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  1. Yeah his one night onlys are always the album in full, wouldnt say this will give a setlist indication for R1BW
  2. This confirms its 3 and seeming all for sunday
  3. 3 names to be added to the Sunday tomorrow- What are everyones final predictions?
  4. Greg seemingly let slip that the headliners would be announced Today when speaking this morning with Zoe Ball on Radio 2 before the producers started shouting at him to tell them that they infact werent doing that
  5. After the sub-headliner performance she just gave at Coachella I will be shocked if Doja Cat isnt booked as atleast a MSW headliner for 23
  6. Shawn Mendes is hosting a party for winners of a presave competition in London In May. No date for this yet. Seems bizarre to me to come over just for a small 2hr event. Could he be one of our acts?
  7. After that Coachella performance I can only hope Harry is one of our 2 acts because wow
  8. Anyways announcement coming Thursday I think as Greg is doing a coventry special of Tell Me Something Good. IMG_7634.MOV
  9. This is a thought that has crossed my mind too
  10. Also @RiMo wheres the announcement of the Stormzy date?
  11. I dont know how well you follow Harry but one off shows arent something out of character for him- especially around release times. For Fine Line he did 2 One Night Only (In LA and London) and also a promo performance at Capitals Jingle Bell Ball and this time round has already announced a one off for Coachella. I dont think hes totally off the cards yet. That paired with the constant Harry posts seem to indicate to me that Radio 1 is a key part of the rollout for Harrys House so i think its totally possible and likely we could see him be the “huge” headliner
  12. If we are waiting longer than the end of next week my expectations are going to be high because I’ll expect someone truly massive
  13. How long do the headliners typically play?
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