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  1. amfy

    Mercury Prize

    Really wanted Dave to win this amongst an incredibly strong field this year. Love the feel of punk and grime on the up this year. It made it one of my most interesting Glastonburies in many years and it was tremendous to see it reflected in this prize list.
  2. When signing up for Oxfam you need the name and date of birth of the people you want to work with. If it is just 2 of you you are quite likely to get the same locations as well as the same shift pattern, but if they can’t put you in the same place (which is usually when trying to link larger groups but could happen with just a couple), they will at least ensure that you get your time off at the same time. Ensure you have the name your shift partner registered with e.g. know if they have put themselves down as Mike or Michael - they will not link you if you get this wrong. Sometimes you may be given exactly the same shifts as someone you want to be linked with, but something changes in terms of demand (e.g. secret sets or a particular act being unexpectedly popular) & then one of you might be pulled across to another area during your shift, but as I say, once you link with someone else’s application, your time off will always be at the same time.
  3. amfy

    Tent tax - good idea?

    People would simply justify leaving their £40 tent because they have paid a £25 cleaning fee.
  4. Hi! I tried to fill this in but I can only fill in the tick boxes. The narrative boxes don’t seem to work. When I press them it just skips to the next tick box. Also - you may want to try a post directing people to this survey in the Glastonbury forum as it is the most active and many people will only come to other sections of these boards when they are actually in the run up to another festival or have just been to one. The Glastonbury section can often contain a fair bit of general festival chat. All the best.
  5. It lived up to its reputation. We had a fantastic time as volunteers & will definitely be back (possibly as punters). A great line up, lovely site, well organised, space in campsites, clean loos, lack of litter but best of all a brilliant crowd who know when to chill and when to bounce! ........& the kids. I always liked the idea of bringing kids to a festival but would never have been up for it.....but the kids here just loved it so much. There was loads for them to do, but it wasn’t even that, it was just that they were everywhere having so much fun it was infectious - an absolute joy to see!
  6. amfy

    Festival cancellations.

    Even Oxfam stewards have become tent refugees sleeping in the Oxfam marquee at Boomtown, but the Boomtown site management and communication seems to have been exceptionally good given the challenges they’ve had.
  7. If it avoids clashes and it might because it’s late - 23.15 on Monday - Bohemian Betyars in Global Village. They are very popular locally and tremendous drunken Gypsy punk. Outrageous fun with all the locals singing along with their crazy tales is a way you get even though you can’t understand a word. They call themselves the ‘streetbastards’. I think they are a classic Sziget act that sort of sum up the festivals true vibe. Also - the reggae/ African stage has a fantastic vibe to just hang out between other things you want to do - it’s must a wonderfully laid back and friendly little glade. It has the the added advantage of having a ‘secret’ path from it that brings you in at the front left of the main stage. This is quite a find, because nearly everyone approaches the main stage from the right and you can get nowhere near the most popular acts, but that little trip through the woodland from the reggae stage is a revelation! Like Glastonbury, make time just to wander rather than have a list of acts - it’s something hardly anywhere can touch Glastonbury for but Sziget does very well.
  8. I’m a Child Protection Social Worker and I definitely understand the feeling of not being able to switch off.... ...but analysing it properly I realised that I needed to learn to switch off, rather than to change what I do. I actually like what I do - it really challenges me to think, and feel, and I often feel the rewards of having made a difference - which, I’d imagine as a lawyer you do too. It might be that you don’t need a change of job but some CBT could help you to learn to switch off. I am much better at it nowadays. I sleep better most of the time (in my line of work I have learnt to accept you’ll get odd times when it’s not so easy) but I’ve mostly learnt to put myself first. There’s a thing on the internet called ‘mood gym’ which is a reasonable DIY version but try to make time to go to someone. I’ve just joined a new team where there appears to be a culture of getting in early, then eating your lunch at your desk. I just won’t do it. I will work over my hours when I have to, & I often have to, but I will still take proper breaks. As often as I can I will arrive on time, leave on time, and take the 45 minutes lunch I am entitled to away from my desk (or at least half an hour of it!). I’ll stand by that because about 3 years ago I was literally repeatedly passing out at work because I was so stressed. It was humiliating, as passed out in training, I passed out in meetings & I just felt like everyone thought I was flaky but I never passed out when I was actually in the middle of a horrible Child Protection situation. That was because the thinking about it was worse than the actuality of doing it! I ended up having to take nearly 2 months off whilst I was stabilised on anti- depressants and I am not going there again. I don’t feel guilty about the people who appear to be working more than me, because they will be off sick more than me now, because I look after myself & literally haven’t gone sick since. You might not need a change of job, you might need to change your attitude to it.
  9. amfy

    Musical Confessional

    Actually - if he ever played Glastonbury, I would absolutely have to see him - might just be me & you though!
  10. amfy

    Musical Confessional

    The first gig I chose to go to was The Boomtown Rats when I was 13. My actual first gig (dragged along with babysitterless parents) was Val Doonican! Then Charley Pride! I really enjoyed both of them!
  11. Been going since 86 and never had anything stolen. Obviously it happens to some people but it’s is by no means ‘bound to’ happen.
  12. We went there for Joy Crookes who is also quite a quiet act & some of her most beautiful songs had to compete with a heavy dnb backdrop. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the positioning of the acts in that area. .....but for the first time this year it hit me that the sound bleed isn’t just a problem when you are watching an act, it’s a massive problem as you walk through. There is no way that any one tent can simply draw you in, in that way when you are just passing and HAVE to go & check it out because ‘There it is! That’s my sound!’ As you walk through there is just a tangle of beats so that unless you are heading for a specific act, you will keep walking, nothing will grab you because nothing is distinct. It’s trying to do far too much. In it’s early days it was the go to destination for dance music but the SE corner, Pangea/Arcadia & The Glade are all preferable in their unique ways. I’d ditch it as a ‘dance’ concept and keep a collection of one off stages there (but not so close together) - Gully/Blues, pull The Rocket Lounge (which has a much more generic appeal) over from the SE corner, maybe Glasto Latino & the Rum Shack - give it a bit of an overall Caribbean/reggae/soca/ska personality.
  13. I think it’s about right. At the end of the festival I don’t want to go home, but I have had enough!
  14. I am pretty sure 2010 was sweet disposition.
  15. @March Hare - a good summary and a good attitude to volunteering. At Glastonbury the volunteer tasks are at the edges of the site and many Oxfam volunteers avoid Glastonbury for that reason. You will find in many other festivals you have a good chance of being right in amongst it. At Boomtown we had one shift helping direct people to campsites & answering general queries as the festival opened, but both of our shifts after it got started were at venues and we danced right through them. Similarly at Bestival - our first 2 shifts were both at venues where we were right in the middle of the action, and only our third shift, the overnight on the last night, was boring patrolling. As you enjoyed volunteering at Glastonbury despite its particular challenges, you may well enjoy some other festivals more - & it’s a good way of trying out different things without breaking the bank.
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