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  1. spg


    Fair play, if coming Frome side, maybe worleys in Dean?
  2. spg


    Heck's cider in Street, bloomin suberb, Kingston black is a personal favourite.
  3. It's a trust thing I guess, my partner will be having to do this method too.
  4. On the covid notes they put up earlier it recommended that you print it
  5. So who's coming to this wonderful weekend this year?
  6. spg

    And it's on

    https://www.beautifuldays.org/covid-19-plan/ Yay, covid plans, as to be expected.
  7. Look forward to seeing this year's map, though I doubt much will change (miss the stage in redwoods), car parking is just where they send you (normally in the past)
  8. They tend to fill randomly of late, last time (in gen pop), we were early and got put miles away. Other years filled front to back, just get there when you can and take the luck of the draw. Nothings too far really. 😀
  9. That's the one, but for the life of me, I can't recall if that one opens on Thursday.
  10. 2 streams, as mentioned, with light displays between then. Often buskers on the pathway too, like hobos and barsteward sons in the past. Bizarrely also used to be the Cv field/car park many moons ago!
  11. Fiddlers arms? I really ought to be able to remember.
  12. Not sure what or where to suggest, but Thursday is another groups meet, which is an organised affair, with a bit of low key music too. This normally takes place at dirty davey's. So we could tag into that or choose elsewhere, dunno how many from here are attending/working. Also, for whatever reason, I can't recall if all the bars are open on Thursday! All things being equal, we shall be in attendance though (but I can be a little flighty/quiet for meets)
  13. Nice, the usual reprobates I would guess. Bloomin' marvellous 😊
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