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  1. I think Boris has got enough on to be honest, but I'm up for the bike sheds thing.
  2. *are quite appropriate. Ahhh yeah, see what you did there. cheers
  3. Seeing Biffy pre-Puzzle must have been pretty amazing!
  4. No need to be staggered then, because I have never said it was acceptable. I've made my point, you're choosing to ignore it so I'll leave it now.
  5. Perfect, so we agree then. And obviously he throws the glass at him, no one doubts that, but it was after he had a microphone launched at his head, and to quote you, "He clearly throws the mic at the guy. The guy threw it back, as you would."
  6. Christ, look, I didn't say YOU called him a hero, did I? I'm not asking you to comment on his issues either. Perhaps you don't care that there are other circumstances at play, and you're happier to believe it's just a black and white issue. But not everyone feels that way about the world. I know it was awful. And I haven't defended it. I've made it very clear that it's upset me. I'll just leave these here as well, just so we're clear whose eyes are working.
  7. I know he was, but if if you call the person who instigated the violence a hero, considering slowthai walked away and he decided to throw a microphone and a drink at him, then you're a hypocrite - that's my point. Of course the Katherine Ryan stuff is awful. It's just very easy to dismiss this stuff rather than address it.
  8. Where did I say he's not being a dick? I'm not excusing him, I'm really uncomfortable with his behaviour towards Katherine Ryan and will find it hard to move on from that. I just find it laughable that people are claiming the other guy is a hero (we can agree to disagree on this, but look at the video closely - the angle shows where the guy is when slowthai points to him, he then CLEARLY looks down, and drops the mic far away from where he was just looking. If you still believe he threw it into the crowd directed at the bloke then that's up to you, but you're wrong). I'm sure it's nice and easy for those who don't care about him/his music or those who say things like they hate him "for seemingly no reason without having heard any of his music" because it's very black and white for you, and you've made your judgement beforehand. He's someone with a lot of issues, that's clear, but it seemed as though he was working his way through them, so to see something like this is pretty gutting for those of us who do actually give a shit.
  9. He clearly does not throw the mic at him. Clearly. Then again we live in a post-truth world so this is a pointless discussion to get into if you're going to deny what's right in front of you.
  10. Have you watched the video? Did he throw the microphone at the guy? He clearly throws it on the floor, and walks away. Then has the microphone and drink thrown at his head. If you did that to someone, you would expect no reaction? Be real. I'm really disappointed with what happened as I'm a big fan of his music, and the videos of him and Katherine Ryan are disturbing and something it will be difficult to forget, but regarding the fight let's stick to the facts, yeah? Before we start claiming that the heckler is a hero.
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