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  1. Has anyone used the National Express coaches? I'm thinking about it this year.
  2. Johnson has apparently been calling round to his MPs saying it’s all just a media- and Labour-led Witch Hunt against him and how he’s survived far worse in the past. Imagine this - and the ‘everyone was breaking the rules’ anyway line from that MP - are their two lines to see them through.
  3. Didn’t this happen the other week and he came out fighting/in full-on Boris mode the following day?
  4. I think George Ezra will get a plum spot soon.
  5. But she went on the BBC, who she’s determined to destroy? Odd.
  6. The Mail are leading with it. They’re not impressed. Just yesterday they were going for Rayner for having an ‘affair’ with a married (recently separated) man.
  7. Why are they #cancelled? So hard to keep up with it all. As for bad bands getting big slots at Glastonbury, didn’t The Fratellis sub one year?!
  8. Does Medusa wear one big hat or does every snake have its own little hat?
  9. Could Wolf Alice do a secret set in JP or The Park? Big enough to be exciting but not so big they’d cause safety concerns.
  10. Or is it just pantomime/for show?
  11. I don’t know if it is. Judging by the cheers about masks no longer being needed, he may have bought himself some time.
  12. Apparently Spaffer took out that photo of Starmer having a beer to try and prove a point?
  13. I was expecting something on the news this morning but nothing yet. Saving it for an hour before PMQs?
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