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  1. Car loaded and just sorting last few bits then we’ll be on our way! Reckon we’ll arrive by around 11am. Very excited! 😀
  2. Just remember the feeling when we thought we wouldn’t be there at all - I’m gutted to be missing most of Wednesday but still got the evening and another four days of bliss!
  3. 2pm Wednesday from Manchester - resale ticket - would’ve preferred earlier but at least I’m going so not gonna complain!
  4. Yeah, I thought that. Have been watching the Met office app and it’s now saying a bit cooler and less sunny. Still forecast to be dry all weekend though so here’s hoping! 🤞
  5. plot2pot


    I like the idea of No Mow May, but my lawn goes to seed really easily and I end up with grass growing on the paths and in the beds and everywhere really if I don't mow it.
  6. Bookmarking this thread to cheer me up should I not get tickets in future years.
  7. plot2pot


    Game of "who can piss the furthest" going on - nobody's hit the pyramid yet!
  8. We camped in Wicket Ground in 2016 with friends who have kids and had no problems although we did arrive with said friends. Pretty sure if you get them to meet you before you head in so they can vouch for you you’ll be fine. If they can put a tent up for you you’ll have no problem as I came in and out on my own loads of tiles and nobody said anything!
  9. Another point I need to bear in mind this year is ABV in relation to weather. Last time I took too much 4.1% pale ale thinking I’d be able to chug loads and not get too pissed but because it was so hot and I was drinking gallons of water I struggled to get pissed at all! Had to supplement with strong ciders from the cider bus which did the job!
  10. There were eight of us who worked at ASDA - we hired a van through work and drove down Tuesday night - one of the guys with us had promised to get some stock for a mate who was touting beer so we had 96 cases of Stella in the back as well as our own beers! Wasn't comfortable for the five people trying to sleep in the back on the way down! When we got there we walked the perimeter for a bit looking for a way in until we eventually saw a group kicking fuck out of the small boundary fence outside the main fence. They got a panel out, turned it 90 degrees and used it as a ramp to scale the main fence. We followed suit and two of us got over just as a security patrol were about to pass inside. We managed to delay the others while we sat outside a random tent waiting for them to pass and hoping the people in the tent wouldn't give the game away! They soon passed and we shouted the all clear and everyone else got over. We camped in Big Ground I think and stole somebody's campfire when we arrived. Was a great festival - I didn't bring a sleeping bag and bought the most uncomfortable ex-military one possible from Joe Banana's - think it's still in my mum's loft! Had my wallet stolen on the Friday night - woke up with my legs hanging out of the tent and the wallet was gone out of my combats pocket - presumably someone had dragged me out of the tent to get it. A lot of missed years since then for various reasons so I'm definitely not a veteran - but I've been lucky enough to to get to every festival since 2016 and have tickets for this year so try not to dwell too much on the ones I've missed.
  11. I got in for free pre-fence in 2000 - but then again so did pretty much everyone else!
  12. Hi all, been lurking on this thread for a bit as we're doing BT this year for the first time. We'd be up for coming to a meet if one does transpire!
  13. plot2pot


    I'm not sure how I feel about that - the ram jam jar and sticky stick are tried and tested and kept me going on the run up to 2019!
  14. Thirst Class in Stockport.
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