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  1. Album of the year 1. The Allergies – Promised Land 2. Purple Disco Machine – Exotica 3. Jon Batiste – We Are 4. Sam Fender - Seventeen Going Under 5. Self Esteem – Prioritise Pleasure 6. Unkle - Rōnin I 7. For Those I Love – For Those I Love 8. Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats – the future 9. London Grammar – Californian Soil 10. Dombrance – Live a la salle Wagram Honourable mentions: 1. Neal Francis – In Plain Sight 2. Yola – Stand for Myself 3. Pearl Charles – Magic Mirror 4. Gilligan Moss - Gilligan Moss 5. The War on Drugs - I Don't Live Here Anymore 6. Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend 7. Public Service Broadcasting - Bright Magic 8. W.H.Lung – Vanities 9. Valerie June – The moon and Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers 10. Gaspard Auge – Escapades
  2. For Those I Love - For Those I Love Self Esteem - Prioritise Pleasure Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend The War on Drugs - I Don't Live Here Anymore Nation of Language - A way forward
  3. DJL


    Apologies if mentioned elsewhere - has anyone had any joy with the Groove Armada pre-sale? I signed up but received no details
  4. ... and we're in for the first time. Very excited. Has anyone ever got a cab home at the end of the night. We will camp but possibly not every night and we live fairly locally...
  5. Wow it was amazing to be back, even if only for the Sunday as I couldn't get out of work on the Saturday. Leaving Reading that morning and getting in with tent set-up in time for Bill Bailey was always going to be a gamble... what a feeling when we made it. Thought I might cry the first time I heard live music didn't imagine it would Bill Bailey playing a flute along to the iPhone ringtone. Self Esteem that followed was truly superb. Enjoyed Vanity Fairy though would have been better with actual musicians. After that to be honest I paid little attention to the music. There was stuff I quite liked scattered across the smaller stages but meeting up with friends (who I have barely seen since Latitude 2 years ago) in the sunshine was far more important. Yeah there were queues around the place but I managed to avoid them, ate (veggie) twice and drank beer all day (easier if you're a man of course and agree they need to sort out the toilets situation for the ladies). Wish I'd been there for Hot Chip and the Chems though
  6. ...and Fontaines DC are playing Truck on the Friday so Hot Chip should be Sunday
  7. This is my personal favourite Latitude line-up for years. If hot chip are the Sunday Wolf Alice, Chems and Hot Chip would be an excellent set of headliners across the two main stages.
  8. Whatever happens this was excellent. Reminded me of the 2011 era - unexpectedly finding out on the day and them playing a load of great new material on the park plus later the basement stuff. it may not be under the Radiohead title but it feels a lot more like it than Atoms for Peace and Modern Boxes
  9. DJL

    Live at Worthy Farm

    Absolutely, getting a bit emotional tbh
  10. DJL

    Live at Worthy Farm

    This link is still working for me from Wolf Alice but not sure if that is because I still have it open from last night https://watch.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/livestream-1/
  11. DJL

    Live at Worthy Farm

    Enjoying Kano, more than I would expect to
  12. DJL

    Live at Worthy Farm

    Enjoying reading the positive comments from people who never planned to watch it at 7pm. If it wasn't for that (and a live stream not streaming live is a big issue obviously) I paused the live stream last night when I went to bed and it is working for me perfectly now. The Smile sound amazing.
  13. Out of up votes but yes
  14. Should we do an efests choice Eurovision poll?
  15. DJL

    Live at Worthy Farm

    Not sure giving it to them would have gone down well
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