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  1. https://magicmirroruk.com/product/black-gold/?utm_source=Website+Subscribers&utm_campaign=1114ce226c-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_11_26_12_32_COPY_02&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c55a930653-1114ce226c-265031589 These are actually fantastic for Glastonbury - a really clear image acrylic mirror which folds to stand on its own as a face mirror, or opens out as a full length mirror! Not especially cheap but still a bargain - mine goes everywhere with me now whether I’m camping or not!
  2. I think at buck the trend and see more on a muddy year because when it’s sunny I’m happy to just sit around somewhere random, but when it’s raining I like to be ‘doing’.
  3. I doubt she’s anywhere on most people's lists but I would love to see Mabel. We caught her doing a short set at Bestival last year and she was great and has some more material now. I’d be surprised if she wasn’t on somewhere early in the day on the Other Stage. Also - I love the idea of her and her mum guesting on each other’s sets!
  4. The camping spot for Shelter is as good as it gets - just outside gate C. I’ve not had a better spot for the parts of the festival I love for many years!
  5. They do The Glade, & Stonebridge, The Acoustic Stage one that’s got a pub name, The one by the meeting point up by Williams Green ......just loads. The Stonebridge shift pattern has a later finish than any of the other bars, but is a decent post because it’s usually pretty lively in there.
  6. It’s a really long list!
  7. Don’t bank on getting any shifts out of the way before Friday. Most people will, but some bars, The Glade for example, don’t even open til Friday. That said - I still had a great time with working Friday Saturday & Sunday which is as bad as it can get. I still had Tues/Weds/Thurs to wander, & made the most of the time off I did have over the weekend. The great thing about bar work is that you still feel part of the festival - I even nipped out and danced in The Glade for my half hour break. Just have your head set right that the shifts you get are what you get & you are going to enjoy it whatever - & then of course you will!
  8. As they have said ‘late morning’ my guess would be it’s about 11am the same as last time.
  9. It’s a legal requirement for any bar to provide water to anyone who asks for it, so the bars do have to have water available. This was the advice we were given as Shelter bar staff last year. However - this does not require water tankers. The bars just have the same kind of tap out the back that are dotted around the site for the general public and staff just fill large jugs from that tap and keep them on the bar. You really may as well use the taps around the site because but the queues are probably shorter, the water is no different, and it’s an extra hassle for bar staff to keep refilling the jugs. if you want ‘nice’ water, go to the water aid water points where I think it might actually have a different source, but maybe they don’t either!
  10. The deposit covers the charitable donation which is made against you completing your shifts. So you are right that it is no loss to the charity in the very first instance. ....but it does leave your team short, & if enough people do the same as you, Oxfam become an unreliable source of stewards, which in turn endangers the licence, so it would force GFL to make other arrangements. Those arrangements would probably need to be paid staff from a security firm, which would increase ticket prices. So - if too many people adopt the same relaxed attitude as you to volunteering, the ‘kid in Africa’ will be losing out, as Oxfam won’t be continuing to make the money they make from stewarding Glastonbury, & the punters lose out because tickets cost more. There probably aren’t that many Pauls whose mate got them in btw. I hope you are trolling & just providing an opportunity for a thread to explain why ditching your shifts is a crappy thing to do.
  11. You missed 4am on the night shift when you are freezing cold and bored out of your mind! ......still worth it though!
  12. We tend to take spirits which are easier to carry in, and easier to carry around the site during the festival mixed strongly with a coke (more spirit than coke) so it’s sipped rather than glugged and lasts. The we drink our spirits during the acts so we don’t need to keep nipping to the bar, and grab the odd pint as we move around the site - especially at the cider bus and brothers Bar. It’s also easier to dance and jump about with a bottle than a pint! We used to take stuff for a cooked breakfast but now we just take a few snacks, enough to get us out of bed to explore and find something on site. We go for one big £7-10 meal a day around late afternoon and make sure it’s something substantial so that we don’t need much else. So - spirits instead of cans, & tracker bars & Pringles instead of a stove with bacon, sausage & eggs has cut down our luggage loads & still provides a good balance on the spending front.
  13. https://england.shelter.org.uk/support_us/events/volunteer_at_glastonbury In 2017 I went with Shelter and just like with Oxfam we were notified of a time to get signed up and you needed to be ready. It was shorter notice - I seem to remember being emailed on Friday to tell me sign up was at 10am Monday - that makes it more difficult to work around any work commitments. It was first come first served but I don’t remember it being too difficult. It may be more difficult this time because it seems that Oxfam was harder than it has been before. However, I am pretty sure that last time Shelter didn’t fill all their spots and there were some ‘professional’ agency bar staff taken on as well. Shelter is 3x8 hour shifts too, but more of their shifts are on the main weekend because it is bar work rather than gate work. However - the ‘night’ shifts finish at 3am, with only Stonebridge being a 5am finish. Working in a bar til 3am (mostly) probably isn’t such a tough gig as standing on a gate til 6am.
  14. ‘Bankers will be Bankers....’ .......I was there too!
  15. From my experience of priority applications last week, it could be ticket level madness. Bearing in mind that everyone with priority knew they had a place whenever they go through over the last 7 days, and that there was a limited number of people with priority, it was amazing how difficult it was to get through! On Tuesday there will be a limited number of places, for an unknown number of people. I am sorry to say it probably needs ticket day levels of preparation! Be on it!
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