Real Friends - Yeah it was ok, not a huge fan but I was a but fun. Seen them be far more boring, though I did kinda forgot I saw them until I saw Andre's post, maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it's the band. I don't really know 6/10 Employed to Serve - Yeah, these are one of the best metal bands in the country right now. Just got some nasty rifts 8/10 Neck Deep - I don't know about everyone else but the sounds where I was for them was awful. Tried moving several times but it still sounded bad. Still enjoyed it though, it was just a nice singalong. Didn't fancy getting too far forward cos I didn't want to miss any of... 7/10 Touche Amore - Reminded me why they probably my favourite band rn. I know I hated the rain but it was cool af for them. Great band, can do no wrong and always incredible live. Was a bit gutted that they didn't do Dead Horse in full like they teased but getting Gravity Metaphorically was great. Wish, they did something of Dead Horse at least but I've got tickets to see them and Deafheaven in Oct so I'll survive. Favourite set of the day for me for sure 9/10 Glassjaw - Saw the first two songs and wish I could have stayed for the rest as they sounded class but I really wanted to see The Menzingers The Menzingers - Perfect festival band for me, just great for a dunk singalong. Their set was so much fun and I loved every second of it. It was also nice bumping into @Andre91 (I think so anyway, I was so pissed at that point) at the end and he helped me get up for a crowdsurf so that's great 9/10 All Time Low - Didn't really pay attention. Just chatted to my mate who was working the bar, seemed alright enough I guess ?/10 Sum everything up; had a good time and hopefully I'll be to go next year as well. New site wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, though thank god I have a cock/only needed to piss cos those toilet queues looked awful. Bar queues weren't that bad at North, didn't think I even waited even up to 5 mins, though they do need to sort out their stock. Dickes/Marshall ran out of beer by 8pm. Think they could easily tweak it next year though.
  10. I got hit in the nose hard during Turnstile causing it bleed quite a lot. 10/10 would do it again Touché and Menzingers were also incredible. Had a great time despite the rain and price of booze
  11. Missing the last 15 mins of Tiny Moving Parts and the first 5 mins of Turnstile for any band is a bad idea imo
  12. I mean, if they fit the target audience when why would it be controversial? I guess them putting on the Y3K thing is them trying to hint at Busted so as to stop these high expectations. Also if people want to have more signs its Busted. Fightstar played in 2008 and Charlie played in 2012 so they have some relationship with the festival
  13. Looked at the map and the craft beer tent is no where near where I'm going to be for most of the day. Actually disappointed by this more than some of the clashes.
  14. Ah, ok and yeah they have. Back in 2017
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