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  1. What was the beef with the Jamaican sprinters? Seemed very odd after they finished.
  2. Bleachers, Lump, Lakes, Slash Fiction and Tom Williams will be on my list today.
  3. Enjoyed the Forever Purge this evening.
  4. Potential Other Stage headliners now or still big enough to get a slot (not necessarily top) on the Pyramid?
  5. Might have to watch this Packham show. Only heard great reviews. Anyone else watching This Way Up with Aisling Bea? Not sure if the second series has quite been up there with the first so far.
  6. They really did. Nice couple (and dog) - and what a view. Perfect for breakfast on the balcony and watching the sunset.
  7. Had a few days in the Lake District (thanks to the person who recommended the Dome House on here - stunning place) for a babymoon and it was beautiful. So nice to get away and have a few days’ peace - first proper break since the pandemic started so it was much needed. Would recommend everyone gets away if they can now!
  8. Ryan1984

    First Gig Back

    I think mine is going to be the Liam day at Reading. Still not sure how comfortable I’d feel in a full-capacity smaller venue.
  9. He has some other issues at the moment as well, doesn’t he?
  10. Is this the day the Olympics really take off in Britain. The time difference, Covid and events being behind a paywall haven’t helped raise excitement levels to the usual standard.
  11. 437 runners at parkrun today (I finished 108th with a time of 23:51) and it was so good to see so many people. I didn’t take headphones as just wanted to soak up the footsteps and volunteer cheers.
  12. parkrun is back tomorrow (my local one isn’t due to an event on the grounds but the next closest one is). Anyone getting back to it?
  13. Could she be a T’Challa variant?
  14. Ryan1984


    I’ve seen people on Twitter moaning about how Jack is ruining Lorde. I’m pretty sure she knows what direction she wants her sound to go in and would reject any ideas she didn’t like during their collaboration/co-writing? Maybe I’m biased as I like Jack/Bleachers…
  15. Are we supporting Team GB in the Olympics? I saw the first half hour today and they looked good.
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