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  1. Mich1268


    Even though I saw her at Glastonbury. Still have to listen. Cuz I love you. my god. It makes every hair on my body stand up!
  2. CV East quiet area is good. Same walking distance as lovefields pretty much. I have stayed at both.
  3. Nope not comin at ya! I nearly put Sound of Music. Thought I might akrew many down votes ha ha ha
  4. OK just for fun, 1. Grease 2. Blues Brothers 3. Rocky Horror Picture Show 4. Saturday Night Fever no running theme here at all! What are yours?
  5. Lizzo lizzo love her! Stormzy Rex orange county
  6. Is rac shack here . Anyone know?
  7. Mich1268


    Which day? Saturday?
  8. Sounds like they go both ways
  9. I found it pretty challenging taking my 16 year old son as I was worried about him doing something daft. The good thing was he couldn't get served but then could ask someone couldn't he...it's the usual, don't take anything offered. Be wary of free drinks. Phone must always be on and charged. I also told him he had to be back by 1am. But that's just me. I felt once he is 18 he is free to do whatever but whilst I have charge of him. He has to take on board some safety rules, otherwise homeward bound because I would spend whole time worrying about him. She sounds sensible though. I am sure it will be ok though.
  10. I remember in 16, a young woman completely out of it being talked to, a lot, by a group of young men she said she did not know. It did not look right to me so I was worried. I didn't leave her until a friend came along. I am sure they meant nothing but not worth taking the risk I'm afraid. Not great for guys I know but, as a woman, I was just not prepared to walk away until I was sure she was safe.
  11. I have been farting around in my now (almost) completed camper. Can we go now please?
  12. Nikita? she'll never know! useless she is
  13. Mich1268


    It's now disappeared. Maybe something on the lense
  14. Mich1268


    What is this flying over the farm right now?
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