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  1. Mich1268


    Me too. No time to even look on this forum. Far too busy to chat to you lot!
  2. trying to finish the camper conversion. Up against it now!!
  3. Only just caught up with this thread. Started spinning last week. On session 6 today. A weird choice of music with the different instructors. But am I knackered? hell yes! This Glastonbury is gonna be easy. Never found it that taxing as long as I ate double what I normally do when at home.
  4. Mich1268

    Refund query

    Thankyou stone circle
  5. Mich1268

    Refund query

    Hi, I hope you can help. I got someone a ticket on my card in a group. This person then did not pay the balance as this person now can't go. I was asked if I had received a refund but asked if the Person had actually cancelled the ticket rather than just not pay the balance. I am assuming that you won't get your deposit back unless you specifically cancelled the purchase rather than not pay the balance. Am I wrong? Suddenly feel responsibility for someone else's money and don't want them to think I have taken their money. Hope you can help
  6. that's a right pain its so far from gate A
  7. I wonder if there is a taxi rank that could drop at lovefields? I really liked Lovefields and so close to my favourite part, the T&C fields. Haven't done WV
  8. No but I have met Pele, David Bowie, danced to Freedom with George Michael and ponced a fag off Ronnie Wood. I am often accused of being like Nessa off Gavin and Stacey. Unfair
  9. It's a challenge but they are already serving to a lot of people in Brighton. I feel confident
  10. One of my local food stalls has just been voted as one of the top 80 the world. That's in the whole wide world! They are new to Glastonbury and will be in the market area close to Leftfield and between Other and West Holts. They have a pink and yellow Citroen van. They are called ThaiAngle
  11. Mich1268

    Crow's Nest

    I get the impression they announce on Twitter too.
  12. Saw at latitude 2013 I think. She was amazing
  13. No it's not. We sign. We try. Under 18s can sign too
  14. I can't be arsed to read either but think everyone who is nice is brilliant! I lead a very simple life unless it is ticket day.
  15. Mich1268

    Rex orange county

    I haven't heard anything so refreshing for ages. I completely love him. My number one watch. Is it just me?
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