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  1. justanothername

    Slam Dunk 2019

    maybe Out of all the posts you've made on this site, this is hands down the worst. Delete it
  2. justanothername

    Slam Dunk 2019

    Yeah but I love Four Year, like Trash Boat and just meh about JEW, State Champs and TBS while here it is just meh for Gallows, NFG and ATL
  3. justanothername

    Slam Dunk 2019

    Ugh, double bad news for me then. I loved the city site in Leeds, was great if you wanted to go out after or if you want to head to Spoons for a bit. Really feel like moving it to a park will ruin some of the atmosphere. Oh well. Also not feeling that line up. Would see see Gallows (unless Frank comes out of no where), NFG and All Time Low but I'm not desperate to see any of them or nor am I going to get a ticket for them. I'll hold out for sure. Can certainly see TSSF getting announced soon and The Wonder Years and Seaway are both about to go on tours so I'm hoping they're booked. EDIT: I forgot Joyce Manor but then again, I haven't been a fan of the past two albums so...
  4. justanothername

    2019 festival

    If it's anything like Trees, I'm not sure what will happen
  5. justanothername

    Download 2019

    That The Sound of Silence cover is loved by dads all over the world tbf
  6. justanothername

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    I was so excited for the pub crawl
  7. justanothername

    Download 2019

    I mean, Eva Spence is on another tier altogether though
  8. justanothername

    2019 festival

    eFests night out in Southampton Popworld soon then?
  9. justanothername

    2019 festival

    UK soccer > football
  10. justanothername

    2019 festival

    Word is that @Mash011 is already planning to get his day ticket
  11. justanothername

    2000 Trees 2019

    NIN wont be there. Way too big and Trent said that wont be back in Europe for a long time. I reckon Architects are certainly going to be at Download this year with a huge main stage spot and I don't see them being at Trees as well. I feel like Neck Deep could headline as well.
  12. justanothername

    Updated Registration Photo

    You should be fine @Gucci Piggy. They put this on the website a week after that email. "Online registration is free of charge and only takes a few minutes. We recommend completing your registration by Friday 28th September...Registration will close at 12 noon on Monday 1st October, after which there will be no opportunity to submit/re-submit a registration until after both ticket sales." https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/tickets/ I updated mine today if that also makes you feel any better.
  13. justanothername

    2018 New Music

    Bad Moves put out a new album last week and it's just some really catchy Power Pop. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Indoor Pets, Martha and The Beths (who also released a brilliant album this year that hasn't got enough love).
  14. justanothername

    2018 New Music

    I moved back away from Manchester this year and I thought that was a gig drought Hoping to see them in preferably Leeds or Manchester but have to see how work plans out, but I bet they'd fantastic live.
  15. justanothername

    Download 2019

    Hardcore just doesn't have the feeling of predisposed hidden anger and revolt like it used