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  1. Not sure what the attitude is all about but each to their own. Things that stay the same go stale. Yes have been plenty of times thanks
  2. I would disagree with this. Things come and go, everything has a natural life span, even if the peak is decades long. Vfest and reading both used to sell out instantly, ones gone, the other usually has tickets left close to the festival. I know Glastonbury is a world apart from them 2 but sometimes the social conscious moves on
  3. Seems a bit ott considering his picture is on the ticket
  4. Thanks! One less thing to worry about
  5. Bit of a stupid question, but how does the coach part work. Do we get a ticket for the coach for the post, or just turn up at the alloted time and day with ID?
  6. The sensible thing would have been to throw it away. So naturally I sniffed the lot.
  7. Done something similar by pure accident once. Went on a holiday to Spain with the in laws, went to buy a round of drinks, and noticed 2 wraps in my wallet. God knows how I'd forgotten about them, and then the dilemma hit. I didn't really want to take them back to blighty and take the risk, and wasn't overly keen on being coked up with family.
  8. Realised age was catching up with me when I fell asleep standing up just as Liam Gallagher came on in 2017, and awoke just as he finished.
  9. That's my rule with most bands to be fair. Hope they're not on too early, atmosphere can be a bit flat earlier in the day I find
  10. Going all in for peat and diesel
  11. Always prepare for it but have yet to have a hangover at Glastonbury. Tempting fate a bit there, but guess I never truly sober up enough
  12. When you got through to payment window, only water bottles and insurance was showing. Happened to me, noticed and kept trying until a ticket appeared. Thank god it did as I wasn't going to just buy a water bottle, didn't realise it was an error
  13. Ah that would explain it, no someone moaning saying they didn't want Harry styles or spice girls near Glastonbury on twitter.
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