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  1. The sun had me off Saturday morning. Didnt actually miss anything but lost a few hours bumbling being wrecked.
  2. One of my fave bands The Christians never played Glastonbury. Would love to see them now. Would be great in the acoustic tent although its just Garry Christian the lead singer these days. Songwriter Henry Priestman would be another good shout for the acoustic as well though for his solo stuff.
  3. Big time recycling in our house (We even have an extra recycling bin we recycle that much) Try and go without a plazzy bag when I can. Do a lot of walking instead of using the car (Handy fitness for Glastonbury) Never leave taps running (Does that count ?)
  4. Good read. Might want to add it to here
  5. faymondo

    First and last

    2010 2019 Me and Mrs Fay 2010 me and Mrs Fay 2019
  6. Mad Wednesday lets do this Nooooooo Saturday lunch time and the worst I have ever felt at Glastonbury Yerrrrrssss Back for The Chemical Brothers
  7. On my 8th year at Glastonbury and finally made it to The Brothers Bar. Was disappointed to find out they just poured a cider then banged some flavour in on top just like a Soda Stream. Had a lovely can of Mallets in a paper cup with ice up at a quiet bar in the SE corner on Saturday afternoon. Tasted better than the draught stuff ??
  8. Nice review of things that. I suppose the advantage of posting a good few days after the event is you have the energy for a decent length write up. I need to get events out the next day before the new days events take over and I have forgotten what I have done 🤪
  9. faymondo

    worth it with kids?

    Took our 12 year old (Nearly 13) as she was free and my wifes best friends lad was the same age. This was 2017 and a different Glastonbury was had but still lots of fun and they were back with us by darkness. The same sprogs want us to pay next year when they are nearly 16 and just finished their GCSE's. Not a chance. I just could not switch off as a parent and I go to Glastonbury for my 5 days of escape. If she wants to go when she is 18 then fair enough and it might be time for me to hand the batton over and retire. Jesus I hope she's not as bad as I was 😜
  10. Thatchers (Mock spit) despite the name !
  11. faymondo

    Lessons learned

    Dont take stuff back the car and bring a load of booze back on a Saturday morning in the sun. Wiped me out for hours afterwards and nearly overheated !!
  12. faymondo

    2020 headliners

    Spot on this. 2010 was brilliant and I also think something might be lost in the day but on the other hand with a packed out field belting their amazing back catalogue out. I just know I will be in tears for several of their songs if they play Sunday afternoon as I have my festival emotional moment !!
  13. Flag back hung up in my office (Left 100% at camp this year) with a free press I brought back this year.
  14. 2019 review. https://wp.me/pzmxh-1AK
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