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  1. Ryan1984

    Gate C

    I’m confused by this whole thread. We took our stuff back to the car in car park E11 up the hill of death on Sunday morning and strolled straight back in through Gate C around 10.30am. Guessing we were just ahead of the rush? Unless you’re talking about vehicles leaving. We were on foot!
  2. The Momma album - Household Name - is out today and is a treat. ‘90s-inspired slacker indie rock.
  3. The kinky, trippy Alice in Wonderland in the Circus tent on the Thursday evening.
  4. Tory Sleaze is well and truly back. I can’t see the public abiding by any new restrictions at all.
  5. Please do. There’s a whole allegation about Spaffer being caught in a compromising situation with Carrie by one of his aides that we could be talking about instead…
  6. Bryan Adams, Phil Collins, Carole King, Cher, Sting, Simply Red (!)? If they are expanding it to bands then you can throw in Spandau Ballet, Simple Minds. I know they played the Other Stage not so long ago but could Blondie do it?
  7. What did you go for? I had apple and cinnamon with gingerbread- so good.
  8. No Covid in out house but my wife had a 24-hour sickness bug. Did this happen to anyone else? We’re not sure if it might have been some food or just one of those things.
  9. Macca bringing on The Boss? Phoebe Bridgers breaking into Motion Sickness off the bat? The Wet Leg scream? Mine was when Orlando Weeks dedicated that beautiful song to his son. Having left our 7-month-old at home with the grandparents and it being the longest we’d not seen him, it really hit home how much I missed him. Sunglasses went straight on.
  10. Was Mel C’s William’s Green set a DJ set or live? I feel bad saying this as I know they are volunteers but some of the stewards were less than helpful this year. Saw one asleep on the corner near the cider bus/Pyramid Stage on Saturday morning. Only woken up by the beep of the milk truck!
  11. She dedicated a song to him, didn’t she?
  12. Ryan1984

    Sober times

    The rugby club, Proper Coffee (Williams Green) and Tibetan Kitchen (Other Stage) all did cans for £1.50 each.
  13. I don’t think I have but my wife has come down with a nasty stomach bug. Only silver lining is it didn’t happen while on the Farm.
  14. I may have lost my bearings after three years and gone down the wrong paths but were the candle-powered steam boats and 50p tea tent stalls not there this year? Anything else you wanted to see nowhere to be found?
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