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  1. Replaced by jelly shot selling w*nkers undermining efforts to reduce plastic waste.
  2. Mark H

    Wolf Alice

    Absolutely Epic! Highlight for me so far .
  3. Hi all. Is it a walking boots or trainers day today?
  4. Does anyone know what the song is that they were sound checking on the Pyramid Thursday night? It was on a loop around 8pm and I liked it!
  5. Mark H

    Queue watch

    This blows my mind!!!
  6. Mark H

    Just spoke to M.E

    But.. did he say it’s going to be the best one yet?
  7. I also think that breakfast meet ups would be a great ideaas there aren’t really clashes at that time and it would be great to be able to debrief on the night before 😀
  8. Hi Francesca, I’m solo as well! Every Glastonbury I go to has had fewer people in my group and now it’s just me (because my wife is awesome and is looking after our kids on the other side of the world). There are many others going solo as well. What I think would be great is if we create a WhatsApp group. As well being able to arrange meet ups it would be awesome to have a place to share the random things we all encounter that we would normally chat with our group about. Right now for example I just had a transcendent mozzarella sandwich in London and I need to talk about it. M
  9. I made it!!!!! 35 hours. Became less fun as time went on. For anyone that hasn’t left yet my top tip is to invest in a mask that ties up behind the head rather than looping over the ears. I got used to the mask really quickly, but the backs of my ears are destroyed from that much mask use!! Currently sunning myself at Hyde Park. It’s a glorious escape form the depths of winter!! See you all soon!
  10. Singapore checking in! Enjoying a sneaky beer and swim at the roof top pool. Best transit airport there is! Hopefully a big sleep on the next flight and then I’m there!
  11. Thanks! It’s all for a whirlwind two weeks as well! Worth it. 100%
  12. How busy do people think the San Remo set will be? I never saw anything at the Beat Hotel but hope to hit this up after Macca!
  13. Wellington airport checking in!!! Off the Christchurch and then Singapore then London. It’s all real now!!!!!
  14. Well this just introduced complexity I didn’t think I had for my Sunday night… I haven’t seen either and was assuming I would be at PSB. But.. truth be told I can’t really get into them other than three or four of their bigger hits. I don’t have any dance acts in my weekend or a WH Headliner so Bicep may win out. I think I’ll just have to make the call on the night 🤷‍♂️
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