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  1. Look great, f'ing dangerous !!
  2. MacBook one tab with safari and iPad using 4g from phone. Got tickets on MacBook for both coach and main sale. Pure luck.
  3. First effort got in about 9.12. Page froze going through but thankfully ticked over in the end. Got to a second reg number page just after 9.30 but that failed. Assuming because it was sold out ?
  4. faymondo

    Back-Up Plans

    That is my back up plan. I have done three Ibiza's but the missus hasn't been. Thankfully have tickets for 2020 but one year we will end up there.
  5. Too hot last year. As I always say the run up the festival is just as important so heres hoping for a dry winter and spring.
  6. I got our coach load on Thursday and also it was me today for the rest of our gang. Currently holding god like status amongst my friends !!! Just luck though I did head up to the in-laws to use their internet and 4g on pad just to increase the number of ways you can get in.
  7. I have put rewards out there. Never paid out on one though. All my mates well asleep at 9am !!!
  8. Never got asked for ID when we took our 12 year old (13 in the August) but had it just in case. Depends who you get. Once had a girl ask if she could be our daughter on re-entry. I said you can be whoever you want but if I am asked I am saying I don't know you. She got in. Was well over 18 !!!
  9. Either coming home to hug my wife as she has tickets and can join me (I got a coach one) Or walking home very very slowly from the in-laws (Where I will be trying for tickets) and trying not to mention a resale or the fact she could read my daily Glastonbury blog for 2020 instead !!
  10. Coach nailed for half the group. Hoping the others are OK on Sunday. Hiding my joy as Mrs Fay is in the other group on Sunday. Could make for a frosty sunday afternoon in ours !!!
  11. Slow and steady refreshing. Got in on iMac and all done by 5 mins !! Went to the in-laws where i have never had a sniff since trying in 2011. They have just changed from Sky to BT. Its pure pot luck !!
  12. All done by 18:05. Refreshed holding page. Went to in-laws for their wifi where I had never got a sniff in years. They have changed from Sky to BT though. Its just random luck !! None of us got a second sniff for friends All eyes to Sundays group.
  13. faymondo

    Coach Question

    Any coach I have been on its just names shouted out and hand up. I always take ID just in case then put ID in a lockup. Very rare person doesn't make it and no clue what happens to ticket. Have had them given out before we start and also after we have started.
  14. Atmosphere would be a bit dead as well !
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