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  1. Really looking forward to the new Fat Whites album
  2. Mouseboy11

    Frank turner

    Anyone who hasn’t should give his ‘First Three Years’ compilation a listen, there’s some fantastic stuff on there that isn’t on the other albums and some good covers too
  3. Think he works best as one of the three behind Salah, Firmino and Mane although I'm not sure when he's going to be fit.
  4. Don't disrespect Jimothy
  5. I find the hordes of blokes queuing overnight for vinyl and clearing the place out early on all a bit much to be honest with Record Store Day so can't really be arsed with it. Mate did pick me up the Idles EP though which was about all I wanted.
  6. Mouseboy11

    Hot Chip

    Fantastic gig last night in Bristol, was a massive party.
  7. Mouseboy11

    Hot Chip

    Anyone found stage times for the trinity tonight?
  8. Billy Ray Cyrus out here spittin' straight fire over a Nine Inch Nails sample on the track of the year
  9. Probably, but they'd have been shite by the time they were booked
  10. They keep playing the Richard Hawley track on 6, really enjoying it!
  11. Yeah I'm loving it as well, can't stop watching it. Think it might be one of my favourite music videos, great track too.
  12. Everyone just needs to share da 'erb at the festival and chill out.
  13. That is a bit shite, hopefully plenty into the resale for me.
  14. Mouseboy11


    Interested to hear @thewayiam‘s thoughts on the album
  15. Mouseboy11


    They were playing Hummer on the WWD tour, think they played Cassius a couple of times too. I saw them during the Holy Fire tour and they didn’t play either, they did play Electric Bloom though
  16. Mouseboy11

    2019 Headliners

    They're vintage streetwear now! You could be sat on a goldmine.
  17. They’ve a restaraunt opened up on Gloucester Road in Bristol, May have stop in
  18. I see Black Flag are touring, anyone know if they're worth seeing nowadays?
  19. Exactly the same here, Invaders was huge at the time and I was about 15 when it came out. Never got to see them live, gutted.
  20. Actually a 4 piece now, they've added a full-time bassist and another guitarist. The other guitarist was also playing synths I think when I saw them last, they crop up on the new album a fair bit now too. Footage from the last tour
  21. With you on the Drenge album, really enjoying it. Definitely different to the last two albums but it's got a great vibe and atmosphere to it.
  22. Mouseboy11

    Hot Chip

    Mates didn’t get near Bristol tickets, got mine in the presale luckily. Haven’t had to buy tickets for anything that’s been an instant sellout for a while, tickets getting hoovered up by bots is incredibly frustrating
  23. Mouseboy11


    Turns out it's not headlining then, got confused and thought it was still a multi-day festival. Nice lineup though.
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