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  1. 24th may - get married 25th may - BBQ with friends and family 1st June - 23rd June honeymoon
  2. Jakeyboi135

    Ticket refund

    So might as well go the whole hog triple the price, genuis
  3. Every summer tabloids tell us we're due a 3month long heatwave, and every winter we're in for 2ft of snow. I'm sure they have the same two articles and change the dates each year
  4. With fyre festival still fresh in the memory, there was always going to be more scrutiny on any "new" American festival
  5. As someone who works in management I'd advise being cautious with using this approach, once had an employee try this and didn't end well for him. An employer will always know relenting on a threat sets a dangerous precedent for themselves
  6. My thinking was the opposite, due to the late first announcement then our next would be pushed back a while, hoping I'm wrong and you're right mind
  7. Weezer would be awesome, surely this year? Waiting for someone to tell me it's impossible because of tour dates in Norway or somewhere
  8. Have missed out on a few bands/artists I've wanted to see over the years due to going with the crowd of mates, looking forward to being able to plot my own path, and meeting all the fantastic people along the way
  9. All paid and ready to go. First year going solo, excited and apprehensive
  10. I remember reading somewhere a few years ago, that the Tesco nearest the reading festival site would take more money during the festival weekend than during the entire December Xmas sales, different festival and a bigger shop but the reward for co-op is sizeable
  11. Jakeyboi135

    2020 headliners

    Led Zeppelin R.E.M Oasis
  12. It just seems so out of place with the rest of the festival, but then maybe the sheer size of the thing is what makes it a viable option for that spot from the festival's pov
  13. Some boring band - the strokes confirmed
  14. Can I interest you in some magic beans?
  15. Seems like everything that has been rumoured here plus one or two bits that seem highly unlikely makes me sceptical, but will ignore that as I'm happy with Mac.
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