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  1. Ok question guys- Capaldi replacement news tommorow or not??
  2. See you tomorrow then mate. Tonights only bound to be a load of speculation anyway.
  3. Ok. Name predictions. I know two days ago we decided to stop. But now its a whole new story. So final guesses.
  4. Yeah i think so- if it was an evening they would of put it on R1 but theres no time on the tweet so i dont think its that
  5. good NME article about international acts from Melvin here https://www.nme.com/news/music/reading-leeds-2021-line-up-can-us-international-bands-play-covid-2924952?amp&__twitter_impression=true basically saying what weve been thinking on here for months
  6. Megan thee stallion confirms she has more festival shows still to be announced. will this be a possibility in reality?
  7. Good question I thought the exact same
  8. Hahah true that about Blossoms 😂 I do think moshing definitely wont be as big of a thing in 2021. It will happen but I definitely think on a smaller scale this year at festivals.
  9. I think that choice will come to show the government the worst case scenario- a tent with people maskless and not socially distanced moshing. That probably sounds like hell to the government right now.
  10. Agreed. They will use this event as a good show to entertain the government wants in the belief it will give them the upper hand when it comes to FR’s events running at full capacity- with minor restrictions, this summer. Todays a good day of news for an insight into how R&L will look this year if it does go ok.
  11. These events are so helpful in return-No social distancing, no masks and just a test is the ideal for Melvin this summer- so by the team at FR doing that for the trial events, if done safely and successfully, gives the government hope that they can go and do it at larger scale this summer.
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