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  1. all paid up, can't wait now.
  2. spg

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    3 daft monkeys no real suprise , sorry if i've missed it posting earlier.
  3. spg

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    ah argh, ne'ermind then.
  4. spg

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    Mike dennis on facebo*k
  5. yarp, we'll be there. quiet side of the lane for us.
  6. and right before payday after a long feeling 4.5week pay cycle, skint already, more so in a weeks time! bugger overdraft it will be then!
  7. spg


    Nia described mine as "looking like i'd lived in a forest for four years on mushrooms", yep i'll fly through then. (it is prob 8 years old now so might change it at some point in the future)
  8. spg

    Who's going?

    i'll be there 😀
  9. inflatable3xl one for my offsping, who gave it a thumbs up. cooler and darker for sure and stacks of room. easiest tent ive put up and down.
  10. Guess I'll pull up a seat again, looking forward to it as always :-)
  11. Ferocious dog all dayer at rock city on the Moro.
  12. Thanks, and I promise not to! Catch up soon :-)
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