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  1. 3rd test today and 3rd negative. Liverpool T2 next week. All heading the right way though not impressed with the chrimbo rules. I will of course remain what my sister calls me "A Covid hitler" !!
  2. Looks like my work contract is being extended until the end of March. Desperados instead of Skol for chrimbo now.
  3. Would not worry about that. They have tested everybody who has turned up at the 18 testing sites that have popped up. Capacity for much more but that has been the take up so far.
  4. Compliance wont be at high levels due to numerous reasons. I reckon thats why the have picked us. With their reply of "Well we tried in Liverpool and the compliance just wasn't there so we will spew the mass testing idea and blame the people (Of Liverpool)" Lets face facts when has a Tory government ever done anything for us out of the goodness of their heart?
  5. Rates in Liverpool are falling but the small increase in the older age groups hits far worse than the original massive increase in the younger ages. The main hospital is at breaking point and with the increase in the wrong demographic things look bleak.
  6. Heading into the darkest period of the pandemic with rising cases etc but no get out of spring and summer coming like in March. A lot will change by March and I think It would take a vaccination announcement early next year to allow a Glastonbury call to be made by late March. Sadly I think Glastonbury is too big with the build etc starting in Spring so I think it will be a no. I do however expect some smaller festivals to possibly happen in 2021. Such is the state of affairs just be made up to get back to normality in Liverpool as a first goal in life !!!
  7. Any match starting 8:15 or later you wont see the end !!
  8. Always thought that initially after the smoking ban the real smell of stale booze, sick and other things were quite nicely masked by the smoke ! Still wont go into a pub with poor social distance measures. I will admit to going into boozers that are relaxed on providing details (They ask but really aren't arsed)
  9. Spoilt for choice but my fave scouse band are The Christians who I got into when I was 13. Mad thing is met Henry (Priestman) last week to pick up some unplayed Christians vinyl from him as he was having a clear out as moving from Liverpool to Anglesey. If you would have told a 13 year old me that would happen it would have blown my mind !!
  10. A birthday at Glastonbury would be good (18th) Like many not bothered when it is as long as we have one. Cold and mud would be tough but after whats gone on since March I am ready for it.
  11. The poo wasn't quite as big but the smell is expected to now last longer ??
  12. Or meet up next year and bring a fruity for by your tent 😀
  13. I reckon I have danced to worse than this in the mid 90's 🤣
  14. faymondo

    Q magazine

    Razzle is still going according to Wikipedia and not my personal collection before any one gets that one in before me !
  15. Ha ha. We used to do the same number of pubs as years married. Now 17 years and Mrs Fay could not survive such a session 🤪
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