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  1. Bawled my eyes out to Diana I Will Survive after recent horrific heartbreak. Bawled my eyes out in the pit at Foals with utter elation, reunited with best mates for the first time in 3 years at the best place on earth. Among many others, it was a bloody emotional year, wasn't it?
  2. I think this video is what I'm thinking of from years gone by, hazy memory on the trucks but I remember having to jump out of the way of one (1.24 in video but may have been different types in various years) There used to be loads of performers in the crowd and around/on the spider.
  3. How many years ago was it that Arcadia was in SE corner and had a full theatrical headline show? I remember it being incredible and having monster trucks tearing through the crowds with performers on top and above. The show itself was the thing to go and see, rather than any specific DJs.
  4. I saw security pulling people out of the crowd after setting them off and was wondering what happens afterwards... Do they get a warning? Kicked out of the festival?
  5. Safe travels everyone! I'm glad I'm here for a while longer as I'm still in bed absolutely dying from Glastonbury/post festival flu, would not have been able to fly this week!
  6. The smaller Aussie festivals of around 15k capacity are awesome, you can bring your booze in (no arenas as per glasto), drive into the campsites and set up right next to your car (no lugging stuff around, leading to insane levels of fully furnished camps featuring sofas, cocktail bars etc, you can stumble into great parties) Happy to give recommendations/answer questions if anyone is interested! The larger ones that attract international acts aren't worth it IMHO, very expensive/corporate and don't match up to European standards.
  7. My review is that the tent was almost too good - kept sleeping for 12 hours and missing all the bands I'd intended to see in the morning/early afternoon ๐Ÿ˜†
  8. Anyone know what happened to Folamour? One of the sets I was most excited for, skipped headliners to get to SE corner early and got a good spot at Gas Tower, then nothing ๐Ÿ˜ž Stayed there for whoever was the replacement, followed by Fatboy Slim but really missed my disco fix this festival. Otherwise I enjoyed the KH set at BBC Introducing and Job Jobse at San Remo. Loved San Remo as the sound was actually good outside, unlike lonely hearts (too quiet) and glade (awful soundbleed)
  9. I'm not packing wellies and struggling to decide how many pairs of sunglasses to bring ๐ŸŒž
  10. dougal1

    BBC2 9pm

    This is making me so excited!
  11. Great, thanks for that! Good to know it's not as bad as it looks, will just need to figure out where to get dropped off closeby.
  12. I noticed today that Digbeth high street is completely closed to traffic for construction but can't find any info online about the disruptions/coach location. My tickets are booked from Digbeth coach station so presume this hasn't changed but access looks like a nightmare, not sure how to get dropped off. Anyone else travelling from there and have any ideas?
  13. Went out drinking until 4am to remain pissfit. Really need to start packing!
  14. Possibly burna boy into megan?
  15. How does the NYC Downlow re-entry work? I've been before but couldn't figure it out after leaving and seeing the huge queue - is it purely keeping hold of the moustache and skipping to the front? Or a separate entry point?
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