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  1. I was at the Arcadia/Park crush with my daughter trying to reach @Miynwho was already inside Arcadia. He was messaging me giving instructions on where to meet and that there was loads of room inside. I was saying we're stuck and can't move anywhere. It made no sense to him. I've never been in a crush like it anywhere in my life. Basically they forced a big crowd many of whom wanted to be in Arcadia to stay outside on the paths whilst there was plenty of capacity in the field. If it's that bad despite Chemical Brothers cancelling what will it be like for Calvin Harris?
  2. Photo really doesn't do it justice but the £5 breakfast from Eat the Farm was really good. Great sausage patty, bacon, melted cheese and perfect egg in a brioche roll. Heinz and HP sauce. Next to cashpoints between Leftfield and West Holts.
  3. Paelleria from Williams Green on good form as usual. £5/£9. Couple of other stalls around the festival.
  4. A food festival with music attached 😀
  5. Dosa Deli this year only in Williams Green. £10 with an onion bhaji. Very good and filling as usual.
  6. Absolutely not a wind up. We had the same at Gate A around 8am. Quite thorough searches, went through my bumbag, daysack, backpack asking for crisps and glass.
  7. Try the guy in this link... https://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/240817-missing-ticket-stalemate-between-rm-and-see/?do=findComment&comment=6389017
  8. I've previously found emailing the chief executives of businesses effective at getting things sorted. Usually gets resolved by a specialist Exec complaints team. I found this address online: rob.wilmshurst@seetickets.com
  9. Met Office only have light showers for this Sunday.
  10. A better effort from the Met Office...
  11. I asked a similar question in the Questions section and got the following reply... check the link for resident parking permit zone boundary - i would suggest Lower Easton, anywhere near the Greenbank Pub is free and it's an OK area. - Cromer Rd, Daisy Rd around those streets is where I park when seeing friends down in Briz. Taxi to city centre will be about £10 https://www.bristol.gov.uk/parking/map-of-scheme-areas You also need to check if your car can drive through the city centre on the green tax - diesel cars are a no go, electric and some petrol are ok. https://www.bristol.gov.uk/streets-travel/bristol-caz/view-map
  12. I was planning to get the train to Bristol on the Tuesday of the festival. We have a hotel booked next to the Coach station and will be getting National Express to and from the farm. If the train strike goes ahead I'll need to drive to Bristol and leave my car somewhere from the Tuesday night until Monday lunchtime. Can anyone suggest somewhere fairly safe not too many miles from the city centre but without parking restrictions, where I could leave my car? I'd then look to get a taxi to and from the centre.
  13. @Rocinante Tickets have been coming up but tend to sell really quickly. If you look at their Twitter account you can see what's been listed in recent weeks. Best chance of getting tickets is to follow their Twitter account and set up notifications. They tend to post all new listings over the course of about half an hour each day. So when the notifications start coming through each day be ready to pounce for any Green Man listings with the right number/type of tickets.
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