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  1. Lewis; FATM; Foals or Sam Fender
  2. Newdad new dates in March/April go on sale Friday. https://www.newdad.live/ https://twitter.com/NewDad/status/1452941491312209922?s=20
  3. Vlure touring in November. Excellent at Latitude. Booked tickets for the Deaf Institute.
  4. I'm with you. Your info on Billie was spot on when many doubted it. My take is that if Elton is playing BST on Friday and has a hold for BST on Saturday, then he isn't playing Glasto Saturday and he isn't playing Glasto Sunday, given he is only playing consecutive nights when staying at the same venue. I thought he was nailed on for Glasto based on dates and locations but assuming your info comes from a similar source I think he's out the running.
  5. The lesson from Billie at the O2 is surely that we ignore Suprefan's info, however the hell he gets it, at our peril.
  6. If I recall correctly a main might typically cost a pound or two more than your average Leeds trader, but what we had from various Street Feast stalls at Latitude was head and shoulders above what we'd eaten at Leeds previously.
  7. Think it might be this guy. The glasses look right but not sure about the hair.
  8. Highlights... 1) VLURE - front row and my 13 year old daughter said she would have nightmares, but loved the energy 2) Sea Girls 3) The Snuts 4) Wolf Alice 5) Chemical Brothers 6) Lucia and the Best Boys 7) Bombay Bicycle Club 😎 Sports Team 9) Wet Leg 10) Vaccines 11) Kawala Plus Bill Bailey and Jo Brand. Biggest disappointment Bastille - with the choir and orchestra I thought they sounded like an act off Britain's Got Talent. I much preferred their Glastonbury 2019 set. Food wise I loved the Samosa Chaat from Curry on Naanstop, which I had to go back and have again on Sunday evening.
  9. I'm interested in this... https://www.latitudefestival.com/artists/smith-lyall-show-directors-for-the-chemical-brothers/
  10. My interpretation of the information on the Latitude website and socials is that you are 'required' to retest after 48 hours but only have to demonstrate proof of your Covid status if you leave and then return to the site. There is no mention of having to show your status on entry to the arena, or anywhere other than the entry gates, and I'm not convinced this would be practical. And I think they mean a self administered lateral flow test, for those not double vaccinated at least 14 days before.
  11. From a bit of research, Curry on Naanstop also get very good reviews for their street food.
  12. Burger & Beyond, Paellaria and Anna Mae's Mac n Cheese among the food traders. Sadly no Dosa Deli or Jumping Bean Burritos listed. Any recommendations would be very welcome. https://www.latitudefestival.com/explore/street-feast/
  13. Sounds like they need to pay someone to update their website then 😀
  14. Snow Patrol are showing on Spotify as playing Latitude, it's showing on the Snow Patrol website... https://snowpatrol.com/gig/thursday-july-22nd-2021-henham-park/ And I found this article from a year ago saying they are going to be the 2021 Sunday lunchtime special guest slot. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-suffolk-53430559 Is this information all out of date or is this going to be one of the remaining announcements?
  15. Early days, but this is looking quite the forecast for now ☀️
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