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  1. Steveb72

    Crowd Etiquette

    Saw a guy pissing on the floor in the crowd just before Paul McCartney called him out on it and then he’s apologetic and wanting to shake my hand to say sorry. Erm no thanks I’ve just seen were your hands have been.
  2. Paul McCartney Pet Shop Boys Skunk Anasie
  3. Steveb72


    Put this on their Facebook page
  4. Steveb72

    fuck yeah

    Great to have the site back
  5. Got mine and all of a sudden feel dead excited.
  6. We camped in Darble in 2019 and it’s quiet and plenty of space for people that were arriving on Friday
  7. Just managed to get a 2 person scout tent for Worthy View, the big 50 next year so thought I’d treat myself.
  8. You’ll probably be able to get camped on Darble by Ped Gate A, always plenty of space on there.
  9. Feel for the woman, I sat in a covid test site for 2 hours last Tuesday waiting for the England game to start
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