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  1. When are you moving? The Mysterines are on tour in October, and there's some good bands on the Sound City line up if you're about still.
  2. Yeah it's my messed up vote that did it. FFS. Killed by LCD fans flurry of votes messing the totals up. 😂
  3. Honestly, I don't think it's over (someone check the maths!)... I think it's: Prodigy 5 LCD Soundsystem 17
  4. My vote was irrelevant because of the massacre.
  5. I'm not having that. 😂 All the scores are messed up!
  6. My vote on the incorrect scores The Prodigy 7 (+2) LCD Soundsystem 9 (-8) EDIT: If I had seen the correct scores I would have voted: The Prodigy 15 (+10) LCD Soundsystem 17 But ultimately would have been irrelevant...
  7. Leon Bailey too! Another decent signing (on paper).
  8. It was better than a negative! To be fair, I actually (genuinely) enjoyed the song! Thanks for the tip!
  9. Did he use a knife, scissors, cutter or just fold it?
  10. For @Losing my hair The Prodigy 104 (+9) LCD Soundsystem 96 (+1)
  11. On that note... Topic: August Eve eFests Virtual Meet Time: Jul 31, 2021 07:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84335186281?pwd=SDljeHhuaEJBNmluK3FIZC8rTzF3dz09 Meeting ID: 843 3518 6281 Passcode: EFESTS2021 All welcome!
  12. vintagelaureate


    if any of you want to watch that IDLES film sign up for the link below, it'll be free next weekend https://www.houseofvanslondon.com/event/doc-nights-idles
  13. The Prodigy 150 LCD Soundsystem 120 (-10)
  14. Topic: The Last Ever Friday Meet... of July 2021: eFests Virtual Meet Time: Jul 30, 2021 07:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86755242351?pwd=dFk1Tnk3ZW9rTi9DeC9ENXdlWkZYQT09 Meeting ID: 867 5524 2351 Passcode: EFESTS2021
  15. Suicide Squad is very good, it's what you'd imagine from a James Gunn 18-rated film. Some things slightly miss their mark but it's a completely different entity to the other one. And the after credits scene has implications to for a future DC project!
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