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  1. Stu H

    Diana Ross

    This is all kinds of awesome!
  2. Stu H

    Diana Ross

    She is 75.... It'll be fun. Paul Simon's voice was shot, Dolly didn't really sing, Kenny Rogers sang the same song 40 times really badly....
  3. Stu H

    Diana Ross

    Amazing. This has got me all warm and fuzzy. 100k in that field, easy.
  4. I always wondered how much of a meal people were making it! The vids and pics don't make it look horrendous. Lugging all your gear to Wicket Ground in 2017, on one of the hottest days of all time, with a 3 month old - THAT was hard work!
  5. The Hill. THAT bad?! It's all I seem to read about, is it the same steepness as going up to the Glasto sign? i.e. doable, but a bit of an effort and probably pretty difficult with a buggy etc?
  6. Not to worry, found them here; https://www.glastofestfeed.com/latest/news/glastonbury-2019-accommodation-everything-you-need-to-know/
  7. Also, what are the tent options for WV?
  8. Very much considering WV for 2020. It'll be my 8th, my second with children (took a 3 month old in 2017) but this time it'll be a 3 year old and a 9 month old. I've had probably every kind of Glastonbury now; the proper party one (all day and night in the SE and "sleeping" in Pennards) through to Wicket Ground with a wife & baby. I'll be honest, I want to make the experience as easy as I can and WV ticks lots of boxes in that regard. It's an added expense and people keep telling me the hill is so bad they wouldn't try it with kids (meh, strap 'em to your back, get on with it!). I'm a pretty seasoned festival go-er, so it's not particularly daunting to do it the 'normal' way, as I have done every time, but if there's some extra comfort, I don't see it as a bad thing. I wouldn't pay for it if I was going without my kids (or even if they were a bit older and could essentially take care of themselves).
  9. I got in around 9:10, put my reg details in, only to find they had already been successful - a mate got lucky! I then got in again on another device to try for a mate, put all his crowd in but by the time I clicked to get through to payment, they'd sold out.
  10. I'm not sure about the timings of when they 'sold out' page goes live. It could be after every ticket is 'allocated' (i.e. on the payment page, but yet to take payment) or after successful payment. So perhaps the full quota were in the sales basket (so to speak) but then payments fail, or people close their browsers, or it crashes, technically freeing up that ticket. Impossible to know - I'd keep trying until the site says you can't, rather than relying on Twitter etc - people were getting tickets after the official Twitter said they were gone.
  11. I think I post every year about some of the *potential* tech issues/obstacles - this is based on who I've worked for in the internet industry (and I work in Security, not web design). SeeTickets will use a number of tech solutions to prevent 'attacks'. Basically mechanisms designed to prevent the site crashing (though they've failed many a time on that!). They need to find ways to allow proper buyers who are F5'ing like mad, but not letting bots or automated apps overload their servers. If everybody used Refreshinator, there's barely a site on the planet that could cope with a million people doing that level of refreshing. Even if it's built with the best resilience. So my advice would be, don't use it. I can't confirm that they WON'T block your IP address (if they use a DDoS protection product or Web Application Firewall (very likely), which will be a third party app, it might judge it to be attack traffic and block). You do need to be mindful of that. It's not about how many times you can refresh in a given minute etc. I think it's already been mentioned on here that around 60 refreshes a minute has the potential to prevent you progressing). VPNs won't get you any more joy than normal, other than if you have a number of you in your household trying, it's not the worst idea to split the traffic up across IP address ranges by using VPNs. Annoyingly, See Tickets still don't seem to fully separate their booking flow from the main landing page servers. So even getting to payment pages can result in crashes. If the page hangs or you get an error message DON'T REFRESH. Click back and try and click through again. You'll have a cached page and won't get chucked back to the start. If you don't think payment has been taken, try the same thing - it should know that a purchase has or hasn't taken place. One year, See made a screw up and had all their traffic going via one server, not load balanced across two. Which meant you could manually alter your settings and get onto the second one which had almost nobody on it. They're unlikely to make that mistake again! Setting yourself up to only point at one server this year will actually half your chances, not increase them. There really aren't many tricks. Refresh at a steady rate, get your friends to try to increase chances, pool up with others, then just pray like f**k, if praying is your thing. While See's tech is still not quite Netflix, they've got a lot better and if 'cheating' were possible, trust me, we techies would be all over it and not posting it here, haha!
  12. https://slack.com/intl/en-gb/ A collaboration tool, mainly used in companies, but more and more people using it in personal life too
  13. Ok, this has turned into something I wasn't expecting! DM me if the Slack idea for ticket sale day appeals! Ciao.
  14. I'd actually love to see my 62 year old Dad, who I go with, trying to get over that fence and out-sprinting the security!
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