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  1. Had to look it up - turns out the Stones were discovered locally and Jeff beck was born/raised in the area, and actually lived-in the road of the first house I remember living in. Quite relieved as until then I was going to have to go with Bradley from S Club 7
  2. DJL

    BBC Glastonbury

    Thank you, I had a feeling that was the case. I've never found a particularly decent one though. Thanks anyway
  3. DJL

    BBC Glastonbury

    Semi-related but has anyone ever come across a decent quality live video of Daft Punk Alive?
  4. I was basically the same. It is just about the only genre I bought compilations CDs of and I even still have some in the car - if for any reason I can't connect to streaming services on a long journey then it's a never-fail back-up
  5. DJL

    Hot Chip

    I got one in the pre-sale, no idea how this will compare with watching the Glastonbury and Bluedot videos recently but I'm yet to *not* enjoy any sort of Hot Chip gig so I'm all in
  6. DJL

    BBC Glastonbury

    Thanks, I couldn't see it from a quick search... but NYC Download saved the day. This should help fill the Iplayer Glastonbury void next weekend https://thenycdownlow.com/2016/09/23/hot-chip-remembers-prince-dj-set-genosys-2016/
  7. DJL

    BBC Glastonbury

    Don't suppose anyone has found the full Prodigy 2009 set anywhere? Also an audio of the Hot Chip DJ tribute to Prince (audio)? Please and thank you.
  8. DJL

    2021 Legends slot

    in 5 hours this thread brought confirmation that we still expect Diana Ross, comparisons with Dennis Bergkamp and that wonderful penalty video. Well played all round.
  9. I'm on 13 days for a poster and t-shirt too
  10. DJL

    2020 New Music

    'Tis good. Did not see the Therapy? cover coming
  11. Glad they have made that statement. To be honest Ive been thinking for years he was the worst thing about Kasabian. I like Serge's tunes but it became impossible to ignore Tom shouting over them. Quite intrigued where they go from here, under that name or another. It's not like they necessarily need to continue as a headliner straight off, I really enjoyed them before they reached that status and it all seemed to become a bit forced.
  12. DJL

    BBC Glastonbury

    Watched a decent chunk but wasn't feeling it so went to the 2014 set. I may be biased for the latter as I was there but it seemed SO much better. Did enjoy the Funeral and Neon Bible setlist (at least on paper) though
  13. DJL

    BBC Glastonbury

    Our headliner, not just of this weekend but of the last 50 years.
  14. DJL

    BBC Glastonbury

    I'm hoping the comedown will be a bit more gradual. I'm going to keep on watching sets on player all week which should be less of shock than normal.
  15. It never occurred to me as an issue, maybe because I had seen their fairly recent live shows I'd take a light show over seeing their faces (kind of similar to seeing the Chemical Brothers though they have far more engaging visuals) The way that and the setlist turned casual fans off has slightly affected my memory of it but at the time I thought it was all perfect.
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