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  1. Umm... no lol. Could be nothing. I wouldnt be willing to put money on it. Hence why I'm asking if there's rumblings elsewhere. If not, it's likely bullshit.
  2. Has anyone else heard rumblings of JJ72 doing festivals next year?
  3. There's no chance Tame Impala are headlining anything after they do a tour.
  4. Oh... The Amazons were AMAZING at Brixton. I advise everyone to see them.
  5. Someone mentioned it in here. Just clarifying it.
  6. Let's make this clear. 2000trees are in no position to say that it's 100% going ahead. It could, and maybe will, be a decision made above their heads.
  7. Reckon KISS are a dead cert for this now.
  8. I reckon they'll still do it as a final UK show.
  9. I'd say it's been near certain for a while. Just surprised it's taken this long.
  10. Canny find this. Did I imagine The Chats postponing a May Glasgow date?
  11. Restrictions will lift I think by then but gatherings of this size will still be off. I reckon even late festivals will go. Kendal Calling have already gone for softening the blow before they have to confirm it.
  12. Just be responsible folks. Forget about missing a festival. I decided a couple of weeks ago not to go to Ash and I'm keeping the ticket, because I don't want others putting people at risk. It's not worth the risk.
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