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  1. Mr Boo

    Avalon 2024

    Who will be the Friday headliner? Is there a Clashfinder with this stage added?
  2. Has anyone done a Clashfinder with the new names from the acoustic tent? thanks
  3. That makes me really excited to be back at Glastonbury 😊
  4. This is a great conversation topic. I’m in my 50s and in fairly good health at the moment, so I hope this isn’t my last Glastonbury. This is my first Glastonbury since 2019 (just couldn’t get tickets), so if I factor in that I might have to wait 4-5 years between Glastonbury’s, I probably haven’t got that many left and I’m unlikely to know which is my last Glastonbury until years after the event. So what I would do at my last one, is what I will do this time also- •Not put myself under any pressure, just wander around and let the magical feeling of the place wash over me. •On the Thursday I like to go to the craft fields and have a few drinks at the pub in Avalon field, maybe wonder over to Strummerville or sit at the top of the Park field. • Only go to Pyramid stage for must see bands (not an issue this year). Had some amazing Glastonbury moments on that stage, but when I think about Glastonbury it’s the other parts of the festival that come to mind. •I like spending lots of time in the entertainment fields and at the West Holts stage (just feels like the heart of the festival to me). • I like going to the Leftfield, heard some really interesting things in there, hearing Tony Benn in a debate was a moment I will never forget. •finding something wonderful- like some amazing act in the circus tent or dancing with the New York Brass Band or joining a Glastonbury wedding. •I have had a few lovely Sunday mornings in the Crows nest as well, not too many people can be bothered to get up there at that time (I don’t do this on the muddy years), Have a great last festival 😊
  5. I heard the spider was playing Daft Punk covers
  6. Friday headliner would work best for me, I don’t have one yet 👍
  7. Yes, our family group of four now paid for 😊
  8. Guy Garvey is currently on Sunday Brunch with Black Pumas. Black Pumas spoke about being excited for their first Glastonbury and they asked Guy if he was playing this year, he denied playing, but also said something like ‘I will be going, but I think just as a guest this year’, he had a bit of a grin as he said that. I might be reading too much into it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns up playing somewhere at the festival
  9. You are right the wording is interesting, they make it clear that Little Simz is immediately before Coldplay, does that mean the others aren’t in the Sub position ? Curious. Good spot Ncahir94
  10. Mr Boo

    Nick Cave

    Just got tickets for Cardiff. Very happy 😃
  11. Who is likely to be on these stages? Particularly interested in who might be the headliners ? cheers
  12. I didn’t watch any of the headliners on the Pyramid in 2016, but there was lots of headline choices on the other stages, I think my headliners that year were Underworld, Earth Wind and Fire and New Order. Also remember Art Garfunkel and Beck being highlights. So many more options for me in 2016 than so far on this line up. I will be at this year’s festival and have plenty of bands to see, although other than the National not sure who my end of the night bands will be. I also look forward to being able to spend lots of time away from the Pyramid and being in my favourite parts of the festival. I am lucky enough to be able to spend additional money on seeing some of the bands missing from the poster that are touring this summer, but if you are on a really tight budget and the festival is your only chance to see your favourite big bands, then I can see how this some might need to consider their options. I’m a massive fan of the festival and have been very lucky to have been there 15 times previously, but for me that poster was a disappointment. It’s Glastonbury though and it’s a wonderful weekend away for those with a golden ticket and who can afford it.
  13. Mr Boo


    Saw them last year. They played a first set of new songs and then came on a did a bunch of older stuff that I didn’t know and then made up for it by playing Come On Eileen, Geno and Jackie Wilson - those songs sounded so good 😊
  14. This is my only must see headliner so far, will be a lovely end to the weekend
  15. Agree, really wanted her there.
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