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  1. I saw them a couple of times on small festival stages in 2000ish and then again headlining Glasto in 2005, and they were always really good. They have a handful of excellent songs, for me most of the first 2 records, and Fix You gets me every time as it reminds me of a friend no longer with us. Since then their music hasn't really done it for me but I like that they put the graft in playing the toilet circuit pubs in the early days to now headlining stadiums. I'd go and see them again at Glasto if they didnt clash with anyone I liked more.
  2. I've not been able to listen to a single Ryan Adams song since all the allegations came out about him. Such a shame, his music is amazing, but he is clearly not a nice person.
  3. Troop Dogg

    Sam Fender

    Yes definitely the pick of the support bands at Finsbury Park for me. Loads of energy, attitude and great songs. Well worth getting in early for at the Inhaler gig I'm sure, enjoy!
  4. Troop Dogg

    Sam Fender

    Brilliant gig, what a talent he is. Really enjoyed 'Stone' on the 2nd stage as well.
  5. Troop Dogg

    Sam Fender

    Just got to Finsbury pk and they are being shit hot on your bag being no bigger than A4 size. You have been warned!
  6. Troop Dogg

    Sam Fender

    Yes I've done the same! A few acts on the bill I've not heard of so will be cool to see some new music before Sam, and better than sweltering in the office all afternoon.
  7. Troop Dogg

    Neil Young 2023

    I opted for Ray Davies over Neil Young in 2009 (brutal clash!) so would love to see him return to the Pyramid.
  8. His versions of Wonderwall, Whatever and Half the World Away sounded like school end of year concerts played at twice the bpm. Still, really enjoyed the singalong on the day! And still 100000X better than Oasis in 2004...
  9. Get a high-vis jacket, ear-piece and some kind of lanyard and you can move wherever you like! 😉
  10. First year I went (98) there actually was a group of Scousers who had dug a small tunnel under the fence and were charging a tenner a pop to go through it!
  11. I love Kae Tempest. First saw them at a poetry night in Southend probably 13-14 years ago and been following them ever since. They have an absolutely phenomenal back catalogue of records and writing, and their ability to deliver the words live is incredible. Saw the Truth stage set this year, and on the Park and various other stages in previous years at Glasto. Peoples Faces does me in every time.
  12. Supergrass have to be one of the most consistent live acts out there. Have seem them 15 or so times over the years and they knock it out the park every time!
  13. Troop Dogg

    Gate C

    There are a lot of pros and cons of staying in the campervan fields. I do it because my friends I normally go with have a camper, and I put my tent up next to them. I do like the fact we can just drive in and don't have to do the big walk carrying all our gear to the campsite, and can also wait until the big queue has gone before getting our wristbands etc. I also like that you get a much bigger space to camp, and as a Glasto veteran, the peace and quiet is rather welcome! But yes on the downside, the walk there and back every day is a pain, and you can't just pop back if you forget anything or to top up beer supplies etc.
  14. Same here, all the symptoms and been more unwell than when I had actual covid in April, but been testing negative all week, very strange. Something very nasty going round at Glasto it would seem!
  15. Boring topic I know, but just noticed on bbc2 highlights The Park sign above the stage is missing for the early Park slots. Anyone got anything else equally boring to add?
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