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  1. No that's Novelty Funsy. -This will only make sense if you have seen The Stranger on Netflix.
  2. Make the most out of a night out Just a shame it won't be the cider bus
  3. Likewise, at the back lower tier and still just over £150. Will hide it for the mrs' birthday too however I won't use the same excuse
  4. Doug85

    Other Stage 2020

    Hope there's a big stage in that Hotel, is that replacing Beat Hotel? .....
  5. Doug85

    Other Stage 2020

    Lad I know who told me about Royal Blood playing This Is Tomorrow is still certain of them playing Glastonbury, when I pushed him he did say he believed it was heading the other. That was a few weeks ago though so they could easily have moved them down etc if they needed to move it around.
  6. No plans at all for them to cancel it yet, all their usual deliveries of equipment etc are still on order. Pyramid had a delivery yesterday weirdly enough. Festival had contingency plans in place for Swine flu/SARS etc i'm pretty sure they will be thinking of some for this with the last resort being a cancellation however if it's at that stage we would probably all have bigger things to worry about.
  7. It has certainly made people more paranoid and delusional, some bloke on Glasto Chat seems to think it has been weaponised by the Chinese government to stop the Hong Kong protests.... I think it's clear who is the weapon.
  8. The whole outbreak is quite similar to this film really. Quite scarily similar. Not as bad obviously but shows how quickly things like this can escalate and then how the media take over.
  9. It's fine, Trump reckons it will all have gone away by April as "warm weather tends to kill these things off" I mean why wouldn't I trust what he has to say on the subject?
  10. Was it 2017 when it arrived before 8am? I remember driving to work and having to pull over to the side of the road and check it before ultimately getting to work and doing no work whatsoever. I even cancelled a meeting that day i'm sure, I have a meeting today that I wouldn't mind cancelling
  11. I'm still fairly confident with 9th March and it being connected to the International Womens day the day prior. I'd have picked that date if it wasn't a sunday or my ex wife's birthday. Not bitter but can just imagine the gloating
  12. I have to agree with the comments about Aerosmith. When it first broke about them playing I was more shocked that it wasnt headlining or even headlining a stage. The fact it may not even be subbing I was more surprised as when they play over here they tend to headline. I think that may have been the shock act that was let out the bag by their promo poster.
  13. Bunch of bastards, seen the topic was "Hot" and assumed we must have had some news. Carry on.
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