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  1. I've a feeling Roger Hodgson from Supertramp has been mentioned here before, but his tour schedule has a nice gap.... https://www.rogerhodgson.com/documents/tour.html
  2. Shovels and Rope, the Americana duo, are in the UK in the days leading up to the festival. Playing Edinburgh the Sunday evening before. Would love to see them at Avalon!
  3. Stu H

    Guns N Roses

    The only Glasto option might be the Sunday. No way they'd do 3 days in a row. Very unlikely.
  4. Stu H

    Guns N Roses

    They've just announced Glasgow Green June 25th https://www.facebook.com/events/516727218977738/
  5. Absolutely - heard of quite a few people who do this. That's my one major worry; the 3 year old wandering off in a crowd!
  6. For those mad/brave enough to take your younger kids (i.e. 7 or 8 and under), do you have any tricks you've discovered / life hacks to make it easier?! I've been to 6 without kids and 2017 was my first with a child, a then-3-month-old. It was actually reasonably straight-forward. 2020 I'll have a 3 year old and a near-1-year old. A different ball game altogether! One of the best things we did in 2017 was to cover the buggy in fairy lights so at night you could see us from a mile away. It made getting through busy crowds really easy.
  7. The festival hasn't changed my politics whatsoever, but I'm glad it's a platform for lots of voices - the Comedy Tent is always worth a visit for that very thing. Jeremy Hardy (RIP) was someone I saw a few times comparing and though I didn't agree with all of his views, he was marvellous. It's the ethos of "anything goes" and "everyone is welcome" that is the enduring thing from attending Glastonbury. And while it has obvious political leanings and platforms for views, it doesn't matter whatsoever for those 5 days what you believe in. Have a drink, chill out, say hello to the people next to you, have a good time.
  8. Stu H

    Guns N Roses

    I had a wonderful time at that gig. Bought Golden Circle, first time I have ever spent that kind of money on a ticket. This was arguably my favourite ever Glastonbury moment.
  9. got a 4 man bell tent in Sticklinch - delighted - going to make the festival with two very small kids much easier! And no hill of doom to worry about....
  10. I've seen loads of replies on Facebook about his voice. You're not going to see a man or woman in their mid to late 70's for their voice. You're going to see them because they're f**king legends and someone you can tell your kids you saw. My kids are coming with me, so they can say themselves they saw him! There are just some names that transcend other things. Paul on the Pyramid, especially if you're a Beatles fan, is a 'I was there' moment. To be fair, I said the same about U2. Crap weather, average performance, band didn't even really enjoy it, but hey, I saw U2 headline the best festival in the world. I'm not telling my kids in a few years that "to be honest poppet, Adam Clayton couldn't really be arsed that night".
  11. Everyone's circumstances are different. It's a large sum of money, sure. I'm taking 2 kids next year (a 3 and 1 year old) and the ability to have a car park a 10 minute walk away, a separate (easy) driving entrance, a tent I don't have to worry about, plus a few added extras for the wife and little ones, is worth the hassle. But if we don't get lucky, we'll camp as per normal.
  12. My old man got an email reply today - "on sale in the next couple of weeks". Not overly helpful, but won't be this week/weekend obviously!
  13. No word on sale date yet?
  14. Stu H

    Diana Ross

    This is all kinds of awesome!
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