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  1. Travelled by coach and camped in Wicket Ground with 11 and 14 year olds this year. Planning same again next year. Really close to coach station, found room for six person tent Thursday lunchtime, more secure with fencing and friendly stewards at entrance 24 hours. Quiet and good compost toilets regularly cleaned. Only downside is you are right at one end of the site so long trek back from Park or South East corner. But nice walk back through The Woods which were beautifully lit up at night, and really handy for John Peel tent. Cockmill Meadow is more popular with younger families as next to Kidzfield and it does have showers (and close to Pyramid stage). But it fills up fast on Wednesday and would be a trek from Gate A with all your gear.
  2. You risk being turned away without ID. I had to show ID for my (tall) 11 year old daughter this year. Photocopy of ID is stated as being acceptable for 12 and under. ID requirements for this, Challenge 21 etc. are specified on the Glastonbury website packing list page. https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/advice/packing-list/
  3. If using auto refresh and multiple browsers e.g. Chrone, Firefox and Edge, does anyone know for sure if the maximum 60 refreshes per minute would be per browser or in total?
  4. The booking page asks you for the registration details of the lead booker followed by anyone else they are buying tickets for. If friends or family try for tickets for us, but wouldn't be buying tickets for themselves, do they need to then use a payment card in the lead booker's name and address or can they pay with their own?
  5. When you book the coach tickets you book for those aged 13 or over and pay for the deposits plus coach tickets. You then get through to another screen where you request any additional coach tickets for 12 and under for which you pay only the coach fare. If there are no coach tickets showing available at this second stage you are advised to email See Tickets after buying your tickets and they should be able to sort an extra coach ticket manually.
  6. 'Child drop off point' in the middle of a packed crowd for Foals. My kids liked that one.
  7. 1) The Cure 2) The Killers 3) Foals
  8. Their last three gigs on Setlist have been at Esquires in Bedford, the Parish in Huddersfield and the Leopard in Doncaster. Either the bookers have started looking in some lowly places or it's a wind up merchant. My money is strongly on the latter.
  9. Without wanting to cast aspersions I really don't get why Twisted Wheel would merit a TBA on a major stage and was suspicious that it is from a first time poster. Really hoping for Thom Yorke with new solo album out the day before the festival starts and another member of Radiohead on site for the Barry White orchestra thingy.
  10. I got it this morning, probably clicked on malware link. Going into Settings - Apps - Chrome - Force Stop fixed it for me. Obviously substitute Chrome if you are using a different browser.
  11. Have to say I'm seriously impressed how thorough you have been in your research ahead of the festival. Cannot say it's a website I'd thought to check!
  12. Annie Mae website confirms they will be there, Parsnipship website lists the events they will be at and Glastonbury is missing. There is a list of recommended traders and previous locations (where known) shown below, updated where I've picked up that someone has moved or won't be there.
  13. Kim Wrong-Un

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    So someone needs to tell the Co-op to order in a large quantity of carrots. And to ensure that the QC check only allows green headed ones. Could be a game changer.
  14. Arriving by coach with 14 and 11 year olds on Thursday afternoon. Want somewhere close to Gate A that will have space for a large tent and be quiet for sleeping. We have narrowed it down to Darble and Wicket Ground. Worried that Wicket Ground might be noisy with younger kids by early morning, whereas we'll be wanting to stay up and get up fairly late (my 14 year old son wants to see South East Corner on Friday after Jon Hopkins, Arcadia on Saturday and Glade on Sunday). Anyone camped in either and able to recommend?
  15. Kim Wrong-Un

    TBAs 2019

    This could be even more exciting than the TBA. Are we going to get Sons of Kermit or Sons of Kemet?
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