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  1. Motion City Soundtrack as well.
  2. I've lost The Used which is a shitter. But given the clashes at that point, it's one I can take without much difficulty.
  3. On Placebo, it was 8 news songs in 19. Almost half the set. They've never been ones to give a shit about what they're doing when it comes to loading in the new stuff though.
  4. There won't be as many phones as the LA gig, but don't get your hopes up on there not being lots. There will be.
  5. Oh, and Deaf Havana and Sum 41 is a weird for me. Before now, I hadn't really considered it, but I might actually go for Deaf Havana having not seen them before. But I can see myself on the night potentially changing my mind at the last minute. Seems like the sort of thing I would do.
  6. It was a stupid idea and doing it would have absolutely rinsed a lot of bands, so good to see how it's turned out. That Stand Atlantic/The Wonder Years/The Interrupters/The Used clash is a proper rabbit hole. I'll probably end up playing safe and going with The Used who I've not seen despite being interested in them for near 20 years.
  7. So... The Vandals are probably my only "can't give a fuck who clashes with them" of the weekend. Other than that, I'm listening to loads of these acts and I'm gonna have a shitload of headaches over this day.
  8. I loved Gorillaz when I seen them and my mate fancies this, so I think I might go. Turnstile has turned my head a bit. I've seen IDLES so if that is a clash, I can handle that. But being able to see both would be amazing.
  9. I've "won" two days with it. So there.
  10. Okay, so that's me doing my second one in consecutive years now confirmed completely. One question really. What is it The Wonder Years are doing at North again?
  11. Aberdeen is bigger with no seats. Think it's 15k. Which is impressive. Not as impressive as selling the tens of thousands over two nights at Hampden of course, as well as his other dates doing pretty well.
  12. They're obviously gonna play mostly new stuff. They're touring the new album after all.
  13. I was wondering that too. They'd be different from pretty much everyone that's playing this year.
  14. I remember walking away from Mumford and Sons headlining T in the Park to watch a live band karaoke deal called Friday I'm in Love which went on to become Massaoke Scotland. That's about as close as I've had to a big drop off in size at a festival. Lots of minor ones though.
  15. Ian Brown has always been atrocious live.
  16. The Used? Didn't they have a massive fall out with MCR?
  17. There's nothing to suggest it won't go ahead. I've only just caught up on this thread, and given that they were only getting bigger before the hiatus, I find it pretty funny that folk thought they couldn't keep the momentum going. They'd have reached this point eventually. Hiatus or not.
  18. One thing I'll add is that I kinda feel the urge to check quite a lot of this out on the ol' Spotify.
  19. I appreciate what they're going for with this, and there's definitely some folk that I'd really want to see here, but most of it just isn't for me. EDIT: To be fair, much of the top end of the Sunday is excellent. If the top three and Idlewild did their own thing, I'd probably have been all over that. That's a great day of music.
  20. There's nothing suggesting it's an all out dance fest. Although I can see there being a huge dance element to it. They're using the entire showgrounds so there's definitely room for multiple stages along with the limited camping they've mentioned.
  21. Well, this can get fucked then.
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