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  1. Am I right in thinking that when we move to the next stage in England (hopefully 17 May), we will be able to stay overnight at people’s places? Would this be limited to two households or would rule of six apply here as well (so you could have three different households staying but no more than six people). Trying to organise a family gathering but don’t want to put anyone at unnecessary risk.
  2. Elizabeth is talking about how little bands get paid for touring generally. She was doing a budget for Summer Camp’s planned tour in November and said how they’ve lost money on every one they’ve been on. Trying to show how tough it is for any musician to make money. The Glastonbury comment came from a wider conversation.
  3. I just checked the NHS vaccination booking page and it’s open to over 45s now (I’m still a few years off!) so please book if you can. Is this more Guardian (who I normally like) doom mongering or something we should be concerned about?
  4. I saw Marc Riley tweet at Mogwai that he doesn’t think he’s on tonight after they said a live session was planned to be aired.
  5. I went down to my local testing hub yesterday and picked up a couple of packs. I was the only one there. Another option if you don’t want them posted to your address.
  6. The Mail (I know) reported J & J to be approved in 10 days and then we have 30 million doses ready to go. End of the month/early next?
  7. The ‘Labour Left’ on Twitter are outraged over this, saying he’s a Tory etc as he refused to say the media reporting on Meghan is racist.
  8. Me too. Did the first one this morning. An unpleasant experience but so much better than potentially spreading the virus unknowingly to more at-risk people.
  9. Yep, if it’s a battle between keeping their donors happy and the welfare of the general public’s mental health, there is only one winner... Here is the Daily Heil article (sorry for the link) about the one-jab Janssen jab, if anyone is interested: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9457571/One-jab-Janssen-vaccine-set-approved-DAYS-ministers-prepare-widen-rollout.html
  10. I liked Palm Springs but didn’t love it. Felt Happy Death Day did the new twist on a time loop better.
  11. There was a huge queue at my local vaccine hub today. First time I’d seen that many people there - second dose bounce?
  12. Eight days of national mourning for PP...
  13. The Daily Heil genuinely has an article about Spaffer cancelling his pint on Monday ‘out of respect’ for Prince Philip! To get back on topic, have any of you booked tables at outdoor pubs or restaurants for next week? Are you all planning haircuts as well?
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