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  1. Now I've posted this festival here before and no one really noticed it apart from folk who went to Electric Picnic which B&S was part of up till 2019, but its hard to compete with all the European bemoth's such as Primavera or Mad Cool but here's something rather radical. B&S I suppose is adopting the Burning Man Route by not releasing a named line up but having surprise stages on the festival weekend, whether they can flog 5.500 tickets on a surprise line up is anyone's guess. I'm working at the festival anyway so I'm curious to see what this is like but a pretty radical move as most festivals flog tickets on a named line up. But B&S does have a reputation with Irish fans anyway so best of luck to them https://nialler9.com/body-soul-festival-is-back-with-a-new-outlook-and-its-not-announcing-a-lineup/?fbclid=IwAR0xVmhh77zQLkgSLfZpqcF0MLGHcj0NAOyZb_Qa8lmMllobH--pUwJGoi4
  2. Body & Soul left the Picnic after the 2019 edition of the festival, the area is now being changed to the Mind & Body area, so could be interesting there, wouldn't be surprised of a lot of former B&S staff migrate to this new area.
  3. RATM could get added after like Blur in 2015 or Prodigy in 2018, here's hoping anyway.
  4. Some speculation on Goldenplec.com that the lineup has been leaked, but a lot of acts seems more like they should be in Longitude and not EP. https://www.goldenplec.com/has-the-electric-picnic-2022-line-up-been-leaked/
  5. Any leaks or spring onions? 😝
  6. Is the festival going to stay on the same site as previously in the years 07 and 08?
  7. Any word on a first lineup launch date for this, end of February or middle of March like Electric Picnic?
  8. Hey man haven't seen you since Aphex Twin day at Forbidden Fruit 2011, I hope your still out there enjoying and festivalling, hopefully we might meet sometime again. 

  9. I always thought that Connect was a smaller Capacity of 20,000 it was Electric Picnic across the water that had 35,000 capacity, in both 2007 and 2008 The Picnic and Connect traded acts although we got LCD Soundsystem, Iggy Pop & the Stooges, Sonic Youth in 2007 as well but a lot of the lineup was identical. Is Connect going to be on the same early September dates? Edit: I see its the last weekend in August so the weekend before the Picnic.
  10. Early June festival in Hazelwood, Sligo, Ireland happening in the first weekend of June.
  11. Seriously, it says zero views and posts, c'mon dudes I'm not that bad a poster surely.
  12. Well Iggy is missing from the lineup but we've gained Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, not too bad a lineup and here's hoping it goes ahead now.
  13. Why, because Kirsten wasn't there, I always thought they put on great performances anytime I've seen the footage.
  14. Did the Pixies actually play, I notice them not cropping up on people lists, did they cancel the gig here?
  15. I'm delighted to say I escaped from the Republic of Ireland last weekend and scooted over the border to County Derry and the marvellous 4,000 capacity Stendhal Festival in Limavady. I had an amazing time, the festival caters really well for families and has a nice dose of good rock music too. With 5 or six stages to choose from and an ambient forest, worth checking out. At £105 for a camping ticket from Thurs to Sat its good value. I done a review have a geek if you like. https://niallmcquaid.wordpress.com/2021/08/18/stendhal-2021-festival-august-12th-14th-limavady-county-derry-northern-ireland/
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