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  1. I wouldn’t feel guilty about it. This year is hard enough, without feeling guilty for trying to find some pleasant experiences. It sounds like you followed the rules and tried to keep others safe, so I think that deserves a beer or two 🍺
  2. Do you know why they were cancelled?
  3. What the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here
  4. Mr Boo

    BBC Glastonbury

    Next time I get to go to a festival I’m going to bring all my best Dad dancing and embarrass my kids all weekend 🕺
  5. Mr Boo

    BBC Glastonbury

    Makes me feel sad not to be there right now , but I guess it’s a sadness we are all sharing
  6. You were never going to like Game of Thorne Dan, really not your thing. With all the hours you are working and the fact you are saving money from not being able to go out, I think you should treat yourself to Netflix. Suggested watching on Netflix - Stranger things Sex Education Mind Hunter Russian Doll Tiger King Narcos Anyway take care everyone and see you at work Dan 😊
  7. Also like the Replacements- pleased to meet you. Favourite songs on the albums - Alex Chilton ( Inspired by the Big Star singer) - Skyway (just a really lovely song)
  8. Lovely album. If you like Teenage Fanclub - also try Big Star. I particularly like the track September gurls which is on the Radio city album
  9. Festival in the garden with my wife and kids. Music on, fire pit 🔥 and lots of nice food. Alcohol for the adults 🍺
  10. According to BBC news, in the next few weeks the Government will be asking people over 70 years old to self-isolate for up to 4 months. 4 months 🙁
  11. I suppose the poster drop was an opportunity to share with everyone what had been planned —we would have wanted to known that even if the festival is cancelled. I think we are in for a rough few months, so I understand the need to have nice things to look forward to. I didn’t get Glastonbury tickets, but have Madcool booked and other great things planned that I’m now very unsure will happen. I can’t stop reading this discussion on efestivals. I think I find some comfort in the fact that we are all in this together. This weekend I am going to enjoy all the little things - play games with my kids, read books and potter in the garden. I am also going to make time to phone family members that have health problems and encourage them to stay safe whilst this crisis hits. Take care everyone and keep posting 😊
  12. Thanks- I only know a few of those (Sam Fender, Frank Carter and Sigrid), so will have a listen to the others, cheers 😀
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