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  1. No way thats happening Dua and The Weeknd ontop of AM ?? Too expensive
  2. Maybe he wasnt lying as we thought he was…
  3. Think its highly likely Yungblud will be on the same day as AM because they know MSW will have a small audience on that day and Yungblud is the weakest headliner
  4. Does anyone know if shes on any other lineups?
  5. Ill believe the man whos leaked for years
  6. Im pretty sure we have our headliners already though
  7. Guessing for early next week While on paper its possible, back to back like thats a bit excessive
  8. The ones that seem likely to me are Dave, Dua and AM the rest seem a bit too good to be true
  9. I hadnt spotted that thanks for pointing it out
  10. It will be interesting to see how the other half of the announcement goes. I personally would still go because of the experience and the good headliners and some of the undercard already. I mean who wouldnt wanna see AM?
  11. A lot of people on here would say that but commercially I cant see them straying away from that anytime soon especially if theyve booked Dua and Dave
  12. Its strong but its lacking in more pop/rap acts so i think it depends on your genre.
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