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  1. Agreed her voice is stunning live.
  2. Thought it was great from where I was stood, crowd was fine, would have preferred a few less tracks from the the new album.
  3. Missing this year will only make the next vist to the farm even sweeter. Roll on October 😎
  4. Walter Sobchak

    The Killers

    Watched it on the Tele, was ace until the pet shop boys appeared. Not a fan of these covers the headliners do tbh. Looked much better than 2007 when the sound was crap.
  5. Walter Sobchak


    Is the sound better at the park now? Or couldn't all those poor bastards on the hill not hear a thing. I remember for the Radiohead secret set you couldn't hear much passed the mixing deck.
  6. Walter Sobchak

    Bar Prices?

    Calsberg tastes like piss too
  7. bad planning there dude, always wear protection 9 months before Glasto!
  8. It's really fucking shit only missed one (2014 daughter birth) since 2007, absolutley gutted! Taking the family to center parcs this weekend instead to take my mind off it. Week off work now anyway! October will soon be here!
  9. My group of four all got searched going in from campervan west in 2016. One of my mates had his stash loose in one of his pockets, but for some strange reason his searcher felt it and kept quiet and ushered him in with the rest of us.
  10. from what I remember if your lucky a weird wired feeling with some confusion thrown in, if your unlucky violently sick
  11. Aye 😁 but gave me one listening to his crying. Another mate then had his wallet and £200 stolen whilst he slept the same night, wasn't our best festival.
  12. 2009 was year of the MD drought, my mate was desperate....the only pills we could source were full of piperazine
  13. Some scouse w*nker sold my mate a gram of paracetamol for £40 at the stone circle 2009
  14. I haven't even got a ticket this year, yet I'm in this thread everyday 🤤
  15. I had ten trying and not a bloody sniff, only missed one festival since 2007, feeling flat today.
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