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  1. A good way of enjoying the festival sober is to volunteer. You need to stay fairly straight to manage the shifts anyway, and there is less peer pressure to drink or take drugs when you are socialising with people who are working the festival.
  2. I’ve been to Beautiful Days and it’s a brilliant family festival. I haven’t got kids but it was actually one of the joys of the festival to see how much fun the kids were having! It has a great vibe for adults too, lively but not lairy, spread out enough for exploring, but close enough to nip between stages. Exceptionally clean, even the toilets! The line ups are usually decent but I think line ups will be a little compromised for any festivals that go ahead this year, so it’ll be about the vibe & this has it. My only issues with it was that the Oxfam shifts are nearly all u
  3. Just decided to book Bearded tonight. It could be hard to get an Oxfam place but more and more I maybe need to just have one chance to just kick back in a field somewhere this year.
  4. I booked Shiiine On last weekend just ahead of Glastonbury being cancelled. It was on the basis that I wanted something to look forward to that has a reasonable chance of happening. Shiine On is that festival for the following reasons: (1) it’s not til November (2) There’s no build as the infrastructure is already there. Therefore their balance of risk in terms of TRYING to put it on is completely different to other festivals - they won’t incur anywhere near the same losses if they plan it and it doesn’t happen, and they are an existing infrastructure that is going to be losing
  5. That’s interesting because it sold out fairly quickly last year and tickets roll over. Oxfam volunteer places went as quickly as Glastonbury. I’d still say not to hang about if you want to go.
  6. I went to Boomtown in 2018 and I couldn’t imagine why anyone went there with kids BUT google ‘Boomtown kids’ or Boomtown families’ and read a few blogs - it turns out that kids have an amazing time there, & as long as parents are sensible enough to avoid downtown at night (which doesn’t let kids in at night anyway) I can see how kids would find it spectacular fun.
  7. They are only doing it then because of covid but I think that Bearded has a ‘school’ onsite which you can apply for which enables you to make a credible application to the children’s own school i.e. that you are not taking them out of education/the school can mark them present because they have been ‘in school’......or something.
  8. I love Glastonbury & Sziget but there is a definite appeal in a smaller festival where you can nip between stages easily and also easily get close up to even the biggest acts on the bill. Went to Beautiful Days last year which is I think a similar kind of festival to Bearded Theory & as a long time Glastonbury goer I absolutely loved it. I’m definitely trying for BT this year, but it’s going to be tough to get either a ticket or a volunteering spot as it filled quickly last year and most of those will still be going this year.
  9. Don’t just smoke something that is passed to you without asking what is in it. That didn’t go well for me.
  10. I’d been going since 86 when I took my (now) husband in 2004. I really tried to let him wander and explore it for himself but I was getting really irritated that he kept going ‘left when I knew something good was on the right’ so to speak. So we split up for an afternoon and I let him get lost on his own. Back at the tent he eventually turned up wearing a bin bag for a skirt and shouting that he’d been trying all day to buy a hat but apparently, he has a very small head! That was when I knew he got it. We ended up honeymooning there in 2010 & still go but always try to
  11. This probably epitomises the joy of a solo Glastonbury, or at least, solo time there. Although you are talking about things you have planned to see, I think the same applies to randomness. Unless it’s an act you all know you love, groups really spoil wandering sometimes. If you are enjoying something random, you always have that nagging feeling that everyone else is waiting to move on, & if you aren’t enjoying something, you have that nagging feeling everyone else is well into it and you’ll be spoiling it for everyone if you ask to move.
  12. Just before lockdown our hairdresser was literally having one person in at a time a disinfecting everything between each customer - so there are ways to do it!
  13. On the year I worked with Shelter my shifts were on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. It not only meant that I had limited time on the main days, but the time I did have was somewhat hampered by aching feet! So - Rather than trying to charge halfway across the site to catch acts that might have been a big deal to me, I looked for stuff that was relatively near to the bar I worked, & stuff where I could sit down for half an hour and have some food to recover a bit (e.g. - West Holts & Leftfield) It turned out to be the most ‘Glastonbury’ Glastonbury that I’d had this ce
  14. amfy

    Volunteering 2020

    Whereas on the 3am finish people are trying to get a last drink right to the end and you can add another half hour at least on for tidying up!
  15. amfy

    Volunteering 2020

    Only Stonebridge goes to 5am - the others are all 3am which is a bit better. It’s quite different staying awake when working but the late shift is the hardest because it’s the time of day that the bars are the busiest. Expect to be knackered - rest up well the following morning and then push through from there!
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