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  1. I took one of these last year on the coach, it’s got chunkier tyres than normal fold away ones and is great. LIFE CARVER Garden Cart Foldable Pull Wagon Hand Cart Garden Transport Cart Collapsible Portable Folding Cart https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01GJM6CG8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_Vh1fEbRWCY6YS
  2. Erasures version of Solsbury Hill is truly shocking
  3. Ordered a waterproof poncho, not that I’ll need it mind.
  4. I work for a water company and am involved in the treatment and testing of it and could never understood why people buy bottled water as it’s just a waste of money. I to used the taps by the long drops as well never a queue to be seen.
  5. Steveb72

    National Express

    Doing National Express myself from Wirral, did See tickets coach this year and it’s so much easier not having to have a hike from the car parks with all your gear.
  6. Steveb72

    2020 headliners

    Last time I checked here it was 1975 better than Foals and vice versa, now it’s gone up about 10 levels.
  7. I know got if for this years Glasto but it was too hot to wear it.
  8. Count me in for rum club as well, I’ll be wearing this beauty
  9. I got tickets on 3mbs broadband and a 6 year old iPad not a fibre optic in sight
  10. Booked National Express getting there about 3pm Wednesday then leaving 7 30am coming home ?
  11. Damn just seen the price of the ice I was paying £5 at one of the stalls between the Pyramid and Other stage.
  12. Went for the 1st time this year and lucky to be going back next year. Just the best place on the planet were you can be yourself and not be judged by others, a 5 day break from the stress and grief of the outside world.
  13. It’s mad when you look at I went the V Festival in 2009 and think that sold out in about 2-3 hours, were as Glasto struggled to sell out that year.
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