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  1. The Eavis are famous for dropping a Dolly after 2014
  2. I keep on forgetting that the Black Widow movie exists, I kind of wish Marvel did too to be honest!
  3. Big no for Giancarlo as Doom for me, I do like him but he’s basically the same in everything he’s in.
  4. You Sir, have won the internet for the day!
  5. Open the damn clubs Boris
  6. Disco thread is all the excuse I need to post the master at work
  7. Picked up this stone cold classic on vinyl recently
  8. This absolutely slaps
  9. Mary Anne Hobbs is my favourite but Laverne is fantastic too.
  10. Celeste seems a to be more in the public eye to be honest. She won the Sound of Music last year and was on Jools Holland for NYE etc
  11. I've tried a few times with Billy Nomates but she just doesn't click with me at all, don't get the fuss.
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