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  1. Headed to Brixton with a spare ticket…
  2. One, possibly two tickets for sale for tonight, standing, face value, COVID, bla bla bla. Would love them to go to an efestivaler
  3. DJL

    BBC Coverage 2022

    As others have said, thanks all, for making this weekend a lot better than I feared. Been great to have a bit of the Glastonbury spirit even though we couldn’t be there
  4. DJL

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Sums it up perfectly. Not liking the act on the Pyramid? Terrible clashes? Who cares - as long as you like what you’re watching, I’m sure others will do too
  5. DJL

    BBC Coverage 2022

    I’ve debated (argued) this quite a lot with my wife. I think it largely depends how in to them you are. To me it was a great set list with great songs from across their albums and some album tracks from their iconic albums I haven’t heard in a while. To her it was boring with too few of the huge hits from the biggest albums early on to keep interest. When they play Creep I shrug a bit (not even my first choice off Pablo) but others are standing waiting for it. For the Cure the roles are reversed - I just want a 60ish minute wall to wall greatest hits but most acts don’t do that.
  6. DJL

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Well Macca was probably as lacklustre as an 80 year old former Beatle playing some of the hits mixed in with recent stuff, joined by two huge guests could be… which is far from the worst Pyramid headliner they could/have had. It was the last time he’ll do that, among the last of his generation to do it. Sure it was probably closer to Springsteen 2009 than Bowie 2000 but if people didn’t enjoy it it’s very easy to go elsewhere/switch channels. People can be as cynical as they want about Hey Jude… but watching that on TV, that many people, back in that field, singing together as one, a significant chunk of the nation joining in at home, after what we have all been through? Epic. I cried, a lot.
  7. DJL

    BBC Coverage 2022

    The hangovers are worse when you’re not in a field
  8. Yeah, good point
  9. DJL

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Was a great set and atmosphere, particularly when they got everyone to crouch down before the drop 🙌
  10. Off the top of my head I’ve heard people complaining about similar over-crowding at Bearded and Primavera. Could it be a combination of extra ticket sales to address rising costs, people sneaking in as desperate after years off and we are not as used to being in crowds as we used to?
  11. DJL

    BBC Coverage 2022

    The last sentence sums it up perfectly it to me. I’d be happy to watch Foals on the other. As much as I love the pyramid I don’t need the acts I love to play there. I’ve had a great time at all of the major stages over the years.
  12. DJL

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Left if for the end I think?
  13. DJL

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Genuinely glad you enjoyed it
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