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  1. More Funeral for a Friend dates added
  2. Mouseboy11


    It's a slow one supposedly.
  3. Yeah I'm not 100% on what it'll entail either but can't hurt! I think it'll be fine to get one as long as you don't hang about too long. It'll be the few weeks after release that'll be a nightmare to find one.
  4. @jparx @Hugh Jass Shopto have had a 'register your interest' thing going for PS5's for a while now, assume it gives you first dibs on a pre-order.
  5. Reviews out next week, word of mouth from people who have review copies on another forum I use is sounding good though.
  6. I’m fairly in the camp that Swift is a necessary sacrifice if we get Gaga instead
  7. Also forgot Cardiff tickets went on sale and they've sold out both dates straight away. I'm a bit skint anyway so probably for the best, I'll look for a spare nearer the time.
  8. Mouseboy11

    2020 New Music

    You probably shouldn't bother posting Jessie J videos all the time but you still do you weapon.
  9. Mouseboy11

    2020 New Music

    Hadn't paid them much attention for a couple of year but enjoying this new tune from The Front Bottoms
  10. I think there'd be about 20 other acts they'd rather before they even tried to book Pink tbh
  11. The Book of Mormon would go down a storm at 3am on the Hell Stage
  12. Unfortunately lockdown scuppered my chance of seeing the London lot in action.
  13. As far as I’m aware Lin-Manuel Miranda has never been accused of domestic abuse, him and the rest of the Hamilton cast would nail a headline slot.
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