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  1. Not hugely into them but they're decent! Decent late 90s/early 00s Indie Rock/Post Hardcore/Emo band. The vocalist, Walter Schreifels, has been in a bunch of other bands like Quicksand, Youth of Today and Gorilla Biscuits as well. 2000trees takes places two weeks after Outbreak and I hope so but thought it was odd that Walter Schreifels was still there at Outbreak this year without YoT. After they pulled out he was just going to do a talk but then later was the replacement for Chubby and the Gang.
  2. First band announced. Rival Schools headlining The Axiom on the Friday.
  3. Yeah it's Enemy of the World. No idea why I said Rise or Die Trying, my brain has stopped working. They might actually do a tour for it over here like they did for Rise or Die Trying (I went and it was sick) but given that they've pulled out of 2 Slam Dunks I reckon they'll be back next year and this just seems like the perfect place for these anniversary shows.
  4. Four Year Strong doing Rise or Die Trying in full in the US at the end of the year. I can see them doing that over here at Slam Dunk
  5. New Chat Pile album is phenomenal. Perfect for the Dogtooth stage.
  6. Fireworks been getting fairly active again recently with them teasing their new album to be released this year and now touring again with The Wonder Years. They've surely got to play next year.
  7. Is there a complete guide to fringe this year? I'm guessing there isn't but there is always some decent stuff on in the city centre and I'm guessing it's all unofficial now. Seen that Network has got a solid metal line up on the Sunday but not much for the rest of the week (seeing Phoebe Bridgers on the Sat but it'd be nice to have something on the Friday).
  8. The money for acts like Green Day and Foos is there, it's just that either Download doesn't want them which doesn't seem likely as Coping has expressed interest in these artists (and also claims they were close to getting Foo Fighters until Dave broke his leg but I don't buy that) or they don't want to do it. Look at Muse, they could have headline at any point from 2006 but only headlined in 2015 because they wanted to do heavier festivals for Drones. Also wasn't Pearl Jam booked one year but pulled out after they learnt it was a more metal festival? Download just doesn't have the draw it thinks it does.
  9. Mid main or upper mid Axiom sounds about right to me
  10. We Are the Ocean are back so guess they are a shoe in for this.
  11. Don't they normally have their first announcement like September/October time? July would have been incredibly early.
  12. Had a great time this year as always and I didn't experience any major issues myself. Only complaint I really have is the sound mixing at most of the stages wasn't great. I do know that stewards turnout was really really low this year. I think they had like 70 people volunteer (which is still low) but only around 30 showed up and split over 4 shift patterns there's gonna be problems and know it caused a lot of the family issues. In the past there would be stewards stationed at the family camping directing away usual festival goers at the start of the festivals but with the limited amount of stewards they would have all been put on wristbanding. When I did it there were like 20-30 people on a shift pattern each and the festival has grown so much since then so it just couldn't manage to do certain things and be as efficient as it normally would.
  13. Ithaca was one of 2 bands I was excited to see on the Thursday so that is a blow for me. Also Heck setlist last night mentions it's a 2000trees warm up. No idea if that was mentioned at all last night by Heck but I feel like it's 99% guaranteed to be them for the secret set. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/heck/2022/the-fighting-cocks-kingston-upon-thames-england-3b5211f.html
  14. Turnstile playing very high on the main is the kind of booking it needs but considering this is Download they'll drop the ball and they'll play Slam Dunk instead. Even before Glow On, Turnstile were still an exciting band that Download just neglected. A Hardcore Punk band doing Glastonbury before Download shouldn't happen.
  15. Just in case anyone isnt aware, doors on the Wednesday has changed from 3pm to noon. https://www.twothousandtreesfestival.co.uk/faqs/#Site open
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