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  1. amfy

    Sziget Festival 2018

    I have a friend who used to live and work in Budapest for 6 months out of every 12 and so she and her colleague would drive so that they had a car while they were there. They used to share the driving and it took a good couple of days driving day and night and she said she was seeing the road lights in her sleep for about a week afterwards. I don't think it's worth it either side of a festival.
  2. amfy

    2 tickets for Bearded Theory for sale.

    Are they Villa fans heading to Wembley? Every year I end up missing Bearded in case Preston North End (Mr amfy's team) or now Villa end up in the Play Offs - it's finally paid off and I am actually missing Bearded because we are going to the Play Offs rather than because I left it too late to get tickets because we might have been in the play offs!
  3. amfy

    Sziget Festival 2018

    Trips on boats up and down Sziget are included in your city pass if you get one, and they have a bar on board. So if it is just a boat trip you are after, then there are other ways which are easier and you could just do anytime any day. If it's the rave you're after, there are a lot of these on the island, where you will more easily come and go as you please if you get bored. So - only do it if you are really set on a rave on a boat. For me, it'd be too restrictive. The big appeal of a festival for me is to move on to something else when the buzz of the thing you are doing starts to wain......but that might not be you! Seeing them go up and down, they weren't as horribly packed as I thought they might be.
  4. amfy

    Sziget Festival 2018

    I love Transglobal Underground. I first saw the at Phoenix 96, when it had rained on and off all weekend, and on Sunday night I was shattered, and just wanted to go home, but we couldn't find a way to leave before the morning, so I was stuck there, and we went to see Transglobal Underground and I just totally forgot I was shattered, and was so glad I hadn't been able to go home. Just amazing.
  5. amfy

    NOS Alive 2018

    Our tickets arrived today! This surprised me because it's well ahead of the schedule they announced, but I'm delighted. I was worried that they were cutting it fine, especially as we leave home for Portugal on the 9th July.
  6. amfy

    Sziget Festival 2018

    The A38 is about a John Peel sized tent I'd say - but it is rectangular, long and narrow, with a bar in the middle! So the dynamics are a bit different if it's an act you really want to see. So, in many ways it's not as big, but it will host John Peel sized acts with room to spare. I have comfortably seen The Vaccines, Jess Glynn and Chvrches in there and got far forward with plenty of room to move. You can only enter the area of it from the back, but once in, there is a grassy area outside down the right hand side, and entrances into the tent nearer the front. As there is no way in down the left hand side, it's good to try and think of a way to get over there if you can, as it'll be densely packed near the doors sometimes, but far less so once you get a little way in. Although - bear in mind that it gets ridiculously hot! So you might stay closer to the right to be able to breathe!
  7. Mostly cheap. The festival is cheap - pints about £3 & cocktails and shorts generous and about £5. Eating out is about the same as here. The food stalls are about the same prices as Glastonbury. Basically, nothing is dearer than here, and lots of stuff is cheaper. Accommodation is dirt cheap - especially if a group of you are sharing an apartment, and it is really good to get to see Budapest as part of your trip. It's hot so camping can be difficult, but there is plenty of shade tbf. you can get a city pass that gets you all around the city including the boats, and free entry into the spas and swimming pools. It's well worth it.
  8. amfy

    NOS Alive 2018

    This is excellent news - we are in Santos too. I could see it was a stright run on the train but the rest was guesswork as to how well the trains ran.
  9. I actually did think Jack Whitehall was quite funny. There was something about his gangly 6th form idiot persona that just kind of worked. A lot of the jokes at the expense of the various acts were pretty funny. The other thing I thought was that I'd have Stomzy headline Glastonbury ahead of Kendrick Lamarr.
  10. amfy

    Plastic Bottle Ban?

    I am a bit worried about how it affects some of the ways we do Glastonbury - e.g. How to bring spirits in, what to do about the mixers....and of course the Lenor bottle. Nonetheless, it's something Glastonbury should be looking at because there is always a lot of plastic waste on site, and realistically, I should be more concerned about the future of the planet than whether I have to find an alternative 3am tent toilet! The good thing is that it already has us all thinking about how we will get round our plastic use for that week in June. It is definitely a challenge!
  11. I am aware I have become a bit evangelical about Sziget but I do think it could offer what you're looking for. More Glastonbury than specifically SE corner, but it does have a great World stage just next to a wonderful little glade with a Reggae/Afro/Latin stage. It's a really international festival so The West Holts vibe is definitely there. Its as varied to explore as Glastonbury, although not as big (bigger than most festivals tho) It has a terrific chill out zone near a kind of 'beach' at one end of the island, it has a number of different dance stages. It has cabaret/theatre/circus like Glastonbury and it even has a classical stage. As you walk in you may be hit by how much more commercial it is, but that really makes no difference to the overall experience once you begin to immerse yourself. Beautiful Budapest, great weather... The line up, even big names, carry on being announced right through to June, but it's already looking pretty good.
  12. The most lovely thing about working is being on site ahead of everyone else.
  13. I've just had a bit of a Google and I can't see it either at the moment, but yes, I think they do only do Glastonbury so they might have gone quiet with it being a fallow year. They definitely do it regularly. The link will probably start to appear later in the year. Registration is in about February of the year it's on. You sign up your interest, and then they email when it's time to sign up. You only get a couple of days notice and you have to be ready at about 10 am on a work day to be sure of getting a place. You have to go and do a one day training session. You pay a £300 deposit to Shelter because the deal is that Avalon Bars give them £300 for every member of bar staff that complete their shifts. They basically insure that donation with your deposit. Oxfam also have a large deposit so that means that signing up for both can be costly - there is a cut off date for your money back too. Oxfam do quite a wide range of tasks but they don't do bars. (You wouldn't have liked working a bar on that Wednesday either - tents are not shade, they are ovens)
  14. I actually do like the Bestival line up - I think it's got character - not just a list of the obvious.
  15. I know nothing about volunteering at Boomtown bars and am intending to do an Oxfam run of Boomtown, Bestival and Beautiful Days to ensure I'm set up for a Glastonbury ticket next year (taking most of August off my day job and throwing myself into it!) I did do bar work at the last Gkastonbury with Shelter though. It is hard work and total chaos, be prepared to work in a bar where things stop working and drinks run out with regularity to add to its charm. BUT - it's 3 X 8 hour shifts over the 5 days - which does leave plenty of time to enjoy the festival. I had an awful shift pattern that fell entirely in the weekend but still had a great time and would do it again. The reasons I'd go for Oxfam though are that their duties (parking/wristbanding etc) are more weighted towards the festival lead up, whereas bar work is more weighted towards the main festival days. Also - Shelter insist on you travelling with them so you have to camp - no caravan/camper an option, and limited choice of travel times. I have 2 friends who work Oxfam stewarding and they have now got to a point where they are so established that their shifts are never on music days! For both though you get good camping with showers and free food. It's a good way of maximising your festivalling for minimal costs.

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