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  1. Who could it viably be now? Biffy Clyro, Blink 182, Arcade Fire, King Of Leon... None of those seem certs.
  2. This is an interesting topic. Do you think its a Glastonbury problem or is it that all major fests charge £250+ a ticket now and festival going in general has that inherent elitism? I haven't been to a big festival other than Glastonbury for maybe 10 years so can't comment on their diversity in comparison.
  3. 1986

    Other Stage 2020

    Both great. Steven Yeun just nailing an enigmatic and slightly creepy performance in a whole different language. And not a single award going his way.
  4. 1986

    Other Stage 2020

    Parasite is the first actually deserving best picture win in a while. I loved Hollywood but QT is always nominated. Bong Joon Ho has been making masterpieces unnoticed by award voters for years. Marriage Story and Little Women were also both brilliant. Joker is over rated. Sorry back on topic, I have no interesting guesses but am hoping for The National and/or Blink 182, and someone boring against Kendrick.
  5. I fear this may be the first year I don't go to any day. It's looking slim at the moment.
  6. The Roots were a band I hadn't considered but now I see they're unlikely I'm saddened.
  7. Haven't listened to the single yet but the press release said its like a moody soundtrack for an imagined sci fi film. And the article I read compared it to John Carpenter. 🙋‍♂️In Edit: Just played it, two minutes of basically that description above. He really can do no wrong.
  8. 1986

    Dissertation survey

    Done. Is that the police outside my house?
  9. I’ll fly this flag with you. Subbing KL would be a good slot too.
  10. 1986

    The National

    Just looking at their tour dates again, if it were any other band we wouldn't be nearly so cautious in predicting them. Especially since those London shows have flown out.
  11. 1986

    2020 Competitions Thread

    I saw loads of those 12 packs in Swindon's big Tesco. Anyone who has one in their town might want to try there.
  12. 1986

    The National

    Thank you, just wondered if I had to stress about getting best seats possible if it was allocated.
  13. 1986

    The National

    Is Brixton all standing?
  14. You'd probably benefit from some sort of chair or blanket to sit on.
  15. 1986

    The National

    I'd be interested in what any members on here have to say on whether it's worth it.
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