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  1. DJL

    Common Announcement

    This and the Silver Hayes line-ups are largely lost on me... any recommendations (from either) for the more Trance or Disco House end of the spectrum (beyond going to Downlow)?
  2. I agree Friday looks poor... doesn’t mean it’s necessarily inaccurate though.
  3. I’d watch Alice in Chains but I just don’t see them In the same bracket as the others. Royal Blood are a pop-rock act who are played on Radio 1, Motörhead have/had a song that is on most Best Rock Anthems and a well known front man. AIC were pretty big but not huge 25 years ago and i’m not sure many pyramid dwellers would know anything since/with the new singer?If I heard/read the name anywhere i’d Pay attention... but apart from rock line-ups I haven’t in a decade?
  4. Do you think it’s related to how little Glastonbury pay? Waiting for ticket sales on certain artists so hey can get them for cheaper?
  5. I’m hoping we get some (several) acts bigger than Years and Years who were not on the original poster. It was a smaller and earlier poster announcement than several previous years... for a start someone who has replaced the Prodigy? Could be wishful thinking though
  6. DJL

    day and stage

    Aah sorry, I missed this - Jungle and Maribou State? In that case I guess Pyramid makes sense (though I would have preferred West Holts)
  7. Are they that big? (Genuine question) Post legend is a big slot? I’d love Miley to be early and get another couple of acts in (though I may be elsewhere by then)
  8. DJL

    day and stage

    So are we thinking fairly late on West Holts? Looking at last year’s times WH and Pyramid times overlap but don’t clash - Lizzo into Janet or vice versa would be nice.
  9. I feel like Emily regularly refers to it as the tea time slot so 5pm would work. I liked having Barry and Chic together last time and it almost didn’t matter who the legend was. In a different way Miley and Kylie go together well too, don’t really mind the order.
  10. Unless they have moved the legend slot later that is what has been suggested.
  11. Also Block 9 line-up soon and generally line-ups released slowly over the next couple of weeks (though we kind of knew). Billie Eilish - moving from JP to Other. Might be Sunday...
  12. I was wondering about this. I don’t know if the Chems ever perform with guest vocalists live? They haven’t in the dozen or so times i’ve seen them live but it would be interesting...
  13. Ben Folds is a huge addition for me.
  14. DJL

    BBC Introducing

    Apologies if there is already a thread for this. It seemed mixed in with Silver Hayes... Any thoughts/recommendations?
  15. Never got into Jon Hopkins. Love the Chems and Hot Chip for the vocals as well as the beats and visuals. Am I missing out on Jopkins as he is pretty popular on here (may see him at APE or if he doesn’t clash in the end?)
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