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  1. Nobody seems to know. Intrigued to know more though
  2. And to think this thread started so promisingly.
  3. Can't see Billie headlining the Pyramid yet but it could be feasible that she could headline the Other as sort of an apology for the sound issues this year. Personally I think that she should sub the Pyramid but a dark set headlining the Other would be a decent set. Miley finishing the same time as Billie starting was a nightmare as people either missed the end of Miley or the start of Billie and those who missed the start ending up missing Bad Guy which is arguably her biggest banger. Kylie would have had some impact too as I know a few who refused to move from the Pyramid for most of the day due to wanting to camp out for Kylie and ultimately decided to stay for Miley.
  4. I must have been in the minority but I loved Jeff Lynne even in the rain. Would have preferred sunshine but you make do with what you get.
  5. Must be about 2 months then as they were still in a field when I visited in April earlier this year. Seemed to keep them out the way of the build.
  6. The Monkees are doing a US tour in April.
  7. I use the staff showers after my shifts but in 2016 I was a normal ticket holder I didn't have a shower and that was the mud year, no amount of wipes helped then. My shower upon returning home was horrific but glorious.
  8. Doug85

    2020 headliners

    Still mental that was nominated for an academy award
  9. Doug85

    2020 headliners

    3 times on the same tour? That's dedication for you, I don't even think Tyler would have been at 3 gigs on that tour (at least consciously)
  10. Doug85

    2020 headliners

    Think I asked at the time the rumour popped up if Aerosmith would take a lower spot on the card considering they usually headline festivals i.e Download and it was suggested they could play the "rock" slot on the friday. I'd be happy with that providing they played their hits. It would give me some nostalgia to Waynes World 2.
  11. Doug85

    2020 headliners

    Grimshaw is notoriously full of shite though.
  12. Doug85

    2020 headliners

    She's been shite for years. I'd have been mildly interested to see a repeat Brits performance with her cape.
  13. Bumped into Maisie Williams coming out of the Bimble Inn a few years ago, she was lovely even after I called her Arya Williams because I was that pissed. Pretty sure I seen Emilia Clarke last year but didn't have the balls to go over and chat. Spotted a few others over the last few years like Jarvis Cocker and Frank Turner. I've met Michael a couple of times in Tom's Field but never got a photo with the man yet, I also met Emily very briefly in her house at the festival last year as I was working and had to run an errand for a team leader and there she was standing there with Nick, that was very awkward but she was lovely and was not the best time to ask for a photo!
  14. Doug85

    2020 headliners

    Chris would never lie would he, I mean it's not like he's ever lied before about the band taking a long hiatus or actually ending is it?
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