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  1. Homemade espresso martini. Took in a bag each day. Bloody brilliant
  2. Sister Suzie has become a regular visit for me.
  3. Mmm to be fair. I would watch that from my window and give live commentary to my family WhatsApp group. Not good of me I know. Read through the threads and yes, we need to stand by our Glastonbury brothers and sisters who are Jewish and who are Palestinian and not think we understand their individual experiences. That's what we do in the Glastonbury family. See you at the Glade! 💃 🕺
  4. Yes, I was just posting a jokey kind of "blimey D:Ream is gonna be a laugh this year" post and not sure what happened there...I'll get my coat..
  5. Yeah, I think they need to reconfigure what stage they are on. Literally days before the vote. Put them high up, with cameras. Do us a favour Glastonbury
  6. Now officially too small a stage
  7. Imagine difficult for Angela to turn up. But at the same time, might get good media coverage. Think her seat is safe so my be good national coverage. Anyway, make sure all of us and young ones have ID. Most important thing
  8. Absolutely. Just got to get the young ones to vote too. It's so important to them.
  9. They are playing this year? Or is it a d-ream? Just listened to bbc whilst Sunak was trying to give his election speech. All I heard was that song. Felt great
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