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  1. Doug85

    2020 headliners

    @Woffy must be going mental about now. Sure he has more of a hatred for Mr Williams than most. He always sounds dreadful to me. Not even sure he has that many decent songs barring Angels and possibly Let me Entertain you. Plus he's a Tory
  2. Doug85

    2020 headliners

    See Robbie Williams has been sniffing around for a Glastonbury call as well
  3. Doug85

    2020 headliners

    I seem to be in the minority but I really enjoyed ELO in 16. Wasn't as much fun as Kylie this year though mind. Missed Gibb in 17.
  4. Doug85

    2020 headliners

    Kinks looking likely to play at least. I wouldn't be upset if they headlined or if they got the legend spot. Makes a lot of sense with their history with the festival and Michael always speaks highly of them. Plus any set from them with Lola, you really got me and I'm not like everybody else would be amazing.
  5. Doug85

    2020 headliners

    Don't play with my emotions like that
  6. What the fuck happened on Saturday??
  7. Thursday Beans on Toast 9 Will Varley 8 Frank Turner 8 Tankus The Henge 8 Friday The Vaccines 7 Hobo Jones 9 ( Absolutely Fantastic way to properly start the weekend) Sheryl Crow 7 Fontaines DC 6 (mainly as I couldn't hear them very well) Comet Is Coming 8 IDLES 9 (Loved it) Billy Bragg 8 Stormzy 10 (Absolutely smashed it) Saturday Proclaimers 7 Carrie Underwood 6 (Although Mrs Doug loved her set and was her highlight of the whole festival) Gerry Cinnamon 8 Anne Marie 5 (dreadful IMO) Lewis Capaldi 6 (Good banter but his music is not for me) Lizzo 10 (Fantastic fun, one of my highlights) Craig Charles 10 (Randomly stumbled upon this gig at the Bug and he was amazing, went from 4 of us dancing around to his funk and soul to a full field The Killers 8 (difficult as started here and then tried to go watch Chems before the crows ruined it for us meaning we went back to Killers) Faithless DJ Set 5 (Poor for me, left early) Sunday Bar- Stewards Val Doonican 8 Jeff Goldblum 9 (Loved it and loved meeting him) Kylie Minogue 10 (She smashed it as well, amazing gig with lovely memories of everyone really enjoying themselves) Miley Cyrus 9 (Some good covers and loved her duet with her Dad) Billie Eilish 7 (sound issues during the gig but some decent tunes) Dave 8 (surprised by him, some decent tunes) The Cure 6 (left early, not my bag unfortunately) Christine and The Queens 8 (Loved her/them but kind of wished I'd gone to Janelle at WH) Sub Focus at Pangea 9 (First proper moment at Pangea this year, lots to improve but the pyro still had the desired effect)
  8. Doug85

    Emotional moments

    Kylie got me a couple of times, I was not too far away from the couple who got engaged with the plane message and they were just so happy bless them. When she was talking about 2005 and then again during All The Lovers, I didn't even think that a Kylie set would ever make me have those emotions but everything just sort of combined. What a fantastic set. Beans on Toast at Greenpeace with Jamie and talking about the NHS. Mrs Doug is newly qualified in the NHS and it's been a tough year for her learning the ropes and we both went when he was talking about it. Our final litter pick on the monday morning when we said our goodbyes until next year got me too, we had just had our group photo for the charity and said our goodbyes when it suddenly dawned on me that it was over for another year.
  9. I've just remembered another one near to Strummerville Girl 1: " ah look at that bloke having the time of his life on that trampoline" Girl 2: "yeah he looks like hes having a great time" Girl 1: " ah FFS he's got his cock out, that's the nudist colony" Girl 2: " I thought he was happy to see you mind" Me:
  10. Never understand the mentality of a troll, wasting so much energy on winding people up over nothing. Can't agree with anyone getting in without a ticket either, times have changed. Being over capacity risks the license now. Did spot a couple of people without wristbands on this year too and not to mention the fact that there were reports of lots of tent thefts,
  11. Doug85

    Celeb spotting

    I didn't see Grimshaw personally but my mate made a point of shouting "Grimshaw's a c*nt" every time we walked by the BBC studio
  12. Doug85

    Crowd Tolerance

    The crowd spoiled Chemical Brothers for myself and Mrs Doug, we had been looking forward to them for a while and 3 songs in the crowd was getting worse and worse with pushing and shoving and then some absolute toss pot decided to full on shove Mrs Doug in the back and sent her flying hurting her back in the process, cue me scrambling to make sure she is ok and find the coward who did it who seemingly hid away in the crowd again. We ended up going to see The Killers and she still enjoyed it but her back is still a little sore this week and there is absolutely no need for any behaviour like that. So it turns out that a crowd can totally spoil a gig for you and totally change your plans. I still have unfinished business with the Chems now so I'll have to see them at some point again.
  13. 1. Stormzy 2. Kylie 3. Hobo Jones
  14. Saturday night on my way through Big Ground back to Tom's field a young bloke asked me "excuse me mate where is the pyramid stage i need to catch Stormzy" I pointed at the big stage in front of him and politely reminded him that it was saturday night and Stormzy played "last night" His response: "fuck I need to quit drugs" Whilst walking away shouting at himself for missing 2 days of Glastonbury.
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