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  1. https://www.outdoormegastore.co.uk/vango-pop-300dlx-pop-up-tent.html we’ve used this one the last couple of Glastonbury’s.
  2. All paid, see you all in June 👍
  3. Mines just come through and it will be getting paid on Monday. Time to start getting excited.
  4. Received my new rucksack for carrying my beers and other essentials about during the day.
  5. Good luck with setting it up and getting new members.
  6. If you are UK registered then a debit or credit card is fine regardless of where you buy the tickets from.
  7. I’m going with Mrs B72 and a friend going to his 1st ever one thanks to @Jack.194
  8. Great I’m down to work the weekend of 18/19 November so frantically trying to get it swapped.
  9. Good luck everyone, my nerves are proper starting to kick in now but my F5 finger is already.
  10. This time next week we’ll all know our fate 😱
  11. Steveb72

    2024 Headliners

    I’m off to see her next Sunday in Antwerp, looking forward to it. Shames she’s left some of her songs off the setlist, but she’s got such a big back catalogue it’s probably expected.
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