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  1. Well aye, considering BMTH aren't big enough to headline a major. Having Travis Scott on the same page as them would be fucking dreadful.
  2. I'd definitely rather see a bigger sub than a co-headline.
  3. I'm not a fan of Travis Scott at all, but I'd like to see him do it on his own. Would seem a bit of a shitebag move to have him co-headline with someone else. Give him the slot. He earned it.
  4. Anyone confident of BMTH headlining?
  5. I need to say btw, The Killers look like a fucking dead cert for this now. Falkirk?
  6. Kings of Leon aren't legendary. Muse aren't legendary. Biffy Clyro nor Fall Out Boy aren't legendary. There's absolutely no such thing as the Sunday legendary act.
  7. DomDom1984

    2020 headliners

    Didn't they say they're not touring Everyday Life days ago? I'm fairly sure they said they'd stop touring but probably still make albums. To this point, that one is entirely accurate. As for long hiatus, that's subjective. People could say two years is a long hiatus.
  8. With the album coming out next year? They'll definitely be back to tour it, so they're a possible.
  9. Creeper would be the absolute clincher so long as they got a prominent slot which they surely would.
  10. Yeah. He's a joy to behold live. Was well happy to see him in the summer.
  11. The only way I don't see Gerry Cinnamon sell that out is if he's just played one too many big shows in recent times. No doubt a shit ton turned out to Courteeners for him, with the run of Glasgow shows that year, TRNSMT and the Hydro all in the recent past as well. Mad thing is, I still think it'll sellout.
  12. That'd be the sort of announcement that'd make me need an outstanding undercard to even consider going. I still get Vietnam flashbacks to the last time I seen him.
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