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  1. plot2pot

    Photos please

    Think this was my best from this year!
  2. plot2pot

    plot2pot Glastonbury 2019

    So...I took my trusty old 35mm SLR with me this year - for the most part I used a 50mm fixed lens and enjoyed getting back to thinking more about the photos before taking them, knowing I'd have to wait until they were developed before I could see the results. Here are some of my favourites - the black and white images were taken with black and white film.
  3. Phillip Schofield to headline in 2020.
  4. Has anyone considered making it a parallelogram instead?
  5. The Village Inn at back of Pyramid was ridiculously loud - I chatted to a poor woman behind the bar who had lost her voice shouting to be heard by customers. Same problem at the Theatre Bar which we popped into for a "quiet" drink and had to leave as the noise level was unbearable. The staff behind the bar all looked in pain and I feared for their ears listening to that racket all day!
  6. Drank some beer out of my 2019 reusable pint pot!
  7. plot2pot

    Lessons learned

    This year I brought a nail brush and packets of paper soap. My hands were the cleanest they’ve ever been at a festival.
  8. Yeah, I did jump into what looked like a short queue one morning at a sink but when the girl in front of me got to the tap she promptly produced a razor and began shaving her armpits!
  9. Is it me or do some people just love queuing? Now don't get me wrong - there's plenty of queuing at Glastonbury that can't be avoided and I know that - but every morning I went for my morning toilet trip and soldiered past the large queues at the long drops on Muddy Lane and took a five minute detour to the toilets by the cider bus. At that time of the morning with nothing happening on the pyramid stage there was barely anyone there. They were pretty clean and I had my choice of compost toilets or long drops and plenty of sinks to wash my hands afterwards. Noticed the same for water too. A quick walk and there was always some taps with nobody queuing.
  10. I wondered that - a muddy tent that needs drying out and cleaning is much less appealing to take home than a clean dry one!
  11. Yes! In our local community we have a team of volunteers who do regular weekend litter picks. Would it be okay if everyone dropped litter because it would ultimately be picked up by someone else?
  12. From the horse's mouth - great to hear! Still annoyed about the 0.7% - but still!
  13. Water was all the same - think the main purpose of the water points was to dole out the stainless steel cups / re-usable water flasks. Probably also ensured they got plenty of donations as I dropped some cash in the box more than once when topping up!
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