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  1. Arctic Monkeys 2007, they were a bit shy.
  2. Just got three weekend tickets after being on the waiting list since the day after they sold out. Will be my first overseas festival, fingers crossed!
  3. I joined the waiting list for 3 tickets 8am Thursday and I'm still waiting.
  4. Have you not seen Dawn of the dead?
  5. mine too I was ruined by Sunday, didn't leave our caravan.
  6. same here, too risky to buy a ticket now
  7. Anyone who thinks there is any chance of it going ahead is clearly deluded.
  8. very little chance of the festival going ahead now imo
  9. Im going for only 10% of efests trying will be successful DOOOOOOOOOOM
  10. VPN on PC Tablet on FTTP Mobile on Vodafone 4g Works tablet on three 4g My mam picked up my daughter from school today so have her Giffgaff 4g Tethered to her Ipad! and if the missus gets home from work in time will tether ee to her Ipad ? good luck everyone!
  11. Agreed her voice is stunning live.
  12. Thought it was great from where I was stood, crowd was fine, would have preferred a few less tracks from the the new album.
  13. Missing this year will only make the next vist to the farm even sweeter. Roll on October ?
  14. Walter Sobchak

    The Killers

    Watched it on the Tele, was ace until the pet shop boys appeared. Not a fan of these covers the headliners do tbh. Looked much better than 2007 when the sound was crap.
  15. Walter Sobchak


    Is the sound better at the park now? Or couldn't all those poor bastards on the hill not hear a thing. I remember for the Radiohead secret set you couldn't hear much passed the mixing deck.
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