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  1. What's Tangerine Fields usually like?
  2. Tame Impala doing summer sessions On what planet are they headlining a major here? Why are people STILL going on about this idea? I can see them doing one of the summer nights at Kelvingrove. They ain't doing a major.
  3. Outside of Tame Impala, those are decent placings. You might be right about Slowthai's standing by then.
  4. Twin Atlantic have decreased in popularity since the second album so they won't sub. Kendrick has no chance of headlining a festival here again.
  5. We not remember his last outdoor headline set in Glasgow?
  6. Plus, he's bitter because Scotland stopped giving a fuck about him.
  7. There won't be two weekends. It was a one off. Can people please stop giving jj's posts any sort of attention?
  8. There was a stage called blutopia. It was fucking amazing.
  9. Oh, and Ezra wasn't heavily eclipsed. Most of the crowd returned as he played. There was a fucking amazing 80s 90s rave that took folk's attention for a bit.
  10. Left early due to 30 hours awake but loved that tonight.
  11. Yep. That's my thinking too.
  12. Really looking forward to seeing Ezra. Isle of Wight totally sold me on him. Glasto didn't look as good but since this is a headline show for him, I'm still looking forward to it. Coming off a night shift meant I have to miss Wombats. Oh well.
  13. The 1975 also have more new music before then so they'll be coming off an album again.
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