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  1. I'd say the same, but felt like a good sized crowd. Was expensive, no doubt, but there are bargains to be had. @hfuhruhurr we were at the sisters gig too, seems we may have similar taste. 🦇
  2. Bauhaus at ally pally on Saturday, felt like they had never been away for me, as tight as ever. But way too much light strobing took away from some of the enjoyment for me. Had all the songs you'd want inc "she's in parties" and "Bella" and "telegram Sam" & "Ziggy" among the encores. And organising busses up and down the big hill from the tube station was a bonus.
  3. Bauhaus at ally pally this weekend 🎃
  4. Was tough photographing that set, but Gary Numan was great.
  5. spg

    Gold Membership Time

    Renewal just done, always worth it.
  6. We saw Salem this week, (lively front man from Creeper) good in a sort of modern pop punk sort way. Shortish set as they've not a massive amount of material but this did lead to a great cover of the Damned's "New Rose"
  7. spg

    "Breaking News"

    Carlos fandango super-wide wheels, that's what you need. Glad you're getting out.
  8. Just dropped you a line due to moving since spreadsheet was drawn up
  9. Ah another of us longtimers not sorted Sure I was on one of the posters you did,and on the spreadsheet. I'll still be a solo polo come resale day
  10. First time without since mid 90's, still a little bit hopeful for next year
  11. we did the same, ploughed it all in (and stepped back a lot work wise) . Only remembered to change my registration 2 days ago. Good luck with the move. may the ticket gods be kind to us all!
  12. resale for general admission then pray for a CV ticket too. come on the ticket Gods.
  13. from https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/accommodation/info-campervans-and-caravans/#awnings • An additional small tent may be pitched in the space behind the Campervan/Caravan, as directed by parking stewards, if space is available, however space is very limited.
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