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  1. Me and @Superunknown were star struck to meet @stuartbert two hats during confidence man! edit: couldn’t forget @H.M.V !
  2. Mouseboy11

    2023 Headliners

    Give it to Turnstile Eavii ya bastards
  3. Yeah that’s definitely not them, think there was a bit of drama at the time with people kicking off about it. Still it’s quite a funny story and a bit of a laugh you’ve got something signed by fake midi instead!
  4. Sacked off Floating Points who was boring me a bit and ended up watching Snooker Steve on the Glade dome for what was a fantastically hilarious time, capped off by him pissing himself laughing at everyone shouting 'you've snookered us steve!' at the end
  5. Mouseboy11

    Kendrick Lamar

    I think the band were just off stage, a group of 4/5 blokes came on to the stage after his sit and had a photo hugging together, think that was them.
  6. Jamie Carragher wildin' out to Green Light during Lorde
  7. More idiot topics about crisps?
  8. Mouseboy11

    Queue watch

    What on earth? Surely just about everyone brings crisps lol
  9. That Harvey set was special, first time I’ve seen him
  10. What can we expect from this? I'm sure I've seen full pro shot sets before from Primavera, would love to watch Tyler, Nick Cave and Pavement back.
  11. Queued for 3 hours last night to make it in for the last 20 of Sons of Kemet, annoying as a mate waltzed with no queue 20 minutes before. I think the main problem with overcrowding is because the bits area is so out the way hardly anyone seems to bother to go, I don’t think they should have that bridge as a VIP perk
  12. Absolute party, he was shelling it down
  13. Shoutout to the w*nker bar staff that when he asked ‘cash or card?’ And we replied ‘Card’ just said nah and walked off. Then when we offered him cash he served us beers with ciggie butts in
  14. Lorde particularly I think will do well, it’s slim pickings for an alternative
  15. Thought they were fantastic still, would have liked Boy Division of the tunes they’ve been playing. The band seemed to be loving it which makes me hopeful they’ll stick around, arena tour next year hopefully and I guess maybe Reading & Leeds
  16. Absolutely bouncing in Cardiff tonight, seemed to play a shortened set which is the only downside really
  17. How are they not playing I Don’t Love You by the way? Outrageous omission
  18. Managed to grab a pair off twickets in the end! Looking forward to it now
  19. Looks like even they’re gone at the moment for me, I’ll have to keep everything crossed for twickets
  20. Ugh left it late and now Cardiff has sold out, gutted. Thought it wasn’t selling too great tbh, twickets seems dry of spares as well
  21. Generational thing but my group would certainly care a lot more for The Libertines than Supergrass or The Mondays
  22. Looking forward to nightmares on wax headline slot, hopefully as good as Noel Gallagher's 2019 Pyramid set
  23. It’s good to see Gerard in shape as well, I know it’s a weird complaint but was so strange seeing him stood there like comic book guy in the original LA show
  24. They haven't announced Pilton Palais yet but I doubt they'll show Coneheads
  25. Believe he’s choosing not to, although is probably still banned anyway
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