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  1. Hold your loved ones close people- lost my amazing Mum today rather unexpectedly. Tell them you love them and don't sweat the small stuff. (We never argued and I have loads of amazing memories - will be living the rest of my life to make her proud)
  2. I could tell how good the gig was but felt a bit disconnected from it - was a little fuller than the bowl usually is and we stupidly ended up missing Everything Now because of the queue - we forgot about the new stringent security and turned up far too late. So we ended up at the side by the arches Would love them back at Glastonbury, 2014 was amazing
  3. Yeah I feel at least a couple of percentage points will change when the unicorns arrive and they're just horses with paper horns strapped on...
  4. Don't forget publically stating your willingness to vaporise entire cities in other countries.... Must've been to the James Blunt Twitter school...
  5. I'm guessing the government hoped it would be over by now, but as it's not and it looks like we're in the "new normal" for quite a long time, the free market kicks in?
  6. I'd love to say I'm surprised but I lived city centre bordering Salford for about 10 years along with a stint in Bury for a year. I am not at all surprised...
  7. Just the NHS that will be going in this situation. If it's a European model where it's relatively cheap and good quality then it would probably be an improvement But how likely is that considering we're trying to distance ourselves from all things European and move towards america?
  8. I'm sure I read that masks start to lose their effectiveness when they get wet - they'd need to give some proper advice on what to do in the rain
  9. Doubt it - remember how small Northern Ireland is in comparison to England. Needs a completely different approach
  10. I think the problem is that if we take away the "shit bits" for too long there will be no "fun bits" to come back to afterwards. This really is trying to be seen to do something. I wonder what they'd do if elections and popularity weren't a problem for a bit longer? Or Brexit wasnt on the horizon? I doubt it'd be this.. I'd call you a realist...was talking about this earlier- I see very little chance of non distanced gatherings in 2021 - you've seen how the public react to pictures of people on beaches, there isnt much chance of people accepting festivals that the majority ca
  11. Not a surprise - with the numbers needed it'd probably bankrupt the NHS
  12. Yeah this is it - Hancock got a proper telling off for bypassing them last week. Which is fair enough really, due process should be followed even with emergency powers in place
  13. Boris will be so upbeat tomorrow though- tell us it can be over by mid November or something...
  14. To be fair Virgin Money sponsored a very impressively quick socially distanced event space in Newcastle and it sounds like it went really well. Even if it's just next year that these things are necessary (which I'm increasingly thinking they will be) - I can see the Virgin Money arenas popping up around the country. Until it's over, realistically indoor gigs aren't safe - however far away you are from people it isn't a ventilated situation so I cant see them happening until 2022 so we may have to cram a year of socially distanced outdoor gigs into 3 months in the middle of the year (
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