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  1. 1986

    Good news thread..

    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/30/coronavirus-uk-spread-shows-early-signs-of-slowing-key-adviser Every glimmer helps.
  2. If it’s true who will win the cool points of pasting it on here first?
  3. Sorry is this a real "it's coming today" or are people just delirious/ bored again?
  4. 1986

    Other Stage 2020

    57 (shit songs)
  5. Can someone tell me what the exciting image is it was blocked by my work network.
  6. My tin foil hat might be extra shiny today but I wonder if our current government would revoke the Glasto license under the guise of public safety to strike a blow to the lefty-in-cahoots-with-the-BBC event they probably have no love for in the first place.
  7. First case confirmed in Mexico, UK total goes up to 19.
  8. Think if you spend a couple quid extra per ticket you can get a more flexible one that allows for cancellations.
  9. 1986

    The National

    How much do you have to listen to them to get that sort of status?
  10. Euro dates end June 12th, hope something fills that gap or he's probably just on his way home.
  11. 1986


    Don't know if this is personal preferences coming through. But the vibe so far sounds like Kendrick is expected to be a more bog standard tour setlist compared to the other two(?)
  12. Watching that Robbie Williams video the first thing I'm struck by is how few flags there are in that crowd compared to these days.
  13. New track, like the song, mixed feelings about the lack of safety on display here 🤓.
  14. 1986

    The National

    So if The National are announced. Is there anyone in the current crop of rumours (or not) that you would miss them to see? For me the only kicker would be Kendrick but I dunno.
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