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  1. Mouseboy11

    Yacht Rock

    Think that's Ultimate Power, they might well be the same thing though.
  2. Harvey would be great at Glastonbury. Spotted Kamma & Masalo on the Primavera lineup, they did probably my favourite set of the ones I listened to from Dekmantel last year.
  3. Mouseboy11

    2020 New Music

    Definitely channeling bands like My Chemical Romance and Misfits. I like them though, their last album had some great tunes.
  4. Mouseboy11

    Other Stage 2020

    Yeah I think Twenty One Pilots are a very big possibility given their dates. There was articles when they announced the Ireland date about how near glasto it was. Camelphat an outside bet for the dance headliner?
  5. Saw Palms Trax on New Years Eve who was incredible as always, really hope he’s back this year. NYC Downlow maybe?
  6. My brother DJ'd there on New Years Eve! Not sure what time he played though!
  7. What happened to your info she was playing?
  8. Interesting read about the Funktion One stuff...aren't they very highly regarded these days in terms of sound? I know a lot of nights I've been to use their rigs.
  9. Yusuf on the Sunday as an alternative to Taylor would be perfect.
  10. Mouseboy11

    2020 headliners

    Emily was clearly talking about Flea and Frusciante’s jazz fusion solos
  11. Mouseboy11

    2020 headliners

    Chilli Peppers back with added John Frusciante, prepare to be disappointed with the Friday headliner.
  12. Mouseboy11

    efests Exit Poll

    Spare a thought for those of us shackled to one instead.
  13. Easy Life are decent, Celeste has a nice voice too. I'd go for Squid personally though.
  14. Mouseboy11


    The true peoples choice headliner https://twitter.com/YnnsPhilippakis/status/1203066913368297472?s=20
  15. With Milton Keynes Bowl being active again, could well be true about My Chemical Romance playing there.
  16. Norwegian Wood is the first of his I've read, certainly going to be picking up some more though!
  17. Album: Fontaines D.C. - Dogrel Song: Rammstein - Deutschland Glastonbury Set: I didn't get a ticket but Idles - The Park Stage Non-Glastonbury Gig: Palms Trax - Love Saves The Day Film: Parasite TV Show: Succession Book: Norwegian Wood - Haruki Murakami (I haven't read anything new this year) Game: (For those who play them) Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice eFester of the Year 2019: @Mash011 for how consistently bad his takes are #FreeMash011
  18. Mouseboy11


    Suppose it's just situational. Quite the opposite tbh
  19. Mouseboy11


    I remember getting out of Tame Impala before Adele came on was hell, one of the only times I'd been legitimately scared of crushing in a crowd.
  20. Mouseboy11


    Where'd you get this?
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