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  1. You're in for a treat! The weekly wait is killing me though
  2. Is anyone else watching the final season of Attack on Titan? @Somto Unigwe Raphaelgot me into it and it’s been brilliant
  3. Mouseboy11

    BBC Glastonbury

    While I do tend to agree, their 4OD app is such a crock of shit I’d prefer to never have to go near it
  4. Honestly the way they've gone about cancelling these gigs has soured me on them massively.
  5. Didn’t realise there was a new Nas album out today as well, I’ll be giving that a listen
  6. Really? A colleague is a massive Gaga fan is very much under the impression they’re gonna get rescheduled
  7. If we’re going for another big pop girl Gaga would obviously be the best
  8. Seem a bit niche personally, they haven’t had that breakthrough that Fontaines have
  9. Idles in Cardiff has dabbed down
  10. Man’s got Julia Fox now he ain’t ever going back
  11. Harry Styles has jaunted round America for two years, sat on my money and not bothered to reschedule his U.K Tour still so he can get to fuck tbh
  12. Elite content, don’t miss the new flat tour!
  13. They won’t ask for the balance payment without some sort of lineup these days imo, people get rowdier on social media the nearer we get to it without a poster.
  14. It's battling it out with Surface Pressure for me.
  15. I imagine WRU pressure will make him cave in feburary
  16. Not looking good for Idles in Cardiff next week, hopefully changes in time for Dave in mid Feb
  17. Get the feeling that IDLES tour won’t go ahead anyway tbh
  18. I’m still not sure I believe this sold out that quick
  19. Billie, Guns n Roses and Dua would be a bit of a shocker of a trio tbh
  20. If Rage Against the Machine drop out of Reading again I’m going to become the Joker
  21. Happy New Year from the best band of 2021!
  22. Unlikely over here I'd say, the cranks were already up in arms with Covid passes as is.
  23. I'd like to think they'd be less likely to pull the fest so soon this time, couldn't it have gone ahead last year?
  24. Nailed on with those dates you’d think
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