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  1. my mate did the same! unbelievable! left because his missus and sister gave him grief about missing a family party
  2. back in work yesterday was neg on day 6 and 7! 🙂 get well soon guys
  3. I think I may have had symptoms on Monday morning because I was fucking freezing in my tent after Bicep.
  4. Still positive today!! no work tomorrow then 😞
  5. wow nightmare I walked passed that queue on the way for my coach back to Manchester.....crazy I was making my way back to N Wales. I did consider catching the shuttle and then train back to Wales earlier as my coach didn't leave til 3pm. I didn't get back to N Wales until midnight 😞
  6. Still testing positive last night and need two negs(today and tomorrow) so I can return to work tomorrow. Not feeling hopeful 😞 feel absolutely fine though, only had a mild head cold.
  7. That’s his best solo track imo very odd move
  8. It was ace Everyone around where I was stood was loving it
  9. Yep positive for the 2nd time ffs supposed to be on call for work from tomorrow
  10. On our coach from Manchester. Not getting tickets until we arrive because it's not the originally planned coach and was only scheduled yesterday.
  11. 2007 was the worst, was broken by the Sunday.
  12. I’ve had enough, can’t take it anymore. Will check in again on Wednesday morning.
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