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  1. Mouseboy11

    The Rock Slot

    Corey does strike as the sort who'd be open to playing, I think it'd be other stage or nothing for them though. Just don't see them playing halfway down the Pyramid in the middle of the day.
  2. Mouseboy11

    Shameless Rip-offs

    The Weeknd asked for permission to sample ‘Machine Gun’ by Portishead, when Geoff Barrow refused he ripped them off instead. Shameless ripping off starts at 2:30
  3. Mouseboy11

    The Rock Slot

    None of those bands are ever playing a day slot on the Pyramid in the first place to be fair
  4. Mouseboy11

    The Rock Slot

    Green Day would be fantastic, their 90s output is brilliant and American Idiot is a seminal album for anyone around my age. I've never seen them so would be all over it.
  5. Mouseboy11

    The Rock Slot

    Get Deftones in the rock slot imo
  6. Floating Points is another one for me, when I’ve seen him I’m just constantly thinking ‘just stick a fucking banger on!’
  7. I don't get the likes of Jon Hopkins and Four Tet who are constantly championed on here, it's like dance music for people who don't like dancing.
  8. Mouseboy11

    2020 headliners

    The thing about Eavis’ favourite band being Radiohead doesn’t seem right to me anyway. I’m sure it was mentioned on here (possibly by Neil) when they were booked that’s The Moody Blues are his favourite band?
  9. I thought he was absolutely rubbish when I saw him, just cheesy naff EDM
  10. Yeah, In:Motion is set to be announced this week so I wish they'd hurry up as well!
  11. Mouseboy11

    The Rock Slot

    Ozzy playing solo seems a good shout.
  12. Mouseboy11

    2020 headliners

    Robbie on the Pyramid would be a very Sheuxsy affair.
  13. Mouseboy11

    2020 headliners

    People saying Foals don’t deserve to headline clearly haven’t listened to their music through a sub-woofer.
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