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  1. Because it's broadcast live to a far bigger audience and the publicity is far greater. Artists dropping out to perform at the VMAs isn't something new and has happened several times in the past.
  2. Zeal & Ardor were also announced but are not on the poster for some reason.
  3. Which artists are doing this and are they doing give aways for the Friday at Leeds?
  4. Saw Turnstile at Outbreak and 2000trees this year and both times they came on later than their scheduled start time (like by 10 mins or so). I think when I saw them in Leeds they came on like 10 mins late. Still finished around the scheduled end time and did the full set.
  5. I mean, The Libertines are playing Victorious on the Sunday. They're doing a 1-1:45pm set so it is possible but feels like it's cutting it a bit close if they were to replace Maneskin
  6. 2000trees is hands down the best rock festival in the country right now. Always have a great time there. Couldn't recommend it more.
  7. Wouldn't really be the right thing for those people that got day tickets for BMTH though
  8. That's why I said "the right thing". I know that through various T&Cs they don't have to offer one and I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't offer refunds but most people who got tickets for the Rage are going for Rage. I haven't got a ticket myself but I'd be rightfully angry if I wasn't offered a refund.
  9. Debatable if to try and resell tickets now or wait. R&L might do the right thing and offer refunds but if they do they'll probably do it until after they announce the new headliner.
  10. To be fair to R&L I reckon booking a headliner with 2 weeks to go isn't easy and a bit of beggers can't be choosers will be in play for them. They should offer day ticketers refunds though, no question.
  11. Playing Japan the weekend before so deffo rehearsed at least.
  12. Tbf this has become a new plan of mine. Danny Brown, RTJ, Denzel, 100 Gecs and BBCC is a decent day for me and wouldn't mind going if I can cop a cheap ticket.
  13. From a logistics standpoint, The 1975 are the most feasible and likely imo. Can't see it being an international artist so last minute.
  14. Even allowing exit rentry throughout the day would help loads with it being in the city centre. Would love to see some integration with Star & Garter with it being a iconic Punk venue but since they only started with the multiple stage set up in quite a minimal way I'll doubt they'll do it this year. I do wonder if they'll allow the no barrier at Depot though. I can't stand Hatebreed but can't deny they'd suit the festival. Not too sure I want a full day of that or even "themed" days. I know the Friday this year was certainly heavier/metalcore bands but there was still some variety and heavier bands throughout the weekend. Also if they are going to do multi stages again I'd love to see bands clash somewhat to provide an alternative. Someone like Pianos Become the Teeth could work against Hatebreed for example. Would love a Title Fight reunion but don't see it happening for a while and Converge with Ho99o9 is way too small. Converge are not even headlining Damnation festival which is similar/smaller size. I would love to proven wrong with this and Ho99o9 don't feel sub sized. Malevolence are getting big but headlining feels a bit of a push. sub/3rd feels right to me. I do think they've been booked for next year though. Not my thing but would go down well. I think for my wildcard I had The Story So Far. Maybe too Pop Punk but popular with the crowd and a no barrier show with them would be incredible and could get a double bill with No Pressure as well.
  15. I'm really happy with the move to Depot. Been there for WHP and it's a great venue. While I liked Bowlers the location was awful and the venue got way too hot at times (especially on the Saturday). Only thing that they need to sort out at depot is getting more food vendors as queues this year took forever. But who are they even gonna get next year? Depot is basically double the capacity and this year they got the two biggest current modern hardcore bands to headline so not sure how they can top it. Also this year they seemed to be teasing branching out with some different genres so really interested to see how that goes. Would love some more Leftfield Hip Hop or Darker Shoegaze. Would love to see some of the following: Praise, Mil-Spec, Mortality Rate, Sunami, Gridiron, SPY, GEL, Candy, HIRS, Full of Hell, Move, Petrol Girls, Gouge Away, Slant, Trapped Under Ice and Soul Glo. Also if you wanna get tinfoiled hat Outbreak have recently followed the following artists on Insta: Tim Heidecker, Venom Prison, Soul Bind, Truth Cult, Pain of Truth, Rival Schools, Spice and Buggin.
  16. Not hugely into them but they're decent! Decent late 90s/early 00s Indie Rock/Post Hardcore/Emo band. The vocalist, Walter Schreifels, has been in a bunch of other bands like Quicksand, Youth of Today and Gorilla Biscuits as well. 2000trees takes places two weeks after Outbreak and I hope so but thought it was odd that Walter Schreifels was still there at Outbreak this year without YoT. After they pulled out he was just going to do a talk but then later was the replacement for Chubby and the Gang.
  17. First band announced. Rival Schools headlining The Axiom on the Friday.
  18. Yeah it's Enemy of the World. No idea why I said Rise or Die Trying, my brain has stopped working. They might actually do a tour for it over here like they did for Rise or Die Trying (I went and it was sick) but given that they've pulled out of 2 Slam Dunks I reckon they'll be back next year and this just seems like the perfect place for these anniversary shows.
  19. Four Year Strong doing Rise or Die Trying in full in the US at the end of the year. I can see them doing that over here at Slam Dunk
  20. New Chat Pile album is phenomenal. Perfect for the Dogtooth stage.
  21. Fireworks been getting fairly active again recently with them teasing their new album to be released this year and now touring again with The Wonder Years. They've surely got to play next year.
  22. Is there a complete guide to fringe this year? I'm guessing there isn't but there is always some decent stuff on in the city centre and I'm guessing it's all unofficial now. Seen that Network has got a solid metal line up on the Sunday but not much for the rest of the week (seeing Phoebe Bridgers on the Sat but it'd be nice to have something on the Friday).
  23. The money for acts like Green Day and Foos is there, it's just that either Download doesn't want them which doesn't seem likely as Coping has expressed interest in these artists (and also claims they were close to getting Foo Fighters until Dave broke his leg but I don't buy that) or they don't want to do it. Look at Muse, they could have headline at any point from 2006 but only headlined in 2015 because they wanted to do heavier festivals for Drones. Also wasn't Pearl Jam booked one year but pulled out after they learnt it was a more metal festival? Download just doesn't have the draw it thinks it does.
  24. Mid main or upper mid Axiom sounds about right to me
  25. We Are the Ocean are back so guess they are a shoe in for this.
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