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  1. 1986


    The Long Goodbye would be digestible cus its a short and you get to see Riz Ahmed as well. Wonder if he'll show up musically anywhere.
  2. 1986


    One of my faves of the year so far by a lot. Also bloody forgot the Haim sisters are in it which is probably a much more interesting Glasto connection than the one McCartney song. I'm pretty thick.
  3. 1986


    Didn't this have Escape From NY last time? As good as some of the films are I think its missing that late night drive thru element. Apart from maybe Titane. Nice potential theme though for Saturday. You can see Paul M perform Let Me Roll It on the Pyramid then go straight to see Licorice Pizza which has that song on it's pretty great soundtrack.
  4. 1986


    Good list tbf. Love watching films and I always like the idea of this in theory but I know I'm gonna be too itchy or drunk to sit and watch a film at Glastonbury.
  5. 1986

    2023 Headliners

    If I get the dates right could Bruce technically do Sunday? About zero chance I know.
  6. Good question, perhaps not? But thinking about the alternative which would be one massive drop of the times and stages, I imagine a lot of people including myself would just find it to be information overload and you won't even pay attention to some of the areas which would be a detriment to them. So as exhausting or exciting as the single posters are it at least reminds people in colourful ways what they have access to.
  7. 1986

    Doja Cat cancels

    Enjoying the January time speculation vibe of this thread but tbh Doja was a name on a long alphabetical list, and for that reason the festival is free to put who they want in her place which no one knew for sure anyway. Don’t see why they’d start negotiating with Florence or Mick Hucknall when they can shift what they have and still have a great line up.
  8. 1986

    The Shoppies

    One of the only clashes that makes me miss them is Kendrick. So I’ll be missing them. Especially now looking at Kendrick’s tour prices. Would love to be there though.
  9. 1986


    Doesn't seem to be many opinions good or bad on this one. I don't know a name on there myself so maybe I'm not alone.
  10. 1986

    The Park 2022

    Courtney against Kendrick is a bummer if that’s the order.
  11. I’m a bumbag on the shoulder w*nker at festivals now. You honestly don’t feel the weight of your necessities and it feels secure as hell. No way I’m carrying a backpack for 15 hours, my shoulders would be screaming.
  12. 1986

    Acoustic official

    Ooh Laura Veirs
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