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  1. Ryan1984

    great cover songs

    Marika Hackman’s new covers album has some good ones.
  2. That’s how I read it... You can’t go ‘out’ for a meal with your Christmas bubble but you can meet up with others (socially distanced) in a hospitality setting?
  3. Do you reckon we will get a leak of tiers tomorrow?
  4. These have been my go-to for years. Really do make a difference. I believe all venues and festivals should offer the foam ones for free.
  5. Just a reminder that Johnson didn’t sack Patel (it’s getting lost in all the restrictions/vaccine news).
  6. I really hope you are right about how he’ll be remembered. I agree there. I think January is going to be horrific.
  7. I’ve just put in another thread that it won’t take long - Boris will be remembered as the man who led us out of the pandemic rather than the one who presided over all those deaths.
  8. We’ve all had our issues with this government over the past few months (to say the least) but there appears to be a level of confidence and competence at the moment - helped by the Oxford vaccine team being clear and coherent. The NHS is also covering the finer details of the rollout. Boris will also see this as a way out and will love the idea of being the man who led us through the pandemic (many of the public will forget about all the mistakes and deaths and just focus on the success of an exit strategy - think how many continue to vote this lot in). Couple that with sports events le
  9. But they are also a business... Could they afford another year off?
  10. How would the rollout actually happen once the vulnerable and oldies are done? Town by town? Alphabetical order? Birthdays like in Contagion?
  11. They’ve said Easter (well, ‘after’) now so they will stick to it. I’d imagine some phased limited capacity gigs and sports events in March time?
  12. Hancock just said he’s hoping for back to normal ‘sometime after Easter’. Where’s the It’s Happening GIF?
  13. So, surely jab the most vulnerable/key workers with the 90%+ ones and the rest of us to get the Oxford one? Or is that too simple?
  14. Ryan1984

    great cover songs

    Yes, it is a cover!
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