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  1. After a little flurry of emails, the spreadsheet is updated as of now. On it we have: @crazyfool1, @vintagelaureate, @Charm, @flyleen, @yehbutnobut, @semmtexx, @Superscally, @BlueDaze, @JacobCMarshall, @gigpusher, @Puttycat1, @clucking, @Stalk1963, @bloom92, @SunnyDays10, @Levitz, @Strummer74, @Johnkhutch, @Little Andy, @wweerr208, @BackpackFullOfWarmBeer, @Friendly Banter, @Flysheet, @ionicmoose, @blutarsky, @plot2pot, @AAlex, @Gilb, @Modjo, @Lme94, @rockandnoll, @Barnabybear, @spg, @Fearless_Fish, @Ben_Monk, @Ovechkin, @Monie802, @sophiewally, @chemica, @mikeydredlox, @Sweet_pea,@JaiCrispy37, @Damon, @marigold83, @Bovla, @karlpowell, @Smash1984, @4519dennis, @Jensescapade, @DJL, @northernringo, @YourMonkeyWrench We have had a few drop out, but we have an army of helpers amongst us all. I’ve noticed a few of the spreadsheet members haven’t been online in a good while - now might the time to re-emerge and make links with others etc. I’ve managed to group most people up if they could accommodate it, so fingers crossed for us all - lots of preparation time anyway! P.S: Hopefully I’ve tagged the right @Sweet_pea this time! P.P.S: One person has emailed me reg numbers ages back but no user name, see group T, they can still buy tickets but it would be nice to know who it was for if successful.
  2. I'd worry about the rustle as I moved.
  3. I've resent it @Funkyfairy!. That is what I miss out on not being on Facebook - The Snakepit and AF Gang for IDLES. @Yoghurt on a Stick - sorry to hear about the cabin, is it salvageable?
  4. I'll DM them to you now. EDIT: It won't let me, is your inbox full?
  5. That's cheaper than it used to be. I imagine it will be on Hoxton St. as he has just opened a new studio there. Let me know how it goes for her! How exciting!
  6. Oh I'm jealous @Curlygirl! He didn't tattoo on this time, he has in the past and I've only ever been offered weekdays in London which is impossible for me! This is a video of mine (technically a friend of mine as I had Frank Carter on my head): Enjoy your day off on Tuesday; I'm back in work on Monday!!
  7. It is really bad. Just radio friendly throwaway sound. I first saw Biffy in 2001/02 , they played to 7 people in a tiny bar. I adored them for their first three albums, and I understood what was happening with Puzzle (which I still like and accept they needed to make some money!). This is a world away from that.
  8. The guy who created copy and paste died today. Just a random piece of news there. Imagine where we'd all be without copy and paste!!
  9. They definitely had 330ml cans for £1.
  10. True. #ParkHomeForeverExceptWhenYouDontArriveOnAWednesdayOrEvenWorseDontGetATicket 😅
  11. @Kats1891 so sorry to see that happen to you. I know this won't make it any easier (I'd definitely email them and ask for some kind of priority should any spaces become available) but if you want to join the resale spreadsheet there is space in a few groups to boost your numbers?
  12. I've got to get one first! But it may indeed be the best option is meeting close to the site to avoid the stress!
  13. That co-op was brilliant for mixers, ice and ice cream. You could pick up a meal deal too! I was very late on site last year so didn't bring any food with me. Usually I'd only take a few bits that weren't going to be impacted by the weather - cereal bars etc. I love the range of food on site though - although I did end up eating a veggie curry in the heat of Saturday which wasn't my best choice last year.
  14. We shall cross that bridge when we come to it but there are other options - couriers, meet up near site, carrier pigeons, etc.
  15. Apparently tickets are sent to lead booker, so when we are successful we can use secure delivery to cross that hurdle. @4519dennis so keep the other names on? Can I add a solo to them if there is one?
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