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  1. There was a new announcement for All Together Now 2022 on November 8th, not a bad lineup but no Iggy Pop just as yet, may get added later.
  2. Why, because Kirsten wasn't there, I always thought they put on great performances anytime I've seen the footage.
  3. Did the Pixies actually play, I notice them not cropping up on people lists, did they cancel the gig here?
  4. I'm delighted to say I escaped from the Republic of Ireland last weekend and scooted over the border to County Derry and the marvellous 4,000 capacity Stendhal Festival in Limavady. I had an amazing time, the festival caters really well for families and has a nice dose of good rock music too. With 5 or six stages to choose from and an ambient forest, worth checking out. At £105 for a camping ticket from Thurs to Sat its good value. I done a review have a geek if you like. https://niallmcquaid.wordpress.com/2021/08/18/stendhal-2021-festival-august-12th-14th-limavady-county-derry-northern-ireland/
  5. This news is boiling my piss over in Ireland here, this is the incentive we get from the Irish government toward live entertainment.
  6. Curious question, it seems there was a few Covid cases in Latitude, I presume the same must have happened here, any reports on this?
  7. Things are looking pretty dire for Ireland's gig front at the moment and with Latitude just past it really feels like a different world here, we have just opened indoor hospitality for the vaccinated and those recovered from Covid. Wild Roots, a 10,000 capacity festival which was supposed to happen on 13th - 15th August was cancelled and the only other festival we have going is Electric Picnic. Unfortunately our media and RTE have scared the shite out of the population relentlessly for the last 18 months with the worst doom mongering imaginable and has petrified people with even taking a chance at a small event much less the 70,000 capacity Electric Picnic. All the County Laois councillors are up in arms about this festival going ahead and a number of residents too. How come Latitude didn't have to go through this shit I ask? Well it doesn't look like this is going to be happening and please don't think I'm a killjoy ruining your buzz as this is what is happening in Ireland right now. I'll leave links to some newspaper articles about the complaints against the festival happening. https://www.laoispeople.ie/latest-laois-news-every-laois-county-councillor-opposed-to-staging-of-electric-picnic-in-2021/ https://www.leinsterexpress.ie/news/arts-culture-entertainment/652530/breaking-health-minister-believes-electric-picnic-unlikely-to-happen.html
  8. Guys what are we going to do about Ireland, help me here, I need a bunch of folk from here to come over to Ireland with me and overthrow our government, they seem to be stopping all our festivals and gigs and they need to be put into the ground, help me here.
  9. Aw man fucking gutted here in Ireland, enjoy and make the best of everything and stay safe, photograph and video everything possible, put it up on Youtube and tell the world that its still possible to party and to show how unique and chilled the festival is. Events over here are a dire fecking mess, Ireland is still doing test events with pods, we just had a 10,000 capacity festival cancelled Wild Roots that was supposed to happen on 13th - 15th August and things are not looking great for Electric Picnic. Is there a way we can fire some of our medical advisors and get some of the UK ones instead, let me know if that's possible.
  10. Do you not mean forward three weeks its going to be 24th - 26th September, so the weekend after the traditional Bestival dates of old. Looks like Wild Roots might get the go ahead as well, the date has been changed to 13th - 15th August.
  11. As far as I know, if an area reaches over 100 cases the medical facility moves to phase 5 or 6 and becomes a pandemic centre, when it reaches over 100 it becomes pointless contact tracing a patient and they move to the next level to specially deal with the critically ill or those that may need an extra oxygen boost if their illness continues into the second and third week.
  12. Rage Against the Machine and Run the Jewels confirmed for this years Picnic, playing on Friday night September 4th.
  13. Well the lineup won't be out till March but in a recent press statement Melvin Benn has said that capacity is being increased to 70,000 and that some areas are changing, sadly Body&Soul after a tenure of 16 years with Electric Picnic won't be at the 2020 edition, I think personally they opted out because of the capacity increase after the crushes that occurred last year during the King Kong Company gig at the Body&Soul main stage on Sunday night. The area replacing Body&Soul is called Mind&Body, don't be surprised to see former Body&Soul staff working there as what else will they be doing at the end of August and starting of September. https://www.leinsterexpress.ie/news/arts-culture-entertainment/500353/electric-picnic-set-to-lose-one-of-its-founding-partners-and-big-attractions.html?fbclid=IwAR2IjkQ7hw5zENMmjZgI7V3II1SfS5rm_HANhGYrjS6o4l9Eq_YUtsLzuos&refresh_ce https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/electric-picnic-capacity-to-be-expanded-to-70-000-next-year-1.4107084
  14. It is indeed I think 2013 was its last year when it attempted to turn completely dance music.
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