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  1. I got to my tent (pitched on the Wednesday as two friends were in it) around 11.15pm. I missed a few of my must sees and spent a proportion of Saturday I'd allocated for bands seeing the site instead, but every minute counted! I'm incredibly sunburnt now!
  2. We go again... hopefully I'll get tickets and make the full festival this time!
  3. We were in Park Home - best neighbours I've had at any festival. I arrived late but my group had already befriended them. We ending up sharing all kind with them. Absolutely brilliant - doesn't half improve camp life when you get on with those around you.
  4. I was gutted to miss Friday (especially IDLES) so my sets only cover Saturday and Sunday. 1. Lizzo 2. Fontaines DC (WG) 3. Jeff Goldblum
  5. Suffering the Glastonbury blues today - it appears the official site are eager to get the countdown underway. At least there is no fallow! May we all be blessed with tickets come October. 359
  6. Sadly, I didn't make it to the farm until about 11.15pm on Friday night. It wasn't the best start - I managed to catch the very tail end of Tame Impala but completely missed the second IDLES set. I had a lot of fun in the evening down in the S.E corner. Saturday was a scorcher, I didn't get around as much as I wanted to but caught some stellar performances and some acts I would have if I hadn't been forced for shade. I got a massive migraine after The Chems set in The Glade and that put paid too my night. I got up to Fatboy at Pangea but felt like I was dying when Idris Elba was on, I also missed out on meeting up with @crazyfool1. Sunday was good too, but I'm a little too sunburnt and was soon wiltering. We had some of the best festival neighbours we've ever had and we all said if we get tickets we will aim for the same spec next year. It was an awesome few days on the farm, and I'm feeling severely blue today!
  7. Happy Birthday @lucyginger! Many happy returns. Hope you all a great festival and to those who didn't make it: fingers crossed for next year!
  8. No, my tent is set up as friends are there - I just hope I can find them at that time! Thank you though.
  9. True, I'm gutted. It's going to be late Friday too that's the worst part. I'm going to miss two of my 'must sees'. I think I will probably get through the gates around 10pm - but I'm guessing parking will be miles away for me. I'll never get round all the things I wanted to see too. It sums up my luck. They've had 29 months to come and choose the day I'm leaving for Glastonbury. At least I'll get two days on the farm. Hopefully the tickets god's will smile and I'll make up for it next year. My youngest was ill today too, but improved so at least I'm secure knowing she's okay before I come down too. I have Monday off now as a plus point, so I need to decide whether to do my usual tactic and leave Sunday night or keep going and drive Monday with the queue. Hope you all have a fantastic time, take care.
  10. I got stuck in work because of an unannounced inspection. Won't be at the farm until Friday evening. Have a great time folks.
  11. I'm beyond devastated - just had the call for the inspection. See you Friday.
  12. vintagelaureate


    The pre sale went really quickly last time - Manchester was gone in a few minutes.
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