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  1. They replied to my tweet and then deleted their reply 'nobody will be standing on that temporary scaffolding' In reference to the VIP area closet to the stage. Guess we are standing on scaffold.
  2. I admire your optimism, although the photos tell a different story to me.
  3. The idea of a load of people standing on scaffolding. Creeps me out.
  4. So based on this, the elevated VIP seating is really far away and you're going to be blocked by the soundtower. Also the VIP area near the stage is pretty far as well. Am I wrong here?
  5. So how you all feeling with the latest announcements, is that all for today?
  6. Yeah I think you're misinterpreting them. I think they were referring to Jack White and J Mayer.
  7. They created unhealthy or abusive situations for their then partners. All on the Google's.
  8. Do you think enough time will pass where Ryan Adams will be accepted again? Like I mean people go to Jack White and John Mayer gigs, they're not beacons of healthy behaviours. LIke we can talk about led Zeppelin and other bands of their era but the above two are just contemporary examples. I guess if the main singer returned to Kasabian I think alot of people would go. I wouldn't as i don't follow them.
  9. Is trap mumble rapping? I think maybe I just don't like mumble rap. Guess it's like Marmite, you love it or hate it
  10. Since we are on this topic. Listening to Ryan Adams new album as it popped up in Spotify. Is he allowed to make a come back? Caught him on his Prisoner tour. Pretty awesome gig.
  11. Listening to Travis Scott now to see what the hype is. Its not very good imo.
  12. Enjoying this Arcade Fire set from Coachella. Caught the last song by Harry Styles, seems like a nice guy. Just not my headliner
  13. Nine inch nails are free and in the area. Could do both weekends so as not to upset people who only have one week bought.
  14. I will date you now. Will you take me as your lawfully binding Primavera partner? Will your father bless this arrangement?
  15. Nine inch nails playing Eden sessions in UK 17/18 June 2022.
  16. Queens of the stone age replaced by Volbeat at Pinkpop
  17. Instead of 2days in Bilbao, try 1 day there and head a bit north to San Sebastian. Amazing beach. Nice and cheap YHA hostel near the beach
  18. They're addressing it and will reissue emails later
  19. I got one saying I had 1 full weekend. Actually have 2 VIPs for W1.
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