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  1. I've ordered from them many times previously and never had any issues other than orders taking a while to be dispatched. Got some great deals though so can't really grumble. 10% off for first orders too.
  2. broken monkey


    Hardly, left 2 bloody tents behind! 😉
  3. Same. I think yesterday was easier as I could take my mind off of it by working (half heartedly), but the weekend just feels like a waste of time where I know we should all be somewhere better.
  4. Coldplay in 2002. I was 21 (that's no excuse), but I remember really enjoying them.
  5. @Sasperella @D-Low @Wellyboot Thanks all. Just reading the EFests forums has been a huge help, especially knowing how we're all missing the greatest place on earth and feeling a huge sense of loss in same way with not being there. My family are about 2hrs away so have been sharing memoriesand thinking of the good times virtually. Big love to all of the Efestivals community, you really are a big factor in what makes the whole Glastonbury experience what it is and why I'll always be a gold subscriber. xx
  6. Apologies in advance for a downer of a post. Really finding it hard today. Just had a reminder of a photo taken 10yrs ago today with my youngest brother and sister. My brother passed away at the end of Feb (non covid reasons) at the age of 33. Was the biggest Muse fan, and despite many mental health issues he made it to the festival and had an amazing time in 2010 (he was also there in 2004). I've not really had a chance to grieve or come to terms with what happened as lockdown occured days after his funeral and nothing has been close to 'normal' since that time. It's only just
  7. Vex Red on the Other Stage in 2002. As a naive 21yr old, I think I stayed there for the following 6 acts, including a legendary QOTSA show featuring Dave Grohl.
  8. Should’ve been at Reading Services right now meeting the rest of our group for breakfast. Then heading towards Wells for a final pitstop, drive to Pink parking and arrival at gates by 11am. Man, this sucks today. Have tickets for next year but who knows where things will be by then.
  9. Link for the Thursday: https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/glastonbury-2020-ticket-coach-travel-deposits/worthy-farm/1450013
  10. Just the 3 of us currently. We had 6 go this year although were trying for 12 in the first sale last October. Weirdly not feeling the excitement amongst my friends this year, despite it being the 50th.
  11. I'd say the #Supergrass2020 hints at more to come from them next year
  12. Oh, I didn't mean anything negative by pointing this out. Just meant that the festival boundary is even bigger now, which would be even more impressive when overlaying on areas! ?
  13. This is really cool but also a few years out of date it seems. Doesn't include much of the expanded campsites from the past 5 or so years (Rivermead, Pylon, Darble, South Park, Baileys, etc).
  14. Don’t worry, TicketWeb are definitely legit - used them plenty of times before and always find them easier to get tickets through.
  15. Got them for Brixton via Ticketweb. Sold out crazy quick though. Thursday date now on sale via O2 priority.
  16. Just checking! I've missed out on 2 presales already, fingers crossed for Brixton tickets tomorrow. Been an expensive week ticketwise.
  17. Where they even on sale today?
  18. If it’s either of those, I’m staying well away then. ?
  19. Someone pretty big playing BBC intro at 1.30pm. Wouldn’t say who other than hinted at male solo who was playing a major stage later on.
  20. It’s probably 30mins tops but that’s with backpacks and dragging trolleys. With the ground conditions, it’s a breeze.
  21. Arrived in Pink 50 at 11am. Walked to gate D and was in Rivermead by 11.59am. Quickest entry yet and perfect start to festival. So sorry to hear of issues at gate A, something needs to be sorted in future to prevent a repeat of this situation. Emjiy the festival all, this is going to be a classic!!
  22. 2016 we arrived around 12pm on the Weds and walked straight in through gate D. 2017, arrived earlier at 11am Weds and was warned about gate D waiting time. Ended up at gate A and was in by 1pm. Some friends arrived at gate A around 2pm and walked straight in. 2017 was the year of extra security checks though so that may have been the cause.
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