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  1. Shows how little you know me. I'm not even British (very much not a flag waver of any description) and I say this from the point of view of knowing a little about tv in other countries and having read many things from people from different countries and the BBC is one of the few things that is admired about Britain. I very much don't agree with British exceptionalism I think it's a myth that a lot of idiots believe in and those idiots wanting to dismantle one of the few great things they have is proof of it.
  2. I adore the BBC. I always say that Great Britain has 3 things to be truly proud of the BBC, the NHS and Glastonbury. The tories seem intent on ruining 2 of the 3. People forget just what a huge range of stuff the BBC provides us with. It's not just TV, it's their range of radio stations, their website, the iPlayer and really they do a remarkable job. Is it flawless no absolutely not and in recent years I have been frustrated at times by their news coverage etc but I have always been careful of how I criticised because I saw this coming. They are doing the exact same with the NHS. I've had some pretty shitty experiences of the NHS in the last 2 years but again it doesn't mean I want the entire thing dismantled because the alternative is sooooo much worse.
  3. gigpusher

    BBC Glastonbury

    Looking at Twitter today about the BBC I don't hold out much hope for the NHS when the time comes although there may be opportunities for money in offering subscription services to the iPlayer for people abroad. It seems that people the globe over appreciate just how remarkable the BBC is but those who live here and have just always had it don't understand that it is actually one of the few instances of British exceptionalism. Don't get me wrong it's not without its flaws but as an organisation with the breadth and depth of stuff they have to cover they do a pretty bang up job. Even all those complaining about it would be forced to confess they use it more than they thought if it did go subscription only for it's tv, radio and website content.
  4. My name on the poster would be ace. You can put me in the poetry tent. I'll make up a few poems and then go off and enjoy the festival. (anything to get me inside!!)
  5. It was indeed. I was thinking about that the moment I heard the news this morning.
  6. Yesterday took our dog Nuala to have her fat cells extracted in readiness for her stem cell therapy so yesterday was exhausting and stressful but fingers crossed hopefully the start of finally get the poor girl a lot more pain free. She's currently having to wear her medical pet shirt and hating on us hard but we know it's for her own good.
  7. Sorry no idea about this but my go to for vinyl shopping is Norman Records. For online vinyl shopping they really are fantastic. Free delivery over £50. Great for splitting orders etc which means as soon as you reach £50 worth of orders in stock they'll ship them. For someone like me who pre-orders a lot that's great and they also package vinyl really securely. Piccadilly Records are also good. If they are the only retailer stocking something and you want it you have no choice but I would just make sure the payment is protected by paying on Paypal or a credit card.
  8. Finished Maid and Cobra Kai recently. Maid was very different to the book which was actually nice as it was a recent read so if it had been too faithful the comparisons would have been more keen. Cobra Kai misses out on one vital element of The Karate Kid which with each series irks me more and that is that they are no longer the underdog. Think even they have started to realise it and it's become laughable that with each baddie that comes along the previous baddie has to grow some kind of conscience.
  9. Thanks. I am absolutely still on the list. Sorry was of the grid yesterday was in Scotland for operation for my poorly dog. Step 1 towards hopefully finally getting some improvement for the girl so I am choosing to take it as a positive sign for the resale.
  10. That's on my list. I read the book last year. I have finished Dopesick and that was really rather good. The guy who played Richard Sackler was a seriously creepy guy!!
  11. Yes I really enjoyed A Good Girls Guide to Murder. I genuinely think mixing it up is what has kept me reading and I have really enjoyed some YA books this year. The Hate U Give was also really good.
  12. My husband had it started a few weeks before he was due to run the Great North Run. He had a lot of physio and did a lot of stretching exercises himself to get through it. Well this year has been a horrendous year on the fitness front for me. Going to aim for better next year. Back to square one but on the positive side I've been here before and gotten fitter so fingers crossed I can again.
  13. Arrrghh!! I'll need to check later although I'd be amazed if that happened without my dogs barking at it 😄
  14. So hoping to finish my last book of the year tonight and if I do I will have managed 121 books this year. Not bad for someone who at the start of 2020 hoped to read 20 and ended up reading 60. I expect this year was an exceptional year and I won't read so much next year but I am glad to have rediscovered my reading mojo. Also chuffed to have gotten through a fair few classics in the last year including finally War and Peace and 1984.
  15. Hoping for happiness in the resale but I am also trying to manage my expectations. It's a difficult balance.
  16. Yes I had to get a refund on my Alanis Morrissette tickets and lost out on over £30 worth of fees. Given that they hadn't yet provided the tickets I was tempted to say that I should have received at least a partial return of those fees as they haven't printed or sent me tickets but decided life was too short to get into the argument and that this year had been shit enough.
  17. gigpusher

    RIP Janice Long

    This was really sad news but it was nice to see such an outpouring of love for her. Seems that the bubbly likeable version on our radio was not an act.
  18. Doesn't appeal to me to be honest. Anything at home has the magic broken by the dogs barking to go out because they heard a leaf drop at regular intervals. That being said maybe if it had been up and running and already working well during the last few years we probably all would have gotten on board with it.
  19. Finally watched Get Back and found it very interesting. Was expecting it all to be a lot more acrimonious than it was. Started Dopesick last night and that is also looking promising from the first 2 episodes.
  20. I can't believe Little Simz didn't walk that. I feel like I am missing something with Wolf Alice. I like it, I even like it enough that I bought it on vinyl but I don't think it would even make my top 10. It's just one of many good albums released this year for me. Still 2,3 and 4 are my 1, 2 and 3 so that will have to do for me.
  21. Little Simz - SIMBI Self Esteem - Prioritize Pleasure For Those I Love - For Those I Love Dave - We're All Alone In This Together Arlo Parks - Collapsed in Sunbeams If I had remembered to vote in the freeform one only Arlo Parks would have missed out on her top 5 spot but she probably would have been in my top 10 so us efesters summed up the year well.
  22. Oooh sorry to hear that. Hope you get the mild just feels like a cold version.
  23. So sorry I missed this. My runaway winner is Little Simz so hopefully that will be reflected in the results otherwise I shall feel eternal guilt!
  24. Little Simz - Albert Hall Manchester The Showhawk Duo - Gorilla Manchester The Staves - Albert Hall Manchester The Lovely Eggs - Gorilla Manchester New Order/Hot Chip - Heaton Park
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