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  1. This time, maybe in 30 mins, must be close to Paul playing the banjo to Something, and then the band does the drop and I am in heaven.
  2. Absolutely loath selfish flag holders. Couldn't see the screens or stage because of them. Wouldn't care if they were up between bands so people can find people but once the music starts, please put the bloody things down and stop wanting to be spotted on TV. I pay good money to watch the bands not look at utterly shit flags.
  3. This was my six festival. This time the crowds made me change my plans dramatically and there was lots I missed out on. Staying at Sticklinch was such a pain, having to get through the crowds at Park/Arcadia crossroads every night made the journey back terrible. We normally drive home after Sunday headliner but drove back early to watch Kendrick at home as we could not bare the over an hour walk back before getting in the car. 285 quid is a lot of money. If I get tickets next year and end up seeing and doing so little of what I want, not sure I will try for 2024.
  4. It's mad this year. Something not right
  5. Couldn't agree more. It has been rammed all day and not what I have experienced before. What is going on?
  6. Sorry meant to put this in questions. My apologies.
  7. Hi all will we be able to buy one on Wednesday? Tia
  8. Anyone getting down over the build up from now, please post some pics so we can see where you are and what is happening on site!
  9. Very close to the wire. Am preparing for chaos. Will all be fine in the end though.
  10. The lock ups, I presume they give you a ticket which must not be lost?
  11. That sounds bad and also unlucky. Will make a call Tuesday
  12. I am pretty much doing exactly what he is doing, right now..
  13. Thank you all. Nothing will be in the tent. Thank you for your advice
  14. My sons and mates are travelling by coach and getting in late. I am going to put their tents up as I get there early. My son keeps saying "mum, what if you put them up and somebody sees them empty and either nicks them or moves them?" Not camping in Pennards. Thinking pyramid side or oxlyers. Is it really that risky?
  15. Husband has toothache, think it might be an absess,wish him luck...
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