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  1. Festimadmum

    Secret Tipi Gigs Sunday

    We’re on site- secret sets tonight in tipi tent 23.15 black midi (linked to Shame) 00.30 amyl and sniffers 01.30 snapped ankle with ak/dk. Enjoy!
  2. Festimadmum

    Weather 2017

    Dry and sunny all the way through weds thurs Friday then a little cloud and possibly a shower on Sunday ( for the dust)
  3. Festimadmum

    Weather 2017

    This is the one to watch. Gavs the one who got it spot on last year too http://www.gavsweathervids.com/glastonbury-festival-weather-2017.php ☀️☀️
  4. Festimadmum

    new here? introduce yourself

    Hi. Apparently I've been observing since 2013- this is my 6th Glastonbury- started going while the children were still young enough to want to be seen with us- now they go with friends but meet up when the tent gets robbed or need feeding. First year in the comfort of a motor home in cv east- getting old has its advantages. And yes love the Twix story every time it appears!