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  1. This aged well πŸ˜‚ LOL thought i'd bump it considering they are battling with Lady Gaga and All Time Low for a NUMBER 1 ALBUM. They didn't 'sink from view' then - you must be fuming.
  2. Sure, and I've been reading recently about optimism bias because I'm not sure why certain people can't grasp the severity of what's happening, and actually it's that sort of attitude that leads to people not taking all the necessary precautions and inadvertently helping the virus spread (that isnt a personal attack on you, it's just a general fact) But I make no apologies for making it clear that saying things like "Don’t let the fear beat you. " really really pisses me off. I think it's SO disrespectful towards people on the frontline putting everything they have into tackling this crisis (it is a crisis, no matter how anyone tries to spin it). Please be a bit more considerate.
  3. Yeah, dont listen to the NHS or ICU workers, listen to someone called Squirrel Army who posts about how the government is lying to the people about the name of the virus to avoid panic.
  4. So as I say, a new strand, and as I say, the numbers are not comparable. Thanks
  5. It's a new strain though, no? I'd still suggest the numbers are not comparable to the SARS outbreak in the early noughties.
  6. Again, how any one could compare this to SARS is just baffling to me. The numbers clearly already put Corona in a completely different league. It's an incredibly long shot to suggest it could be done in 10 weeks.
  7. 😁 the logic of that... Dont understand why so many people are failing to grasp the very basics of a spread of this kind of thing.
  8. I think Boris has got enough on to be honest, but I'm up for the bike sheds thing.
  9. *are quite appropriate. Ahhh yeah, see what you did there. cheers
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