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  1. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/paul-mccartney/2004/worthy-farm-pilton-england-3d6b1a7.html Paul McCartney played 22 Beatles songs the last time he played Glastonbury, it was an amazing set. For you lucky people with tickets, I think his 2022 set will be unmissable and your very last chance to sing Hey Jude with a Beatle at Glastonbury.
  2. So not sure if this good news, but might make you laugh- My taste and smell are not working as they should at the moment (thanks Covid), this morning I thought I had put marmalade on my toast, I had eaten half a slice before I realised that I was eating chilli jam 😆😆 stupid Covid
  3. Mr Boo

    How do you feel?

    So I’m feeling shit. I have had the three Covid vaccines and haven’t been ill, until now. I work in a Mental Health unit. I follow all the hospital procedures to try and stay safe, but the job comes with some Covid risks (as is the case for many jobs). Yesterday I had a positive PCR result ☹️ The last few days have been really unpleasant and I have spent most of tonight coughing (chest feels really sore now). I do feel grateful that I have had the vaccines and that I have some protection from the worse Covid can do. I wouldn’t want to be fighting Covid unvaccinated, think I would have ended up seriously ill. Anyway this Covid business is no picnic, I feel really rough and Covid has torpedoed my family’s Christmas plans (could be much worse though, at least I’m not spending Christmas in hospital). Me and my family had been playing in safe and had been avoiding crowds over the last few weeks, in the hope we could meet with some of our extended family, but it was not to be. Unfortunately some of my work colleagues are also unwell, so think I have got infected at work. Anyway stay safe everyone and hope you all stay infection free this Christmas. Good to have efestival’s back - no one else is going to listen to me at 6am😊
  4. I haven’t seen any of the new series yet, but enjoyed the first 2 series 👍
  5. I preferred Alice in the Borderland. Really liked Midnight Mass and Clickbait. Enjoying Brand New Cherry favour at the moment
  6. Mr Boo

    Elton John

    He said that due to his injury he can’t do a 3 hour set (and so cancelled his tour), but could manage a forty minute set for Global Citizen
  7. Micheal Kiwanuka is a great first headliner for next year
  8. Sounds like a great dilemma to have 😊
  9. We have just got tickets. Been to Green Man, but never been to End of the Road, very excited 😊
  10. Tempted by this. Has anyone seen them? Do they play the hits?
  11. It’s a long time ago that I watched Top Gun, but I’m pretty sure the scene where Tom Cruise steals some eggs for his breakfast is a pivotal moment in the film 😆
  12. Me and my family have been walking alpacas today, they are so fluffy 😊
  13. Me and my family just done LFTs still all negative 👍
  14. As I was heading towards the comedy tent, I saw a female actor. Couldn’t remember her name at the time, but recognised her. Using google I think it might have been Cecila Imrie that I saw (definitely a British actor over 50). Did you see her? Did you see anyone else?
  15. I feel like I have opened a packet of pringles and eaten half of them, but I can’t stop now, I need more. Feed me more live music, yum yum 😋
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