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  1. New Dave album is fantastic as expected...hoping someone here will know as it's driving me insane, where is that sample/melody for Twenty to One from?
  2. Didn't have you down as a Daughters fan Somto mate
  3. Supposed to be heading to Motion on Friday for a Boiler Room event but think we're going to sack it off unfortunately due to Covid. Was originally an outdoor party before the delay and with it being fully indoors now not sure we're comfortable.
  4. Assuming these Nick Cave dates will be them doing their film scores?
  5. Have we discussed that Foo Fighters Bee Gees thing or are we just ignoring it? Probably for the best...
  6. Have they said anything about a potential ticket resale?
  7. Am I going mad or is that DJ Steve’s from Kurupt FM in a BadBadNotGood video?
  8. It's going to be interesting to see what Drakeford does, if he's too harsh on restrictions while England opens up he'll get crucified.
  9. The US is generally a lot worse in regards to employee benefits and all that isn't it? I work for a US based company with offices in Europe and they've told us we'll be moving to hybrid working but haven't actually stated what that'll be yet. Will be interesting to see if it's different in the US compared to over here!
  10. Plenty already have (and did so after the initial lockdown), luckily mine aren't one of those.
  11. Not all those venues are sold out either and went on sale a bit before the pandemic originally. I don't think she seems like an artist that'd be headline or nothing personally.
  12. Especially when it’s fucking Sajid Javid, he’s a cretin
  13. Mouseboy11


    Do Megan Thee Stallion or Doja Cat count?
  14. The best of the three that were likely, think that's a tricky draw personally and they stuffed us twice a couple of years ago.
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