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  1. The fact that all posts on R&L socials about Rage have been deleted don't make me hopeful that they'll be playing next year
  2. The problem with the lineup for me is that the all the headliners cater to the that niche of i.e. 00s alternative rock/emo. While that's great for people are really into that stuff, I feel that is a decent amount who really don't care about any of them. This is the first time there has not been a single British headliner or a relatively recent act headline. The group that I go with are aged 19-24 and the general reception was just one of general mediocrity and others we know who go are also feel same. I just think some diversity wouldn't go amiss.
  3. Considering that a quite a few both go to both Trees and ATG, I don't think that's an option. I don't really think there are any suitable dates for Trees later on in the year really as no matter which weekend they go for there is a clash with another festival.
  4. Most of the acts I really want to see are still there; The Wonder Years, The Story So Far, Four Year Strong and Code Orange so I'm happy with that. Bit disappointed by Your Demise and Refused and hope Chunk can make the new dates but I'm still doubtful this will go ahead. Also, I'm guessing that they'll have some difficulty in filling in a lot of those acts who have pulled out. With some much uncertainty I can't see many acts wanting to commit to it, especially international acts.
  5. That is who is confirmed at the moment. Some other bands are still trying to work out if they can make the new dates.
  6. Your Demise wont be at the new dates which is a shame as they were such a big draw for me. Aaron West tour is rescheduled for the week leading up to Slam Dunk so I'm guessing The Wonder Years are still planning on playing as well.
  7. The website said Angel Du$t were playing The Croft last year when they were actually on The Cave
  8. I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't like this that much Still Black Peaks, Fresh and Leeched are decent additions for me but nothing I'd get overly excited about. Interesting to see that Knocked Loose are still on the poster
  9. I'm guessing that most festivals aren't cancelled due to insurance reasons. There isn't a ban on events yet so they wont be able to claim any money back if they cancelled now. So they have just got to go ahead as normal until they are given a good reason not to do so
  10. They're not on the website anymore
  11. They said that both of the remaining headliners are from California
  12. A few of my mates like AFI so at least they're happy. Anyway AFI aren't touring at the moment are they? And Incubus' tour finishes like 3 weeks before Trees. Can't see them sticking around for that long
  13. This would be such a huge anti climax for me
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