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  1. TC & The Groove Family are one i'll be there for, but for myself it's good for discovery, nice area in the day if it's warm to get some shade - really nice cocktail bar inside and near a few vendors. Usually if I'm waiting for food and like the sound i'll catch the rest of the set. However After Dark there's always some good stuff on in CW!
  2. Sorry to be that guy - But where does it say this, had a quick search through their socials and couldn't see anything? Interesting to see the set up this year! Basement into Turnstile 2022 was the hottest i've ever been at a gig.
  3. New names for APE - Few possibilities for GM fillers, could see Wisp in the same slot as Julie on the Far Out last year.
  4. Nice work as always - Pretty much rules out Yard Act you'd think unless they do a sub spot at the far out, which i doubt Still curious to see who fronts the second announcement
  5. Was also there, echo the points made here - I think it's hard with alot of their slower songs; One of the bigger venues near Birmingham city centre on a Friday night, a heavy 18+ crowd isn't going to help the drunken idiots - with not alot of crowd interaction during the set this probably didn't help with the drunken antics happening. But the end before You Know Me! really did ruin the experience for me, real shame.
  6. Ringo Deathstarr and Blushing (US Shoegaze) doing a UK tour early September - Possible on 2nd announcement
  7. I'm hoping for another big hitter in the Sub-Mountain Spot with some more depth on the FO / Garden for sure - possibly coming from the Manc Psych Fest line up like: Pigs x7, Whitelands, Divorce and more
  8. Last year was way superior in terms of a line up for me - I would highly recommend it however, really good venues and set up perfectly with all the stages in decent walking range with minimal confusion for someone that doesn't live in Manchester.
  9. Really hoping Maruja somehow get bumped to the Far Out early slots - Feel like their sound is perfect for the tent - but will be there at the Rising either way.
  10. I went in 2022 to Bowlers and the security were great all around the festival, they were more bothered with Bags and the form for 'Stage Diving' wristbands - But a hard question to answer as a high percentage of the people at the festival looked 18+ Not sure on 2023 - Didn't attend.
  11. Interested to see what PRAH will be doing at Round the Twist - Feel like RTT has needed some new stuff over there especially for the After Dark crowd, last couple of years have felt lacking especially compared to the Drag tent last year which was superb!
  12. Headliners not the best, will see Sampha - Far Out again looking very strong so my weekend will be spent there as most years!
  13. Final Guess - Jesus & Mary Chain - FO Thursday Everything Everything - Friday Big Thief - Saturday Pixies - Sunday
  14. Wednesday in the Far Out Tent (maybe)? Yeah see you all there for a possible set of the weekend
  15. I'm hoping for Ride over Jesus and the Mary Chain for the Thursday headliner - Pixies would be a dream also, getting nervous!
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