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  1. The guy next to you in the blue shorts met him on the Saturday outside the acoustic stage waiting for Hawkwind, he’s a sound bloke.
  2. Ordered my T-shirt on 1st July and still waiting might get it in time for the 50th at this rate.
  3. Is it this one http://www.katechidley.com/glastonbury-2019/
  4. Steveb72


    The Tibetan kitchen in between Pyramid and Other stage absolutely spot on and very filling.
  5. Thought the Medical staff were outstanding my girlfriend got a bad eye infection on the Thursday night so we went up there, and they sorted her out in no time and gave her some drops for her eyes.
  6. Off eBay, here is the item number 392158987642
  7. Thanks hopefully be on site for between 3-4pm then
  8. On the order tracker on seetickets, use your booking reference from your deposit email and it should show it on there.
  9. 10am from Liverpool. Does anyone know how long it will about?
  10. Woo hoo all paid and confirmed, now to get back on AliExpress and see what other colourful jackets they’ve got.
  11. Ordered this to go with my other jacket.
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