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  1. Also Borris: "Things seem tough now, but remember, we will get through this epidemic" - well, not everybody, clearly.
  2. You can move around - you just need to find somebody happy to take your place.
  3. If there's a ban on public gatherings of 500+ people we just need to split the site into 400 smaller areas and carefully count people in and out of each area. It's not rocket science.
  4. The virus is infecting every thread and getting them closed down so only the virus thread will prevail.
  5. Sturgeon did clearly state on the mass gatherings point that all four administrations would make their own announcements on this - there was a suggestion that Scotland's stance wasn't necessarily the same as other parts of the UK.
  6. I'm technically working right now.
  7. Probably reads less well grammatically, but not quite as scary:
  8. Meanwhile over in the BBC News App office, "Dave, over here, I'm just about to post this as Breaking News". Dave: "Hahahahahaha"
  9. Yeah, but I still reckon she picked it up on here.
  10. Unfortunately that seems to be the norm in "journalism" these days. Find a topic, scrape a few social media posts and quote a few people who are totally unconnected making some "expert" assumptions and there is your article. Oh, and don't forget the click bait headline and the page riddled with targeted advertising.
  11. More evidence that all announcement news starts here... https://thefestivals.uk/glastonbury-announcement-rumour/
  12. Is starts at "lunchtime" - I have my lunch at 12 so I'm going with it starting at 12. I've already had a banana but not sure that counts.
  13. Couldn't have put it better myself!
  14. I've never seen them in Borneo, but I'd miss Kendrick to see them headline The Other Stage any day.
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