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  1. They won’t want to be seen to be picking on London. Especially after the whole ‘stop being lazy and get back in the office’ drive was pretty focused on the city. It would show they got it wrong on a huge level. Better for them to lock all areas down and blame the students going to university...
  2. My wife works at a public library and it sounds like people are awful. I’d have more faith in the students, to be honest. Hope it goes well for him/you!
  3. He can also speak in coherent and understandable sentences. Compare that to the PM/Raab/Gove/Hancock or Patel’s vitriol of hate...
  4. Hancock is talking about the app on the news right now. A viewer said they can’t use it on iPhone 6 (I have an old SE and it’s working fine?) and his response was they should upgrade their phone... Also had one of his giggles.
  5. Starmer wasn’t even criticising Dido at this point. He just asked which one of their reasons does the government back.
  6. Yep, called out Boris for his contradictory statements on Test and Trace, pushed for answers he was never going to get and got shouted at for not being supportive and going against the ‘spirit of togetherness’. Oh, and upset Boris by reading out direct quotes from Hancock and Dido Harding regarding the failure of testing. It was a bit like Preston’s reaction to Simon Amstell reading Chantelle’s autobiography on Never Mind the Buzzcocks.
  7. I’m surprised and disappointed nobody from the opposition has called this out yet.
  8. Gareth Bacon with a gammon-esque statement.
  9. Boris’s defence of Dido was not convincing, was it? They are definitely going with the sob story about Labour not giving enough support.
  10. Starmer is giving a televised address to the nation at 8pm tonight.
  11. Doesn’t Iceland have similar? You are 100% right on Boris giving a big Christmas speech full of hope. It’s inevitable. Raab this morning was going on about getting through to Christmas and how there will be some light heading into spring... They’re already laying the foundations.
  12. Raab doing the rounds this morning. Still focusing on the ‘you lot have to follow the rules’ blame game, dangling some hope for a social Christmas and putting in unnecessary digs at Labour’s lack of support.
  13. ‘Performances’ can run over 10pm curfews.
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