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  1. Every Time I Die have been added to Outbreak fest the same weekend. Very unlikely to happen but c'moooon.
  2. Looks very doable though I really hope you're wrong on the Haim, Thundercat, St Vincent, Big Thief clash.🀒
  3. Ausgezeichnet! Edit - just saw your edit, I learned German for nothing.
  4. Ah frig. Shame they're such a good band.
  5. Wait they've been cancelled? why?
  6. 1986

    Doja Cat

    Whether she subs is open to debate but she clearly could be on the poster come March and a lot of people would be happy about it.
  7. National tix booked. My advice if you're going through the APE site is use the Festicket link as its much smoother and you can use apple pay. I tried AXS first and it was much clunkier so I got pissed off and gave up πŸ˜„
  8. Planning on going to The National day, but besides them I only know/am into Fleet Foxes and Kurt Vile. Anyone got any other recs on that day? Could probably just listen to them all in no time at all but for the sake of discussion. Is it time i got over my aversion to King Gizzard and give them a go?
  9. 1986


    The last time (and likely the only time) I was a best man we took the stag to a dnb fest in Prague. I frigging hate dnb and aren't a fan of stag do's generally but this fest was the first time I tried some very Excellent sweets with the rest of the group. Ended up being one of the best nights out I can remember and I ended up out later than the stag and now I kind of get it with dnb πŸ˜„ Stag do's can be an exercise in stress and punishment. I've had some amazing nights on them but they go on for bloody ages and usually involve some boring activity like shooting something or driving something in circles whilst hanging out your asshole. So I get avoiding the noise for a minute to look at a forum if you can get away with it. Maybe I'm just old now but never quite got this impulse to get the stag as absolutely w*nkered as possible. My mate told me a story once of a stag do he went on where they had the stag throwing up on his own driveway before even leaving for the airport. Who is that fun for?
  10. I know having a crowd is better than not so flogging cheap tickets makes sort of sense but it sucks that people who wanted to go and were eager to get shafted for spending full price and get stuck in a crowd of people who barely want to be there and got in for 85% cheaper. That's my little crusade at 9.08 on a Thursday.
  11. Most quote serious musicians seem to have had a problem with Fred over the years haven't they?
  12. 1986

    The War on Drugs

    Happy to start from scratch on all predicting for next year and just say War On Drugs subbing Bruce is what's going to happen.
  13. 1986

    2022 Headliners

    Is Springsteen official anywhere in Europe yet? Can’t see where this talk of him is coming from.
  14. Sorry joke fell flat there, was just calling back to the usual Foals big enough joke everyone loves πŸ™‚ Saw Foals on TV and agreed the crowd was insane.
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