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  1. Ryan1984

    The National

    Are Brighton tickets still available anywhere?
  2. There were some guys in the field near Lulu’s Cafe who seemed to steal a different stall’s signage (real dick move imo) every day. Guess they might have some interesting memorabilia if they left no trace.
  3. Ryan1984

    John Peel announcer

    Gandalf came on after Interpol and the younger, newer compere was about.
  4. Ryan1984

    Lessons learned

    Those orange camping rollmats Lidl were selling last week were brilliant.
  5. Ryan1984

    Albert Hammond

    He was so good. All those hits! He also seemed very happy to finally get there and was in great nick for 75!
  6. These were playing/working at the festival so might not count: Lauren Laverne and family having breakfast, Vampire Weekend’s guitarist watching Maggie Rogers, Nish Kumar walking past West Holts. My wife saw Joe Cole from Peaky Blinders/Black Mirror.
  7. The guys in the WaterAid kiosks and all the traders, staff, volunteers, crew etc working in those hot conditions.
  8. I watched Janet expecting a Vegas-style show with spectacular dance choreography and that’s what I got. It was fine for what it was but I don’t think she’d be anyone’s favourite act of the weekend.
  9. Ryan1984

    Is It Too Hot?

    Some of those taps worked; others didn’t. I filled up while everyone else queued near John Peel on Saturday before She Drew The Gun and did the same during Mac DeMarco on the Other.
  10. Ryan1984

    Biggest Surprises

    Sheryl Crow, Mavis Staples, Pip Blom, Albert Hammond and Vampire Weekend’s morning set on The Park.
  11. I saw a guy drop his can on the floor leaving Goldblum. His girlfriend gave him a death stare and made him pick it up, drawing a round of applause from everyone around her.
  12. Loved the weekend but just wish there was a bit more shade around - Thursday was a nightmare trying to find anywhere out of the sun. Loved The Lionesses’ game and genuinely seemed to be a loving atmosphere around all weekend. I did notice a lot of people brazenly doing cocaine around the Pyramid Stage. Seemed a bit strange.
  13. She meant business, didn’t she? That Sinead O’Connor cover made me weep. Loved seeing Sharon with Goldblum the following day.
  14. Had a good pie and mash in the Park and the chicken and wood-fired pizza in William’s Green never disappoint. Found a meal deal in the bakery (bacon roll, doughnut and hot drink for a fiver) that set me up nicely on Sunday morning after the car park run. The Split-Screen Ice Cream was delicious as always. Just a shame they sold out of rhubarb and custard flavour so early.
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