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  1. Wow nice, you jammy sod No us vs them though, can't be greedy though I guess
  2. I love them, Wednesday was so fucking good. Great venue and performance. After party venue was weird, the devil's oli reed film projected on to the wall thought I was back in Shangri la
  3. Oh yes can't fecking wait for this tonight.
  4. Wow sweaty balls alert
  5. No, 2007 was worse.
  6. Walter Sobchak


    Depends on underfoot conditions, dry 30 to 40mins through the crowds, muddy double or treble it.
  7. Dust please.. Where do I sign up?
  8. Oh how'd I love a spinning plates piano version!
  9. Bloom, Myxomatosis and the gloaming can all be dropped please
  10. Fuck me, I really can't cope with this news after the heartbreak of Sunday!
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