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  1. Missing Link added to the Saturday and some stuff moved around. Never Ending Game, Magnitude, Gridiron and Scarab moved to the Saturday and Bug Bath and Wrong Man moved to the Sunday. No more artists to be added to the Sat-Sun but a preshow and side shows will be announced soon. Still a few more for the Friday as well.
  2. Looks like they also added Scarab and Gridiron as well! Really happy with Gridiron as I missed Northern Unfest last year
  3. Guitarist has dismissed this. Think this whole rumour started a few weeks ago when Pat deleted all of his personal posts and changed it to a Have Heart account but that was months ago. He also changed the bio to "Band Archive Page". People asking for Title Fight on Outbreak posts are hardcore equivalent of the people that ask for Arctics on R&L socials.
  4. Same time as Sound and Fury's announcement. Wonder if we do have a little reunion in store... Would like to clarify that I don't think it's going to be Title Fight.
  5. I mean, it was still a 30 second walk between the two stages this year. Managed to do runs of Narrow Head > Speedway > Scowl and Zulu > Buggin > Speed and didn't miss a single second. Bowlers can have a 3rd stage, Damnation had one in 2022 but it's where the skating and art stuff was for Outbreak. They could use the outdoor arena (think they will, the vip perks mentions an outdoor viewing platform) but the outdoor space for 2022 was used to food, merch and podcasts. Gonna be a tight fit wherever they put the new stage. I don't think so. Would have been announced yesterday (or earlier, no reason to hold them back) and can't see them co-headlining with Basement. Way too big for that now.
  6. There was a 10 min overlap between most artists though? Like 2nd stage artists did typically start right after main stage finished but most were due to finish 10 mins into the next main set. Also, 100% going to be more clashes this year. 54 artists plus at least one more headliner to come for the Sat-Sun while last year had 60 across 3 days. There's gonna be an additional stage and there's going to be clashes.
  7. Honestly think that Lana will above Fred Again... on the line up. She's the reason why day tickets for Saturday at Reading at £195 right now.
  8. Not bad tbh. If I could get a cheap weekend ticket that would deffo entice me but not too sure if I could be bothered dealing with that crowd again. Even then do want to do Blink day. Them, Prodigy (if they're don't clash), Denzel Curry and Neck Deep is enough to get me down. Would have to know if Blink and The Prodigy clash before committing. Also everyone going needs to listen to Militarie Gun, phenomenal band.
  9. The stages are done on a case by case basis. I highly doubt The Axiom and Main will clash on the Thursday. Them and Better Lovers being headliners sound about right.
  10. The Chats is the weakest headliner they have had in years. Some bands below them are bigger. Really don't know why they went for them.
  11. Doesn't show any of the recent artists
  12. This was last year. Just as an fyi, if the page included a set time then it is leftover data from last year.
  13. https://2000trees.co.uk/line-up/turnover 👀
  14. This is just left over data from last year. Same stage and time slots as when they played last year.
  15. Just keeping adding an hour until it happens
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