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  1. efcfanwirral

    The Verve 2008

    Saw them at V that year and it was amazing- never thought I'd get the chance too. Also saw RA at Neighbourhood Weekender last year and really enjoyed that too - his latest stuff is great
  2. I'm honestly not sure. If we want Glastonbury next year, normality has to resume and the collective have to accept a certain number of cases and deaths. This needs to become normal, as it's not going away. The trade off of it happening is... we have to accept that there is likely to be a certain number of cases and deaths as a result of Glastonbury directly I find it very hard to accept that myself, but it is where we are... All that caveated with...in this country, with this government. Idealism isnt going to get us anywhere especially Glastonbury
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump has some intelligence people actively trying to steal or even sabotage other vaccines to make sure that's exactly what happens
  4. When I heard this reported on the radio they played a quote from some idiot member of the public saying how they don't get why we're doing this and that we're putting our country at risk. As if it isn't the other way round I hope these countries don't reciprocate
  5. But I guess more employees out of action damaging the economy, higher number of cases scaring the public so them not going out and spending will make this type of thing pretty undesirable for the government. Asymptomatic seems to be out of sight out of mind but actually sounds to me like the key to all of this one way or the other
  6. That would actually be dangerous to the wearer in some towns/situations!
  7. If we do get to a very quick test type scenario for live music and other events (and of course the contracts are set up so that the data can be used!), could this help to stop the spread in general? If more non-ill people are getting tests that wouldn't normally unless they got symptoms, surely that means we pick up more of the asymptomatic cases? And then if they test positive they have to self isolate until a negative test, whereas no symptoms would've meant they carry on as normal if they hadn't been tested to try to go to an event
  8. Boris easily winning PMQs today from a general public point of view - everything he's saying will appeal to the majority of the country that wants things back to normal. "We're the builders they're the blockers" as his closing line against Labour, appealing to the "damn jocks" crowd by ridiculing the ideas about Scotland quarantining English people etc.
  9. If Boris says "I made it perfectly clear..." enough times does that make it true? That said he's now back to just ridiculing Starmer with jeering behind him
  10. I hope that's the case seeing that graph from Leicester. But if so they still used them to lock the place down. Would be interesting to see it for the rest of the country. Biggest worry is if they're less reliable in that it doesnt catch all the positives...
  11. I imagine it was to control the flow of information. If we see pillar 1 and think the numbers are small, we might be more inclined to go out and 'participate' in the economy (or "show some guts" in Boris speak). Have they just got found out by imposing a local lockdown with pillar 1 numbers that didnt look too bad and had to publish pillar 2 to justify it? I really hope my understanding on this is wrong and that they arent trying to cover up true cases already...
  12. There is only one way to "get the disease down" in the current situation and that's by implementing what Trump suggested and just not really testing for it. This speech sounds like the start of February Clark Kent one - with potentially as dangerous results
  13. Clearly some people do think we're back to normal - delivery driver just came right up to the door and handed me a parcel.
  14. efcfanwirral

    BBC Glastonbury

    Most of it was on - it was around 2 hours 45 minutes in total though. There was only a handful of tracks in the middle that weren't shown - the only two of them that the general public would know were put onto the show on Saturday night. I imagine it was more the BBC's decision not to show the lot.
  15. In a year: "We planned to spend all this money but it isnt there anymore...that evil EU demanded we protect our citizen's food standards, worker's rights and environmental standards. That was unacceptable to us so we had to walk away"
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