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  1. With Lana Wachowski directing it and Cloud Atlas' David Mitchell writing it, it's definitely not the terrible Star Wars rehash that the trailer makes it seem. 90% of the trailer is from the first act. People who have seen it say it gets really weird.
  2. The Suicide Squad was pretty fun. Starts and ends really well, bit messy in the middle. Not on the same level as either of Gunn's GotGs, but much better than most of DC's stuff.
  3. Some good, relatively new comedies...What We Do In The Shadows, PEN15, Derry Girls, Big Mouth, Righteous Gemstones, Miracle Workers, Ted Lasso
  4. AP Bio is fun, just not on the same level as those other three. Glenn Howerton basically plays a watered down, more human, network TV version of Dennis. It's still got some of that It's Always Sunny bite to it though.
  5. MikeClarke94


    Apple Music has the album releasing August 20th.
  6. 1. Natalia Lafourcade - Un Canto Por México Vol 2 2. Olivia Rodrigo - Sour 3. Aly & AJ - A Touch of the Beat Gets You Up on Your Feet Gets You Out and Then Into the Sun
  7. Nice little hype reel for things to come.
  8. In 2017 Feige talked about how they wanted to bring back characters like Leader and Abomination, they just need to find the right time to do it. So with Abomination coming back, there's always a chance Leader shows up at some point.
  9. Tim Roth's Abomination has got to be in with a shout as a Thunderbolt too, especially with him returning in She-Hulk.
  10. 1. Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club 2. For Those I Love - For Those I Love 3. Serpentwithfeet - DEACON
  11. Isn't it Mr Smart Hulk who brings everyone back? Iron Man does a second snap for the baddies. Is Bruce Banner smarter than Tony Stark? He might be even worse at bringing everyone back than Iron Man would be.
  12. Don Winslow writes great thriller/crime books. The Force, The Power of the Dog, and The Winter of Frankie Machine are all fantastic.
  13. 1. C. Tangana - El Madrileño 2. Slowthai - Tyron 3. Julien Baker - Little Oblivions
  14. Fair do's. Irishman's top tier Marty for me
  15. True in the past that's been the case. But this is just what people like Scorsese and even the Russo brothers have been saying. They say, in their experience in the industry, it's getting harder for them to make smaller character driven films because the major companies aren't interested in taking the risk.
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