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  1. I’m still aiming to see a main stage painter release where I don’t want to see any of the bands on it. Only 2 this year so getting close now. Was a bit disappointed to not achieve 0
  2. e_p


    The greatest essential mix of all time is Sasha Jan 94. Or maybe Brothers of rhythms from same year.
  3. Last (only) time I saw them was Hammersmith in 1991. Some night that
  4. That is controversial. although I love that glade very much, I don’t rate this years line up at all
  5. Is it disco though? Or just called his Disco serious question
  6. e_p


    Seeing the glade line up means none of this is happening this year sadly
  7. e_p


    Centerforce is all modern house these days. Check our eruptionradio.Uk for actual underground sounds
  8. I’m really disappointed in the line up. No Davos. Nothing like stereo mcs or way out west. But more no spaceport smaller venue so less chance of hearing something like mark xtc playing old skool house. Ask concerned about the size of the new stage.
  9. you could buy them on the day for a score last time
  10. Missing Davos in the Glade. Shed a tear when I woke up after his set
  11. Davos is the man. Always a vibe
  12. They were atrocious that day
  13. For me it’s this. Perennially booming out of SE corner and other places
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