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  1. 4am high jinx with Fred, Wes and the lads...
  2. They can be paid individually.
  3. It could be worse... I've had to drive home immediately on the Sunday night and be in work for 8am Monday the last two festivals! 😂
  4. The key is to pack up during the day on Sunday. Then live the dream Sunday night. 🥳
  5. vintagelaureate


    My friend is driving Friday I think because it's too hard to get the train. If you fancy a pint (of water) give me a shout!
  6. vintagelaureate


    Prague is an amazing city, I love it. How are you getting there / back on Friday? It's a nightmare of a venue!
  7. That is usually the case, Thursday for coach and Sunday for general. I guess depends on how many are available though. Sorry to hear that - but it gives us a year to formulate an education based plan to guarantee us a ticket forever. 🤣 If you need to talk over anything so drop me a message - I know what it is like to not be in the right headspace. Take care.
  8. vintagelaureate


    I've 1, possibly 2, spare for Friday night in Manchester - the Sunday ones I had have gone. £32 face value. 👍 It isn't my ticket otherwise I'd just pass it on!
  9. On that note: Awaiting: @Charm, @flyleen, @semmtexx, @Hugh Jass@JacobCMarshall, @gigpusher, @Puttycat1, @clucking, @Stalk1963, @bloom92, @SunnyDays10, @Levitz, @Strummer74, @wweerr208, @BackpackFullOfWarmBeer, @Friendly Banter, @Flysheet, @ionicmoose, @blutarsky, @plot2pot, @AAlex, @Gilb, @Modjo, @Lme94, @Fearless_Fish, @Ben_Monk, @Ovechkin, @Monie802, @sophiewally, @chemica, @mikeydredlox, @Sweet Pea, @JaiCrispy37, @Damon, @marigold83, @karlpowell, @Smash1984, @Fanbloodytastic, @YourMonkeyWrench, @Brianae, @clarkete, @TheGoodWillOut, @pauladam. @thefudgefactory, @stt11,
  10. Did your volunteer place carry over? That's good news. 👍
  11. Topic: Saturday Night At The Zoom Time: Jan 22, 2022 07:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83138228688?pwd=YWtiQjV1MWtkN2thaE95Q3ZVVGE3UT09 Meeting ID: 831 3822 8688 Passcode: EFESTS2022
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