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  1. Steveb72

    National Express

    Doing National Express myself from Wirral, did See tickets coach this year and it’s so much easier not having to have a hike from the car parks with all your gear.
  2. Steveb72

    2020 headliners

    Last time I checked here it was 1975 better than Foals and vice versa, now it’s gone up about 10 levels.
  3. I know got if for this years Glasto but it was too hot to wear it.
  4. It doesn’t unfortunately
  5. Count me in for rum club as well, I’ll be wearing this beauty
  6. I got tickets on 3mbs broadband and a 6 year old iPad not a fibre optic in sight
  7. Booked National Express getting there about 3pm Wednesday then leaving 7 30am coming home 😳
  8. Damn just seen the price of the ice I was paying £5 at one of the stalls between the Pyramid and Other stage.
  9. Went for the 1st time this year and lucky to be going back next year. Just the best place on the planet were you can be yourself and not be judged by others, a 5 day break from the stress and grief of the outside world.
  10. It’s mad when you look at I went the V Festival in 2009 and think that sold out in about 2-3 hours, were as Glasto struggled to sell out that year.
  11. The reds winning all our rivals losing and I got a ticket, if Carlsberg did weekends this would be it.
  12. Handed out individually when I got it this year
  13. Sky broadband last year and this year for me
  14. Steveb72

    Resale help

    No probs, thought it would be easier to do it as a poll instead of reading through a load of comments.
  15. Steveb72

    Resale help

    Though we could get a list of all people that need help in the resale and those that are willing to help and then nearer the time allocate groups to each person.
  16. Sly that messed it for all of you. Good luck in the resale
  17. 6 year old iPad on WiFi got through near enough straight away, my phone on 4G nothing just the safari timed out page.
  18. No problem just pass me your details nearer the time.
  19. I’ll gladly help you get tickets in the resale
  20. 0929 for me, talk about cutting it fine
  21. Same here got through no problem last year but got the fear for tomorrow.
  22. Steveb72

    Sunday Help

    I’m just trying for 2 as well so if you want we’ll team up.
  23. Steveb72

    Sunday Help

    I’m in a 2 as well if you’re still after buddying up
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