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  1. He also mentioned live performances and stadiums to reopen as of October
  2. I'm sure i read somewhere over the weekend that Sage are now working under the assumption that the first "wave" may actually have been in December before they realised what it was and then the second wave was actually the pandemic. I'm trying to find the article where it was mentioned but I wonder if this is in relation to results from antibody tests?
  3. Not like Boris to get angry about being scrutinised....
  4. You would be sent to Barnard Castle for a jolly instead.
  5. As much as i'd love to go to a pub right now, Wetherspoons can fuck right off. Tim Martin especially.
  6. Yep I think it could end up being a big game changer in the track and trace testing too. I think more people in the country will have had it than estimated too without even knowing about it. Fingers crossed they can roll this out soon and in bulk. Will certainly help get back to some normality before they can get some form of drug treatment or vaccine
  7. Great news about the antibody test being approved. Better news that it is 100% accurate. They need to get more than 100k ordered though, theres 60 odd million to test in this country alone. At least there could actually be some light at the end of the tunnel of shit.
  8. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/our-plan-to-rebuild-the-uk-governments-covid-19-recovery-strategy
  9. This is exactly why we need an accurate reliable Antibody test. We need to do a lot of testing to find out the history of Covid 19 in this country never mind the world. We are so far behind in terms of testing though (despite the numbers Boris and co claim). If an antibody test can prove the history and how many have had it and more detail etc then it will be safe to open the country up more to those who have built up an immunity. I'm sure that in Korea they are given immunity passes? something similar would work here.
  10. Well none of what he said is clear but when I tried to decipher it it seems as though within the next few weeks more and more people will be going to work, then the primary schools and then the secondary schools which in turn means others will be back at work etc. How can they plan for these scenarios when they have no reliable antibody test yet? My point is they should be pushing for those and then make these plans. I'm sure there would be no issue in people going to work if they have already had it.
  11. The only thing that is clear from Boris is that he still wants Herd Immunity. Seems as though we may reach that through utter negligence and needless death. We need the antibody test, they should be pushing for that rather than forcing people back out before that.
  12. Surely a successful antibody test will prove this too. The fact that someone from France has been traced to having it way back in December is proof that it was spreading in Europe well before they thought it was. Future Mother in law was ill with very similar symptoms at start of january, we had the same symptoms in middle of january and this was all well before we were aware of what the covid symptoms were and whether this was even in Europe. Now at the minute we can't say for certain we had Covid but if it were now we would be able to be tested. At least a proven antibody test would be able to give a higher indication and would be a game changer. If it's proven that more people have either had it or are immune then surely it can only be a positive for later in the year and next year. Hopefully that means Glastonbury is able to go ahead and I hope to christ our wedding is too.
  13. Fantastic news. I vote for Jonjo
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