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  1. people are going to hate me for this but I’m putting Taylor swift top judge me all you like ok 1. Taylor swift - folklore 2. Glass animals - dreamland 3. NBT - moral panic 4. dua lipa - future nostalgia 5. Blossoms - foolish loving spaces 6. 1975 - NOACF 7. BMTH - post human 8. Halsey - manic 9. idles - ultra mono 10. Gerry cinnamon - Bonny
  2. Anyone else thing the new nbt album is class? I liked a few of their songs before hand but listening to this is really getting into them (especially moral panic the song, phobia, impossible and before we drift away) even considering tickets for their Plymouth show
  3. In my defence this would be my first time at the festival so to hell with who has been before I just wanna see the bands I like
  4. Glass animals, Bastille, NBT, blossoms, the academic then halsey
  5. They’re not cause the strokes are now playing
  6. Multiple time’s on the radio now where they’ve said we’re getting headliners plus some other acts
  7. Jack Saunders just announced we’d be “finding out some headliners”...
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