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  1. e_p

    Resale club 2020

    im in that boat to. all or nothing
  2. interesting feedback on this thread
  3. The charlatans this year were rubbish. weak as f@ck
  4. e_p


    Never even heard of them before. Was unbelievably loud. And good in a stupid way. Good noise basically.
  5. e_p

    Overheards and funnies

    Saw the Scottish guy spinning the balls on string around his head outside Faithless at the Glade catch someone straight in the throat with it. Good times.
  6. e_p


    Did anyone catch Randall’s acid house set at Stonebridge?
  7. e_p


    Patrick topping makina set in the spaceport went off
  8. Found it Thursday evening. Was told to duck off by a load of Irish guys semi jokingly as it wasn’t finished yet. Came back Saturday night. 90 min queue so gave up.
  9. must be a different guy,he had a bucket hat on, no top, not long hair.
  10. Cheers for the info!
  11. think it was Friday we saw a guy detained by security at the Pennards Hill gate going into Worthy View, just by Strummerville. At first it looked like he was stopped for possession, but then he made a sudden dash for it, down past Strummerville and off into the Tipis or Stone Circle. We couldn't see which way he ran from where we were, but it was pretty dramatic. Security gave chase. Anyone else see this, or know what happened?
  12. e_p

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    yep, the drops were good.
  13. e_p

    Flops 2019

    black madonna was embarrassing.
  14. does this work for a Mac too?
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