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  1. Fair enough. I just thought someone that's so blatantly "pop" would kinda get scoffed at. I couldn't see McFly and Busted getting booked properly either which is why I compared these. I'm still not entirely sure I'm wrong, but certain folk on here are fairly clued up on these things more than I so I'm willing to bow to this.
  2. Surely, given they actually said they were doing a surprise set, Mumford weren't going to sub. When has a surprise act ever done a slot that big at any festival? I mean... I guess Glastonbury is a bit different. Hence how a band like Aerosmith can get talked about being low on the bill behind acts they're far far bigger than.
  3. What bands don't have a day? The poster I seen didn't have anyone without a day or stage.
  4. Why didn't they list the UK date on a thing about the US tour? Damn. What a mystery.
  5. The reason I had her down as being the same as the last couple of secret sets is because she's someone folk would enjoy watching, but also someone who folk would scoff at if they were actually booked. I can't see Slam Dunk ever openly booking her.
  6. My first thought was "this is just some money mark and it'll end up cancelled" before seeing it was a Live Nation thing. Fucking hell.
  7. Avril would kinda fit the secret sets of recent times. I'd take that. Think Neck Deep are pretty shite tbh, but there's going to be decent choice so not an issue in the slightest.
  8. Except I actually predicted that exact slot on this thread for Shikari. We're talking completely different bands here. A Day to Remember aren't even close to Architects either.
  9. Architects playing such a high slot at Reading and Leeds is quite a funny concept tbh. Not saying they're not big enough of course. It just ain't happening.
  10. Didn't do much, but Enter Shikari at the QMU in Glasgow would be around the top no matter how many I went to I imagine. Funeral for a Friend at Slam Dunk was just glorious as well. I only did Ash and Fozzy outside of that. Ash were really good and Fozzy were fine.
  11. I only just found out that The Music's gig at Temple Newsam is the night before, so that has now made the decision 100% for me. That's a hell of a double header and I want every bit of it.
  12. Disclosure are comfortably the smallest act headlining. More suited to the audience? Probably, but there's absolutely no actual way they're bigger than the other two. Also depends on where Boardmasters are aiming. This could be a wild backfire depending on wherelse these acts are playing. And with KoL, you have a full arena tour as well as this which isn't a good sign off the bat.
  13. Two pretty big headliners there tbh, and one... not so big.
  14. Certainly not from me. I reckon it's comfortably the worst album they've made. Such dull shite most of the way. And it's not the easier sound of it either. The follow up is excellent IMO and didn't need to be overly rocky to be any good either.
  15. I'm not seeing Dave being in the reach of Boardmasters either.
  16. Springsteen over-ran so I'm pretty sure he'll have no issue with being cut for that reason. As for Mad Cool, looks fairly definite at this point, and the Boss himself said they'll be touring in 2022 although didn't get into any specifics on the where and when.
  17. Springsteen was another one I was thinking when the Mad Cool thing started coming about, since the timing is very much spot on.
  18. Has it actually been confirmed or are we still going on the same, albeit pretty well educated, guesses?
  19. Outside of a couple of tracks, massive fan of the new Arkells effort. Can't wait for the UK tour.
  20. I never feel hard done by with support. A good support is a bonus. They're not who I'm there to see.
  21. Was kinda hoping for Imagine Dragons at this, but the Sunday looks like the only possible for them, and fuck getting a day ticket for that.
  22. Big fan of the new ABBA song. Probably even more than the first two. Looking forward to this album.
  23. Couple of shows fell into the "tried but failed" category recently. Another Life on Netflix and Guilt on BBC. Both seemed okay for a while but I just wasn't getting into it at all, and Another Life in particular seemed to just be going nowhere in particular for too long. Guilt at least has a clear direction the whole way, even if I didn't find said direction interesting.
  24. Coldplay are an outstanding live band. But given their reach, obviously a lot of people are going to like em and a lot of people are going to hate them. Pointing out any one of these two things is not exactly news. Or at least, it shouldn't be.
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