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  1. Spotted these dates before and said to the missus looks like we are on for 2021 Glastonbury 😀
  2. I work in Housing Benefits. All benefits are a complex beast now. First up if you are liable for rent check https://www.gov.uk/universal-credit Some people still have to claim Housing Benefit if they are not eligible for Universal Credit this would be done via your local council. Every council now has their own version of what was Council Tax Benefit so need to check your local councils website. If anybody is going to claim get your claim in as quick as possible as that will be your "claim date" you can provide the relevant information later on rather than delay your claim and pass all info info together. All councils have various hardship funds you might be able to apply for. Again this differs from council to council so check your local council's website.
  3. Great news on the rollover. The cancellation was inevitable. Just hope everybody involved in the festival and lets be honest around the world get through health and economically wise. See you all in 2021.
  4. Moments I have shed a tear to "Lucille" Kenny Rogers (Remember my late mum had the 7" single) "Hello" Lionel Richie (Bought my late mum the 7" single) "Caravan Of Love" Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott (Just random early Sunday tears)
  5. Chic at West Holts for me. I love a bevvy and when I finish one I am thinking right where is the next one. I was having that much fun at Chic I just didn't care. Pet Shop Boys 2010 and the atmosphere at Paul Heaton A Jacqui Abbot in the acoustic tent (Cant remember what year) was electric for honourable mentions. Mad one was Connan Mockasin in the Crows Nest.
  6. Spot on they will do what is most cost effective.
  7. Imelda May has played The Acoustic the two times I have seen her at Glastonbury. Some clashes for me if you correct on some.
  8. Fun Lovin Criminals playing in Scotland on Sunday 28th so Fri/Sat for them.
  9. I have just spoke to a lad called Ross McCartney in our work and he reckons its on.
  10. 24th April for me. I am taking a punt on balance payments being delayed and hence announcement.
  11. So thats why there was a run on bog roll !!
  12. I wonder if ticket balance date might be pushed back a couple of weeks to give some wriggle room if needed ?
  13. That would last about 5 days in our house !!!
  14. Just went the shops. Missus wanted me to buy some loo roll. Felt like a Covid-19 idiot as its a large pack (5 of us) and we were down to the last two rolls. Still cant source myself a limited edition Salted Carmel Twix not sure if that is Covid-19 related ?
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