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  1. I'll run the tuition tent...
  2. I think anyone with a ticket would be crazy to contemplate giving it back before April - and I say that as a ticketless person. We don't know what's around the corner so I think it's impossible to predict. I would hope there is some semblance of a new normality next summer, but the picture is going to change over the next few months. I optimistically booked gig tickets for December but I'm rapidly loosing hope for that now.
  3. I think the exams will move - I work in Education and my wife is also a secondary teacher - all the suggestion suggests mid to late June / early July. I think just wait the Ofqual guidance and see what it says next month. I still think it's doable though, exam time tables might be kind and even if theyre not there is options around it. I had a shortened Glastonbury last year, whilst it wasn't ideal it was still Glastonbury. I'm ticketless and would take some Glastonbury over none at all! Good luck, I hope it works out.
  4. I think in any instance where there could be resale, touts would find a way.
  5. I've seen it... @DareToDibble
  6. We've crossed paths a few times! In a similar vein, in Liverpool we've a few venues but it would be absolutely rubbish to lose some of the smaller ones. I know they're feeling the pressure!
  7. Dibbs is an all or nothing kind of guy...
  8. Someone has got to get them 🤞👍
  9. Good numbers - I've got about 12 for mine and @Charm's group, with more willing to jump on hopefully, plus a few off here who have very kindly offered their help.
  10. I saw an image of you post Glastonbury after dealing with the hat for five days...
  11. I think no matter what I am going to book Boomtown next year - that's regardless of success in the resale. I need something concrete to look forward to. Plus I don't need additional leave for that. I was looking at other festivals last week and there are a few I'd like to try but I have so much difficulty getting time off as it is, and I don't want too much booked around the same time either.
  12. I think it will be a matter of minutes, but it's all speculation. I think April will be more fruitful. Not much we can do, just wait it out and see what time brings.
  13. Cheers. I got emailed one too which I wasn't expecting.
  14. It will be 4 Charm, and we are in a commited ticket buying relationship now. 😂 I know at least one of my friends has dropped out as she is pregnant - it was two but the other one said he still wants to go last night.
  15. I hope it doesn't have an impact on you! 🤞 The new education guidelines should indicate whether it will later in the week.
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