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  1. Congratulations, you must feel like you've won the lottery. Enjoy all the build up on here; it adds to the experience. And if you're enjoying it: Congratulations again! I'm only very jealous. 😀
  2. Yes, there are other groups of four on there already. The purpose is that others who are already sorted will join in the crusade for tickets too and work through the list. I'm a few names behind but the list is approx. 100 names currently.
  3. So I didn't get tickets in the ballot, which is beyond disappointing. So I'm going to ignore that fact, and tell you about the bizzare nature of an incident today. So, at lunch time I had to go and pick something up. On my way back, a pug ran in front of my car - I didn't hit it, I slowed to a stop. The dog was nowhere to be seen, I waited for a few minutes for it to appear but it didn't. Confused I got out the car - no dog. I walked round the car - no dog. As I approached the drivers side, two paws appeared. The dog had crawled under the car when I was stopped. It scurried out and jumped into the car. It then proceeded to eat my lunch I had waiting on the passenger seat! The cheeky so and so. The story continues but I'll end it there with photographic evidence!
  4. I can't volunteer as it's a fight to get time off work as it is. Register your interest as early as you can.
  5. Worrying got the resale as no sign of anyone on here getting one. Five months on here will be hard going, especially as announcements stack up. Keep going... We may not have tickets today, so it only goes to say, a ballot wasn't the way, to the resale come what may!
  6. Genuinely thought we'd get a winner or two off here. Worries me more for the resale.
  7. Both. No one I know got one. Doesn't seem to be anyone on here either yet.
  8. You can check you deleted items and recover them. It won't have though. Don't worry, I've done the same.
  9. Ballot emails have been sent out. No success for me. Gutted. Have that sinking feeling again. April or bust! Hope someone here had success.
  10. I hope someone off here got lucky. Gutted. Again.
  11. I can't find anything via searches. What are you seeing? Are they specifically mentioning the ballot? Ah man, just found two people.
  12. Nothing new in this... https://www.radiox.co.uk/festivals/glastonbury/when-will-entrants-2020-ballot-contacted/ Just confirms dates etc.
  13. They're doing three dates in May over here - Glasgow, Manchester and London.
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