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  1. 1986

    The National

    Sounds like a full evening, well advertised.
  2. 1986

    The National

    So the show is just those tracks or is the film involved as well? I was gutted about having to miss this but it sounds like Manchester is the better deal of the two.
  3. I am worried about the pace of some of the plots but overall I'm pleased to have it back. I'm thinking we see House Glover get walkered to shit next week.
  4. 1986

    AOC at Glastonbury?

    What are the outlandish or "stupid" things that's she's supposed to have suggested or pushed for?
  5. 1986

    The National

    Q&As can be particularly painful sometimes. Especially if you get gushing fans opening with something like "first of all thank you for all of your work..."
  6. An interesting story my girlfriend told me recently was at different times when she was a child she said she wanted to be an air hostess and a hotel manager. Both times the men in her life said it was silly or she shouldn't do that. These aren't even "masculine" jobs and yet still she was met with socialising barriers telling her what she should or shouldn't be. As a white male it's one of those things that after hearing I can't even imagine happening. But hearing it was just another reminder of how easy, at least socially, I have things. The freedom of choice is certainly more prevalent on a technical or legal level. As in companies and professions are not allowed to stop a woman going for something based on gender. But day to day prejudice is very hard to prove. To think that women have it as easy as men in terms of support, encouragement and acceptance seems to fly in the face of what every woman on and off this forum says they are experiencing. I'm sure there is a bunch of jobs and professions where women are excelling and breaking down walls but I still think it's worth listening to different womens experiences and see where improvements can be made. There is still a reason why female engineers are few and far between, why there has been zero female US presidents, why only one woman has won a best director Oscar, etc etc.
  7. 1986

    The National

    I know nothing about REM but pretty sure its a different guy. I've seen two of his films; Beginners and 20th Century Women, can recommend both. Beginners is a bit twee but still a very heart warming indie romance with a really cute dog (Christopher Plummer also won an Oscar for his performance as a gay man who didn't come out until he hit his 80s). 20th Century Women is about a teen boy being raised in different ways by three women of various ages. Annette Benning is reliably brilliant as the boys mum and it has some really insightful moments about motherhood that as a once young man got me thinking. You can definitely see why he would work with The National judging by his flicks.
  8. 1986

    Sharon Van Etten

    If she got dumped on an early Pyramid/ Other slot I'd be gravely disappointed. At the moment I'm not going at all so I'm pretty disappointed anyway.
  9. 1986

    Sharon Van Etten

    Big fan, she was great on The Park last time she played. Would suit that stage again I think.
  10. I know to tempt fate like this will annoy some so apologies. But it's a fact we need to face up to that the odds are against us come resale day. So what if the last chance is missed and this isn't your year? Do you have another festival or trip in mind to soften the blow?
  11. Weak become Heroes for me. Will anyone list one of his post come back tunes I wonder? Or even anything post AGDCFF thinking about it.
  12. I'm just not a fan of the poster lay out. I always thought Reading (last year aside) had the design right. Descending names on each stage with a few of the bigguns in their own fonts. Looks great and gives an idea of who is when. I know Glasto has many more stages so such a poster would be unrealistic for t-shirts etc but they could do it for the sake of announcements.
  13. 1986

    2019 Headliners

    When is is acceptable to start the 2020 thread?
  14. 1986


    100%. There is only so much mileage that a person(s) on a mic with someone behind them doing all the music has. The only exception of I can think of was when Doomtree played Glasto but the 4 of them were so into it that it made all the difference. That's part of the reason Kanye fell flat for me, I know he had a live band hidden in the back so it sounded good but some impressive lights and him running around on his own was a snore after 20 minutes.
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