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  1. Received my T-shirt, tote and tea towel today, love them all.
  2. Steveb72

    BBC Glastonbury

    Have they just dropped a hint about Lady Gaga for next year?
  3. Had the postman knocking at the door got all excited thinking it was my T-shirt instead it was a hat my girlfriend has ordered for next years Glastonbury 😢
  4. Fat Boy Slim at the Glade last year, well I think it was him sounded like him but we where that far back couldn’t see a thing.
  5. Had the same email 😢
  6. Not received mine yet but I ordered a tea towel and tote bag as well.
  7. Having a walk around a very peaceful site at 8am to clear my hangover and then paying a visit to the longdrops
  8. Reading the weather thread and checking the long range forecast every 10 minutes
  9. Went for the first time last year and Thursday was my favourite.
  10. T shirt, tea towel and tote bag ordered.
  11. Looks like Diana Ross is still on. https://www.nme.com/news/music/diana-ross-reschedules-top-of-the-world-tour-for-2021-amid-coronavirus-outbreak-2680059
  12. Cummings driving around Durham
  13. I reckon it a virus created by Mel B so all the International artists cancel and the Spice Girls get to play the 50th after all.
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