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  1. Hatebreed and Bad Religion would just feel out of place to me and Gallows feel too small to headline. I know Code Orange are playing download but they'd be a nice replacement
  2. Guess we need a new headliner then
  3. Out of all the heavy releases this year the album that Death Goals put out is still my favourite. It's just so choatic and violent. https://deathgoals.bandcamp.com/album/the-horrible-and-the-miserable Also that really enjoyed the new Limp Bizkit album. It does have one or two songs I don't like but overall it's a fun listen.
  4. Are you on about No or am I missing something? I swear that album came out last year as a Bandcamp exclusive but I have seen that it has recently been put on most streaming services. Though I'm surprised they haven't released a new album this year. They remind of King Gizz before they even existed with them switching up sounds around a core aesthetic with mulitple releases a year. Not many of their albums are avaiable for stream but out of the ones that are I would recommend Pink and Akuma No Uta and if you are up for some drone Feedbacker and Amplifier Worship.
  5. Leeched, Ithaca and Fresh are great additions for me. How does that rule Creeper out? They've still got a tour to sell.
  6. Line up for this is shaping up nicely. Really gutted I can't make it. Also this hasn't been mentioned on here but the Turnstile show for Leeds is being jointly run/promoted by Slam Dunk and Outbreak. Guess they might be willing to share now...
  7. Full of Hell are one of my favourite artists but I always find it takes me a while to get into each of their albums. I quite like the new one off the bat however, it's not their best work but it's what I expected. I think the problem for a band like Full of Hell is that they have such an extreme sound that there is only so far they can push it without repeating what they've already done. I'd probably put this one above Trumpeting Ecstasy but I still think their best work is the Merzbow collaboration and Rudiments of Mutilation.
  8. Guys I think they was referring to Josh from YM@6 talking about their show selling well
  9. I feel like I'm going to be the minority in this but I'm preferring this line up already to the ones planned for 2020 and 2021.
  10. I would be happy with Idles. I know everyone here is gutted about AFI but I think this is a far better booking. JEW, Thrice and AFI just felt too samey imo. Also stocked about Pup and Chubby and the Gang.
  11. Bring Me the Horizon were phenomenal tonight. It's criminal how they haven't headlined Download or R&L yet.
  12. Your Demise and Last Witness were 2 of my favourite bands when I was 14 so this line up making me so nostalgic! Preshow line up is amazing as well.
  13. I meant 2nd as in 2nd of June i.e. the Thursday. Also Outbreak loves to brag about their exclusives (check the FB event description) and Turnstile aren't mentioned as being a UK exclusive at all. The only othet festival I can see them doing instead is R&L.
  14. Gutted about the dates for next year as they clash with Primavera so I won't be able to make it. Really hope if The Wonder Years return they don't do an Upsides set as I'd so upset if I missed that! Also speaking of Prima they have Turnstile (I know they're Outbreak and they're playing Prima again on the 7th so not so certain) and The Armed playing on the 2nd. That has got to make both of them likely surely?
  15. Their Insta story says they'll accept vaccination cards.The information is conflicting so if you are planning on bringing your phone I'd recommend getting the NHS app for a covid passport.
  16. Had to refund my tickets as the person I got tickets wanted a refund for various reasons and I was unsure about buying them again as half of my mates had got refunds and I really only want to see Your Demise, Loathe and Funeral for a Friend and I'm going to tours for FFAF and Loathe next year though I managed to get a ticket for quite cheap on twickets yesterday! Looking like my day will be Loathe > check out the secret set > Malevolence > Your Demise > end of We Are the In Crowd > Funeral For a Friend > State Champs > Alkaline Trio
  17. Four Year Strong is such a massive loss for me along with Free Throw. The only artists from the original line up that I really want to see are Chunk! and Your Demise. I think the total number of artists that has pulled out is greater than the number of artists I still want to see which is really gutting though understandable. For artists I really want to see it's only those 2, Funeral for a Friend and Loathe so it's looking a bit sparse for me. Still looking forward to the weekend though, just praying that Chunk! don't clash as otherwise I'm kinda screwed :lol:
  18. This is what the website says "Rest Of The World: anyone entering the country will obviously need to provide documentation to the airline proving their status. We will accept all foreign certification in line with the airlines and UK customs." https://www.slamdunkfestival.com/info If you're still unsure it's probably best off emailing them. Can they even log a LFT without being registered with the NHS?
  19. My guess is a hybrid of both line ups at the ATG site over the ATG weekend this year as a last minute thing.
  20. This line up is stacked beyond belief and if Touche are also there then it's a no brainer for me. Easily one of my favourite line ups ever.
  21. My guess is 28th and 29th of May. There isn't as much need for it to be on a bank holiday anymore since they got rid of the midlands date. Though that might be some wishful thinking on my part as I've got tickets for Primavera and really was looking forward to both back to back.
  22. Turns out that TSSF and Movements were due to play Sad Summer Fest in July last year so this just appears to be a case of rescheduling leading to a double booking. Though international acts being unable to play this year is still a slight concern imo.
  23. TSSF pulling out is another huge blow. 3 out of the 5 acts I wanted to see the most have pulled out. Still excited and somewhat optimistic about it going ahead though. Though I do wonder how many more international acts will pull out. When 2000trees cancelled they said that they looked into September but decided against and one of the reasons for that decision was that they thought there would still be travel restrictions against artists.
  24. I always saw that those planned ADTR gigs last year as Slam Dunk testing the waters for a two day festival. I'm not sure if it will ever become a full on camping festival but multiple days are certainly on the cards. I used to reckon that 2000trees could fill in the gap that DL and R&L have failed to fill for years but the fact all their headliners booked for last year were acts that had their peak in early-mid 00s has made me rethink this.
  25. Eh maybe? If ATG were to cancel within the same time frame it would be around 21st of June where hopefully we'll start to see a return of live events. If not and the situation remains uncertain then it'll probably suffer the same fate as Trees. EDIT: Actually I read the Trees statement more and this is what they said about moving it to September "We looked into this option, but the availability of production (stages, marquees, toilets etc etc) was looking tricky. Plus it was likely that the non-UK bands still wouldn’t have been able to make it. And finally, there still wouldn’t have been any COVID cancellation insurance." Doesn't bode well for ATG then but I reckon they still might try to hold out.
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