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  1. amfy

    Volunteering 2020

    Shelter is just a fastest finger first thing. You don’t need to know anything about Shelter. However, during training you will be briefed on what they do, and expected to be able to tell people about their work onsite if I asked whilst in your Shelter T shirt.
  2. amfy

    Glastonbury substitute?

    Sziget does have a fair few ‘corporate’ type bars but the range of drinks is brilliant for a festival. Most of the bars do a really nice cider (Kingswood?) but cocktails are also dirt cheap and ended up being what we drank most of the time. Loads of festival goers wander round with a bucket of cocktail and make friends by asking each other to try it. I think the bar staff at Sziget are bar staff rather than volunteers like Glastonbury and they know what they are doing in terms of getting you to enjoy your drink (&spend even though its cheap!) Many if them love to play as they pour, like pouring each ingredient into your mouth to try it before they mix the drink - health & safety doesn’t live in this town! Its a drinking rather than drug taking festival. I certainly didn’t ever feel Like they were just serving one lager!....but I also don’t think they are big on craft beers. Apartments are cheap in Budapest & I’d definitely recommend staying in the city - the city itself is fantastic!
  3. amfy

    Volunteering 2020

    Usually 3x8 hours although there are a few 4x6 hours. There is usually and early 11-7ish, a mid 3-11pm ish & a late 9-3am ish (something like that - can’t remember the exact times but that was the kind of routine). If you get Stonebridge your late shift ends at 5am. Some bars are open from Wednesday which gets at least one shift out of the way before the music starts & 2 if you are really lucky, but some don’t open til Friday and you will have a shift each day of the main festival. I got the short straw with Fri/Sat/Sun shifts when I did it and still had a great time. The good thing about working bars is that it’s sociable and you still feel part of the festival. I was at The Glade and nipped out and danced in my break!
  4. I’ll be 70. Probably a good way to celebrate the milestone. I took my mum when she was 70 so there’s no reason I won’t make it!
  5. Are you within striking distance of Beautiful Days? I am guessing not from your previous post but it could well be worth the effort for you. It has everything you are looking for albeit on a smaller scale. The line up is also eclectic even if the names at the top of the bill aren’t as big. You can actually get near to all the acts too! Lovely setting, decent food options, bring your own beer. The atmosphere is friendly and ready to party without being lairy. The campsites are calm, more spacious, and all have showers & I have never seen such immaculate toilets at a festival - so you could also find the camping easier.
  6. amfy

    Volunteering 2020

    They definitely usually like you to stand. They like you to look professional, alert, and ready to act at all times. You shouldn’t sit down unless expressly given permission to do so.
  7. amfy

    Volunteering 2020

    Yep it was Glasto! I know how lucky I was and valued it accordingly! I really don’t expect it’ll ever happen again I not only got early shifts but was on a quiet vehicle gate where we were allowed to sit down, had shelter, worked with some absolutely lovely security as well as my lovely Oxfam team, and had a little hut where we could make ourselves a brew! My shifts were also 3 x 2-10pm - so no early mornings or overnights. It was seriously like having winning the Christmas and Birthday Lottery Jackpot all rolled into one. A very beautiful thing.......but it is gone now! The one thing I can vouch for, is that whilst it is very very rare, it can happen for anyone!
  8. amfy

    Volunteering 2020

    They don’t - Having got those shifts last year in only my 2nd year of stewarding & my 3rd festival overall, I met loads of people with the same and less experience, whilst many who’ve been doing it for years wonder how on earth they get allocated. I never expect to get them again!
  9. amfy

    Volunteering 2020

    Last year I was one of the magical chosen few who got pre festival shifts, and I thought it had maybe happened because I was quick off the mark, or maybe even that they had liked me the previous year. However, One of the guys working pre festival with us on our team had never worked with Oxfam before and only got in about 6 weeks before the festival. So don’t give up - anything can happen!
  10. amfy

    Volunteering 2020

    At Bestival we worked a day shift to just after 6 on Friday and went into the evening pretty shattered, then worked Saturday night - so Sunday was our big evening off but we were doing the night shift. We just decided that it was the last day and we would get through the night shift somehow, and went out and had a fair few drinks up to about 10pm without being plastered, and had a good jump about to a few great sets, then slowed down with water, coffee, food etc to show up for shift in a fit state to work. It was seriously the longest night of my life!
  11. You’ve mentioned the exact 2 festivals that showed me there is life beyond Glastonbury these days. Both of those are fabulous - they have some of the Glastonbury vibe I love, and some amazing unique bits of their own. Glastonbury remains the daddy and it SHOULD be on everyone’s list though - but maybe not as exclusively as in the past. I can feel your enthusiasm in your opening lines and the festival thrives on young crowds like you turning up with new eyes and bringing new life to it. Hope you have the time of your life! (You will!)
  12. The impact in volunteering has been noticeable this year. Not only was getting a non-priority place much like ticket day itself with a 2 minute ‘sell out’, nearly all the other festivals have filled up immediately too, which indicates loads of people trying to ensure priority for future years. Demand seems to be going up and up. That said, I do think there are increasing numbers in my age range (I’m 55) who, whilst they still want to go, are finding it slightly less of a ‘must do every year’ and are finding other festivals that provide different bits of the vibe they love. I think once you miss out once or twice and find the world doesn’t actually end, it changes your perspective a bit.
  13. amfy

    Volunteering 2020

    Totally random - but be extra alert just after ticket resale day & about 6 weeks before the festival which is deposit refund deadline day.
  14. amfy

    Volunteering 2020

    On the 4th you will only be asked for your festival choices and your deposit. Literally nothing else. Have your card ready, choose Glastonbury, pay. That’s it - you do that - you are in. Take a deep breath and go back in for any other festivals you want. You are not going to be asked for any other details before the 5th because as priority applicants we have already been put off til that date before we can put anything else in. They say they are ensuring that they keep the system operative for registrations in the first instance and not complicating it. When you do your full application on or after the 5th you’ll need: * a passport sized photo to upload - it should be a decent head & shoulders shot but you can smile! * a referee who is happy just to tick half a dozen boxes saying you are honest, trustworthy etc. * your car registration if you are bringing a caravan or camper van * the names and dates of birth of people you want to link shifts with. You will need to be clear what names you are all putting in e.g. Mike, Mickey or Michael - they cannot match different versions of the same name - you need to enter the exact name the person has registered with, * in addition to the above, make sure that the people you want to link shifts with are agreed on whether you are going for regular, early and/or late shifts so you are all asking for the same - otherwise if you want earlies or late shifts and someone you try to link with doesn’t - you definitely won’t be getting them. * Have your diary handy so you can register for training as soon as you can. If you don’t get in on the 4th - keep an eye on it - loads will come up over the weeks til the festival. Especially loads come up just after resale when people get tickets and drop out, then just around the refund deadline when people really make a final decision whether they really want to work it. A surprising amount come up in the last fortnight before the festival too - the people who have last minute illnesses and personal circumstances that change.
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