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  1. Woo hoo all paid and confirmed, now to get back on AliExpress and see what other colourful jackets they’ve got.
  2. Ordered this to go with my other jacket.
  3. Absolutely gutted over this. RIP Keith.
  4. Thanks for all the tips, really looking forward to it wish it was June now.
  5. Not Lenor, but Aldi’s finest conditioner
  6. Don’t worry I’ll be taking all my crap with me and have already bought my portable urinal for at night 👍
  7. Hi all, a newbie on here and going to my 1st ever Glastonbury in June and I can’t wait, like a kid at Christmas. Getting the coach from Liverpool on the Wednesday and just wondering if people had any tips for stuff to do on the Wednesday and Thursday. And any other advice for a Glasto virgin? Thanks.
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