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  1. Doug85

    Clashes 2019

    I'm dreading C&TQ being a headliner on a stage as one of my must sees but if they play on Sunday and headline then that's worst case scenario for me. Hoping for an early evening spot.
  2. After being away this weekend and having time to digest the poster and actually listen to some of the lesser known names (to me) i'm looking forward to the G even more this year, plenty for me to get excited about not even on the Pyramid and on it. With more still to come....it's going to be a good one!
  3. Doug85

    Clashes 2019

    Shows the different range of tastes, i'll be over the moon for the Chems to be on Sunday night clashing with The Cure as I only like a couple of The Cure songs, The Chems on the other hand will be amazing and a perfect way to end the festival for me. Potential clashes that may be an issue for me is Christine and the Queens if they headline a stage rather than get a daytime/evening slot. I really need to see Sam Fender too so hoping for a decent time for him.
  4. Jeff Goldblum Chvrches Bradley cooper.... even though i know that one was only rumoured Camelphat Frank Turner Courteeners Orbital
  5. Do you think he was for the Saturday? Makes me wonder if The Killers agreed to do the secret slot if they had an agreement to headline again or if Emily just thought that once Macca dropped The Killers would be ideal to replace based on the crowd they got in 17
  6. Yep I was disappointed by Katy Perry, I don't think she was helped by the sound issues she seemed to have and the fact she looked completely off her face and out of her depth. Miley has the potential to be much better, lets just hope it's not as bad as when she did the VMA's and MTV awards that time.
  7. Doug85

    Must see's and Maybe's

    Must see- Chemical brothers, Kylie, Christine and The Queens, Idles, Sam Fender, The Streets Maybes- Snow Patrol (i was largely shut down when i mentioned they could play late last year), Janet Jackson, Vampire weekend, Lauryn Hill, Miley, Hozier, Sigrid I look forward to the next announcement and the inevitable working out of horrific clashes.
  8. In the midst of all that I nearly missed that Christine and the Queens were on there. Fantastic I just hope they don't clash with others I fancy seeing now. Surely deserves a go at the Pyramid even if it's not a sub spot.
  9. I'm happy enough with that poster. Slightly disappointed with The Cure headlining but that's just my taste and if the Chemical Brothers are on the Sunday night Other then I really won't care. There are plenty on there to keep lots of music fans happy. I had a sneaky feeling that Miley could have been booked when i seen her on The Big Weekend lineup, not a bad booking to be fair to them. This years Katy Perry.
  10. Avengers trailer and something to drop from Glasto within the same 24 hours....
  11. Yep most who tweeted etc to confirm they were playing had the Glasto 17 graphic accompanied with it.
  12. He does from time to time i'm sure. Just waiting for that moment where he drops that post calling everyone c*nts or just Dave Grohl, drops the mic and leaves again for another 2 years.
  13. you didn't even make it out of the morning never mind the rest of the day!
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