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  1. justanothername

    Slam Dunk 2019

    Can't see them being anywhere other than R&L this summer Kerrang covers don't really give an indication of who is to play and it's being announced at 4 tomorrow so it probably wont even be in Kerrang Guessing that stage is full. Can't see anyone else being added Over here in early May with Pkew Pkew Pkew so I highly doubt it but it's a great little tour. Highly recommend Pkew Pkew Pkew if you haven't listened to them before
  2. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    The whole thing is stupid imo. I know she means well and there could be a conversation there but she's just there just being really obnoxious prick about it. Frank is an obnoxious prick himself but you don't combat an obnoxious prick by being an obnoxious prick. Even Koji, who raised the point, didn't kick up as much of a fuss about it and is now talking to Frank about the situation but she's just keeps adding full to fire and making it worse. It reeks of someone so desperate to be progressive that it's actually painful. She's there on a high horse going on about how it offensive to Asian's while she is best buds with Kamikaze Girls. I consider myself very left wing and think there is a argument to make about it being offensive but she's even alienating me. I've meet her a few times and every time she's been a great person but this is just a bit too much. Just that they've talked and that they're "willing to listen" and that it shouldn't be brought up to "discredit other people's ideas". I mean yeah, it doesn't discredit it but it does certainly make you look like a hypocrite.
  3. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    The same thing happened in 2017 with Slaves and Nothing But Thieves. Trees headliners have always been smaller compared to festivals of the same capacity. The thing is that Trees get a more unique undercard. Out of the top 8 bands under the headliners, 6 have not been announced for any other fests and 1 announced for just one other fest. Compare this Truck where the top 8 undercard are all doing 2 or more fests each. And Trees still has loads of big names to go. If the thing about Converge and La Dispute are true then that will be two more strong bands that will only be at Trees (well I can't see them playing anywhere else). It'd be nice to get some heavy hitter headliners but if that comes at a cost of a weaker undercard and less consistent line up then I'll pass.
  4. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    Sounds about right. Really happy about Converge! Mongol Horde are before them on the poster so I wouldn't look too much into that until it gets confirmed. Nothing wrong with Skinny Lister but not the sort of band to headline a stage imo. Me and my mate just watched them way outside the Cave last year just drinking beers and that was perfect though prefer to have my Friday end with the Horde. As far as I'm aware The Axiom stage headliner hasn't clashed with the Thursday headliner (well for the past 3 years, didn't check anymore) and I don't think they're going start doing that now. Also if Broco ain't headlining then I'd put my money on Neck Deep but I can't see it not being Broco at this point.
  5. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    Feel kind of underwhelmed by that announcement after all of that. Not like I was expecting Title Fight at all but only 3 logo acts with one being a band that plays all the time and another being a FT side project is pretty eh.
  6. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    Haven't seen anything as of yet and I don't think so but if Title Fight are playing then holy shit. Literally been on top of my to see list for years. But I don't think it's them. Haven't been active for a while and if they were to return I suspect Outbreak would have got them.
  7. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    The organisers get really pissy on twitter last time so maybe they decided to stay a bit tight lipped about it for once
  8. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    No surprise there at all then. Knew that the headliners wouldn't be for me this year for a while so hoping for some strong under card being announced tomorrow.
  9. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    He didn't do any fests last year so I wouldn't day it's a sign. I think his days of being at R&L are over. Also he could just do both, not a problem really. Don't think any of the North American bands playing Slam Dunk will be there, especially half of the Impericon stage. The Distillers are in Europe in August and I don't see them increasing their stay by over a month for Trees also The Hives never really strike me as a Trees band. I can 100% get behind Converge, La Dispute, Julien Baker, Employed to Serve, Conjurer and itoldyouiwouldeatyou
  10. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    They're around the same level really and I'd say that YM@6 are just marginally bigger. Just because Frank is playing arenas doesn't mean he's selling them out. You can still buy standing tickets for the rest of his tour and I don't think he even sold out Victoria Warehouse which YM@6 manage to do twice over on their previous tour. Anyway, the whole thing about YM@6 being the biggest headliner all comes from the Trees PR team. Wouldn't be surprised if they said the same thing with the next headliner announcement
  11. justanothername

    2019 festival

    Pretty sure it'll be two different sets of songs. It's basically the same as when Jimmy Eat World did a set on the main and then Futures in full on The Lock Up back in 2014.
  12. justanothername

    2019 New Music

    Haven't seen this posted on here yet but Kelly Lee Owens is finishing off her next album. The debut she put out 2 years ago was excellent so I'm really excited to hear more from her!
  13. justanothername

    Tramlines 2019

    It's decent value for what it is but I still think it's pretty boring and bland. Would only see 2 or 3 of the artists there. Still think it was better before it was taken by Global (and even a bit before then). Still had it's own identity. Now it's just another generic run of the mill Indie landfill fest for the most part and it's such a shame. Also are the council still funding fringe events? Feel like they still do. They're still very good from what I remember, way more interesting that the main line up. I always keep an eye on a stage they put on at City Hall and hoping do something similar this year. Never been to but it's always had an interesting line up which always I've wanted to go to it's just that I'm usually out of the country when it's on.
  14. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    Julien Baker has been announced for Rosklide the week before Trees. Please Trees, I beg you to book her. I'll do anything.
  15. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    Too big. Look at what position YM@6 are playing the same day at R&L and they're meant to be the biggest headliner. Still convinced that it's going to be YM@6, Don Broco and Frank Turner.