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  1. we still have room for one more stage no? mse = main msw = chevron dance = r1 fr = fr 1xtra = ? intro = intro comedy = comedy
  2. I agree, especially with sonny Fodera probably competing against Fred again, I can’t really see any dance fan who’d make the decision to go to sonny. On top of that the wombats, massively popular won’t be indie crowd, will draw more away
  3. Spiritual cramp are class just started listening to them their album last year is one of the best imo
  4. Could easily see 8 acts on main stage per day with 2x 1:30 headline slots,, would probably look (roughly) something like this? 12-12:30 (30 mins) 1-1:30 (30) 2-2:45 (45) 3:15-4:00 (45) 4:30-5:30 (60) 6-7 (60) 7:45-9:15 (90) 10-11:30 (90)
  5. a little taster if anyone wants it. while making it I realised how many cracking acts there are down on the FR stage,, I hope it gets an upgrade in size if there’s space
  6. Tldp and crawlers are excellent both in terms of music and stage presence. Crawlers especially - both times I’ve seen them in festival tents - have been proper good. Both made their way into my top 5 songs of last year too (nothing matters and messiah respectively)
  7. This has not gone down well on insta
  8. I too am confused about the stages, unless the ‘healiners’ just go on the same stage one after another ie every day you have a Co-headlining pair?
  9. Very quickly been deleted…
  10. It’s a good lineup pretty stacked and plenty of fans seem pleased - I just never get over the weird boardies ranking system for example what’s Tom Odell done to deserve the usual 3rd down on main stage slot when last year he was 4th down in reading&leeds Festivap Republic tent. Yes another love is popular on tiktok but it was pretty popular last summer yoo
  11. Who was the person who leaked the first few names bcs they looked at the coding for the website or something like that? Would like them to give that another go pls it worked a treat last time 😂
  12. I hope with the addition of Sam fender we get some more indie / rock acts which seemed to be lacking from the first wave
  13. a little taster if anyone wants one
  14. seems that way from their posts Kinda disappointing rly but will sell wel
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