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  1. pothead pixie

    Electric Picnic 2018

    Jeez its a bit of a wait for this second main announcement and I know last year the second announcement was about 23rd June, but apart from the Theatre of Food announcement there has been nothing since March. At this point I think they are taking the piss here considering End of the Road has announced their day splits. I guess that Arcade Fire could be a possible contender with maybe NERD subbing them or doing a co-headline.
  2. Some new additions added over the last day or two.
  3. pothead pixie

    Bestival 2018 incoming!

    New additions to All Together Now Festival in Waterford, Ireland on the same weekend as Bestival.
  4. pothead pixie

    Rock en Seine 2017

    Why no comments on this, explain?
  5. pothead pixie

    Rock en Seine 2017

    My bad just checked their facebook page and theres a lineup out.
  6. pothead pixie

    Rock en Seine 2017

    Is there going be an announcement for this, this year, haven't heard a peep.
  7. pothead pixie

    Electric Picnic 2018

    This is apparently from a source, it does look a sort of Picnicy lineup and was circulating around the Electric Picnic thread in the Gigs and Events forum of Boards.ie and I suppose we will know proper come 14 hours time anyway. Arctic monkeys Muse Bloc party Chromeo The streets Miiike snow Chvrches Schoolboy Q Ice cube Hudson Mohawk Rustie Vitalic Vampire weekend
  8. So how come I never heard of this festival then, it was pretty much under the radar and if I recall I have never seen any threads about it in Efestivals over the last few years.
  9. A new Scottish festival has been launched in what looks like to be the same grounds that the former Connect festival (2007/08) ran in. This could also be trading acts with Ireland's Electric Picnic like the former festival also. Acts announced so far are Frightened Rabbit, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Arab Strap, Crash Club, And Yet It Moves and Brat and the Bonemen. http://electricfieldsfestival.com/line-up/
  10. pothead pixie

    field day 2017

  11. pothead pixie

    Sziget Festival 2017

    Flow festival in Helsinki has just announced their line up, they are between 11th - 13th August, so Aphex could be at Sziget. http://www.flowfestival.com/en/artists/
  12. pothead pixie

    Electric Picnic 2017

    Well I might as well start this new thread, who would you like to see announced for this, I hope that they announce a few names again around December, if they are on the ball I hope they have scooped Aphex Twin seeing that he's been announced for some festivals in Europe in June next summer. I've got my campaign up and running again to get him to the Picnic, join if you feel inclined as he has never played this festival in its history. https://www.facebook.com/groups/306301782765054/
  13. Hey!

    I've been looking for the LCD Soundsystem set for a while and the torrent i got is not working. Can you direct me to where you got yours? or send me the torrent you used, please??

    If you also have the Sigur Ros one, I'm missing that one too.

    It'd be much appreciated :)

  14. pothead pixie

    Full Set Videos?

    C'mon now fcuk off will ya, don't let my contribution for this thread stop anyone else making post.