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  1. If there’s no RATM, do we think the delay til December is to do with BMTH wanting to sell out this Malta thing? I heard is a 5,000 capacity event so surely not but I don’t know why else it would be?
  2. Possibly an ego thing? Dave strikes me as someone who would be happy with the headliner tag but Oli Sykes would defo want closing set or bust
  3. If MSE is AM/RATM/BMTH then holy shit fair play FR.
  4. I’d take anyone headlining that YB slot if it means Rage>KOL
  5. The prospect of a BMTH headline set has me quite excited. What do we think of this as a potential MSW headline set for them? Based on their recent setlists mixed with a little bit of personal bias. 1- Dear Diary 2- Mantra 3- House of Wolves 4- Medicine 5- Happy Song 6- Parasite Eve 7- Shadow Moses 8- Wonderful Life 9- Sleepwalking* 10- Die 4 U 11- Chelsea Smile** 12- Follow You 13- Obey 14- Can You Feel My Heart 15- Drown 16- Throne *Its my fave of theirs and I really hope they put it into the setlist but I would be surprised, more likely to play Teardrops instead. **I’m adamant they’ll do a throwback song as a thank you to their older fans. I feel this is the most likely.
  6. AM/Dave/RATM/BMTH/KOL/Dua Yubgblud was to fuck with us
  7. Bring me are playing lower down one of those years 👀
  8. Mad how someone could get that many and I’ve still not heard of them. Spotify listeners translate to demand for shows/ticket sales? For example Don Broco just sold out two nights at Brixton Academy this month and have 600,000 monthly listeners. Brockhampton are doing the same next year and have 6.5million?
  9. Literally same. I’m 22 and i know I’m maybe 4-5 years above the primary target demographic but literally everyone I know aged 18-25 would love RATM/QOTSA etc but guarantee none of them have heard of Polo G, was the same with Kid Laroi and Aitch last couple years , literally never heard of the guys before they were announced
  10. Love how everyone is waiting on Dan to share something which is defo not gonna be true anyway
  11. So are we looking at AM/Dave/RATM + Three smaller ones? Can't wait for the disappointment.
  12. This would be unbelievably good
  13. Every one of those acts could and does play Reading but not all in a day I'm sure. He is unbelievable, I'm a massive fan and his Slam Dunk South set the other year was probably my highlight of the day
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