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  1. For me it has to be Paul Simon a massive miserable crowd for a massively miserable set.
  2. If I’d known you were after Real Ale I would have recommended The Wellington.
  3. For a pub near the O2 you can’t beat The Victoria near the back of New Street Station. It’s dead handy for the O2. It has a tremendous eclectic atmosphere and a great selection of beers and cocktails from proper bar staff. If you don’t go in before it’s a great place for a few jars and a bit of a jig after!
  4. I am a massive football fan but after 2010 I realised that if England win there’ll be a more important game to watch when you get home, & if they lose you’ll definitely wish you hadn’t wasted any Glastonbury on it. On the other hand, I have mostly really enjoyed the experience of football watching at Glastonbury. Its nice to watch football in an environment where people aren’t so angry. Even in 2010 everyone was pretty gutted, but I didn’t see anyone raging like I would have done with that result if they were at the game itself. I love Aston Villa but it is really tiring being next to people who think their job as a fan is to be annoyed and angry with everything that goes wrong!
  5. amfy

    Volunteering 2020

    3000 new members of the Oxfam festivals Facebook since the weekend! Oxfam only take about 1000 volunteers so this isn’t gong to end well! glad I got priority by doing 2 last year but I think they may be upping the priority qualification next year and I’’m not entirely sure my leave entitlement is up to it!
  6. amfy

    Drop the deposit.

    We have a system at the moment which broadly rewards effort, although at the edges, some that make no effort will get in, and others who try everything won’t. We really don’t want a Glastonbury full of diehard computer nerds who can save conscientiously all year. I want the people who did it on a whim, or with a hangover, or on the last of their overdraft and worried about the rest of it later, or on their phone, or only because their friend remembered. I did my first Glastonbury because I met a friend in the pub on Friday lunchtime and they were just about to set off & I’d just got my giro, & here I am (counts) 34 years later still at it, because not deciding I was going months in advance didn’t make me ‘less Glastonbury’ than other people. This generations Glastonbury chances are already light years from my early experience, it doesn’t need to be harder & the odd ‘casual ticket buyer’ of today (there can’t be many now) could easily be tomorrow’s Glastonbury veteran.
  7. amfy

    Resale club 2020

    The full context is actually that the first year back after missing out was 2007 - the year so many people remember as the grimmest ever. I danced around high fiving anyone who looked sad to get them to smile, I have never seen so many bands at one festival, I was relentless, it really was my best Glastonbury ever! .......right up until the point where I had a complete alcoholic absence during the Chemical Brothers on Sunday night, then stupidly smoked a bit of whatever our neighbours were smoking, collapsed in the porch of my tent & turned blue before my husband randomly found me when he got up for the loo & dragged me to my air bed, then in the morning, I threw up at every junction of the motorway back to Birmingham. I totally did that Glastonbury!
  8. amfy

    Resale club 2020

    @Ozanne - Wow! Fancy you remembering that! I am really touched!
  9. amfy

    Volunteering 2020

    The one thing to be aware of with Oxfam & Shelter volunteering is that you are on hold for months, then sometime in the spring you suddenly need to be able apply at 10am on a workday at a couple of days notice! So far I have been really lucky with my availability but I dread getting told on a Friday that I am due to apply at 10am on Monday when I’ll be in a meeting and there’s no getting out of it!
  10. amfy

    Mercury Prize

    Really wanted Dave to win this amongst an incredibly strong field this year. Love the feel of punk and grime on the up this year. It made it one of my most interesting Glastonburies in many years and it was tremendous to see it reflected in this prize list.
  11. When signing up for Oxfam you need the name and date of birth of the people you want to work with. If it is just 2 of you you are quite likely to get the same locations as well as the same shift pattern, but if they can’t put you in the same place (which is usually when trying to link larger groups but could happen with just a couple), they will at least ensure that you get your time off at the same time. Ensure you have the name your shift partner registered with e.g. know if they have put themselves down as Mike or Michael - they will not link you if you get this wrong. Sometimes you may be given exactly the same shifts as someone you want to be linked with, but something changes in terms of demand (e.g. secret sets or a particular act being unexpectedly popular) & then one of you might be pulled across to another area during your shift, but as I say, once you link with someone else’s application, your time off will always be at the same time.
  12. amfy

    Tent tax - good idea?

    People would simply justify leaving their £40 tent because they have paid a £25 cleaning fee.
  13. Hi! I tried to fill this in but I can only fill in the tick boxes. The narrative boxes don’t seem to work. When I press them it just skips to the next tick box. Also - you may want to try a post directing people to this survey in the Glastonbury forum as it is the most active and many people will only come to other sections of these boards when they are actually in the run up to another festival or have just been to one. The Glastonbury section can often contain a fair bit of general festival chat. All the best.
  14. It lived up to its reputation. We had a fantastic time as volunteers & will definitely be back (possibly as punters). A great line up, lovely site, well organised, space in campsites, clean loos, lack of litter but best of all a brilliant crowd who know when to chill and when to bounce! ........& the kids. I always liked the idea of bringing kids to a festival but would never have been up for it.....but the kids here just loved it so much. There was loads for them to do, but it wasn’t even that, it was just that they were everywhere having so much fun it was infectious - an absolute joy to see!
  15. amfy

    Festival cancellations.

    Even Oxfam stewards have become tent refugees sleeping in the Oxfam marquee at Boomtown, but the Boomtown site management and communication seems to have been exceptionally good given the challenges they’ve had.
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