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  1. Ta for the reply. Seems the idiot had it sent to an old email account he cant access. Assuming name to driver, ID and ticket purchase confirmation email will be enough.
  2. How can one of my mates get his coach ticket sent to him again he cant find the email !!!
  3. No pass needed for kids. We had a girl tailgate us pretending to be our daughter and she got through !! Said fine do what you want but I wont be looking back if there is any drama and don't be shouting us either.
  4. Well I am on day 126/127 exercise everyday challenge for Glastonbury. Did miss a couple of days due to an unexpected trip to Paris for a cup final though did do loads of walking them days but not recorded. Gonna finish with a big run tomorrow morning and I am match fit for Glastonbury.
  5. I am down to 90% Macca from 95% as Roisin Murphy just wont go away 😩
  6. Funny enough I was thinking who would want a river at your front door !!
  7. Is that Shakin' Stevens grandson ?
  8. Wait until Monday is the boring answer. But I'm here riding the high pressure vs low pressure rollercoaster 🤪
  9. I am hoping for a Confidence Man repeat this year?
  10. I spewed it in the end as they seemed to take an age setting up.
  11. Looking forward to popping up here to catch some of Luke Una.
  12. I think I had a bit of that. Made the daft decision to walk the car and back to get ale. Was then warm from the off and just couldn't cool down. Option was blazing hot outside tent or sweaty inferno inside the tent. Wont make that mistake again.
  13. The only time I have ever crashed at Glastonbury was that Saturday. Knew there was a fence with some shade by the acoustic tent and was one of those poor people you walk past and go awwwwwww. Was back for The Chemical Brothers though.
  14. Just bought a hot water bottle To fill with vodka !
  15. I can't really look at anything yet for the festival as this weekend is still up for grabs and lots of uncertainty. Once this weekend is out of the way we will have a better picture. A possibility some areas this weekend could get 100mm plus on the doomsday rain scenario. Its a complex picture though.
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