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  1. efcfanwirral


    OCS are usually the complete opposite- they managed to make me happy being a medium term fan (2004 onwards) with that setlist when normally I feel it's same old same old. they trotted out the same setlist pretty much for years in the same order But this was much more refreshing- different order helps, and hearing July and it's a beautiful thing for the first time ever, alongside drive away and up on the downside for the first time in years made it even better for me. Plus the hits. Great stuff from me Didn't enjoy James - the "mo salah" song behind me drowning them out during sit down didn't improve my mood....
  2. efcfanwirral

    Run Dmc cancel

    It's not my normal type of music but I saw plan b in April and he was really really impressive. Full and very good live band, very talented singer. Can go from soulful stuff like She Said to solo rap to acoustic guitar solo track to loud hip hop style within 4 songs. I'd have written him off 6 months ago but am really looking forward to him now. And I'm most excited for libertines and OCS so make of that what you will.
  3. efcfanwirral

    Saturday night headliners. What’s everyone doing?

    Is "car crash" based on the old drug stories? It's not like that at all now - very tight band
  4. efcfanwirral

    Citadel 2018

    Very happy that the festival will be just a festival to be honest! Really looking forward to the day as well as the chvrches/tame evening.... but wouldn't be if there was an England match on in the middle of it!!
  5. efcfanwirral


    I've got the one weekend with Thursday entry ticket for sale. £155 inc postage so basically the Thursday free!
  6. efcfanwirral

    2018 - Any advice or help needed ?

    If the amazons are the same time as Run DMC that'll be the only time it's close to full. Maybe pale waves too
  7. efcfanwirral

    The weath......

    I'd wait til accuweather changes the Saturday forecast (may have done in the last day)
  8. efcfanwirral

    Arena opening time on Thursday?

    So we must have a whole Thursday lineup apart from the headliners to come then
  9. efcfanwirral

    Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    If anyone is interested in some discounted flights from manc to valencia Wednesday to Tuesday over the festival I'm selling mine on sparefare.net! Give me a shout if you want more details.
  10. efcfanwirral

    Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    Got to be!!!
  11. efcfanwirral

    Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    Plenty of bars anyway!
  12. efcfanwirral

    Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    Ha and since posting that I have indeed found this! It’s the only option I think!
  13. efcfanwirral

    Neighbourhood Weekender 2018

    Just for anyone who isn’t used to trains in the area this, possibly deliberately, makes it sound like there are no trains after 6.30, but there is still first transpennine and arriva wales trains going through. Just not many and the only realistic one from central is at 12.20. 10.35 and 10.54 are there for those that want to leave courteeners early, but that sort of defeats the point a bit. Sunday’s even worse - one train at 11.03 then buses Honestly this is starting to seem like more trouble than it’s worth, a lot of people will be stranded in Warrington and that’s when the cab companies will pick up their big fares
  14. efcfanwirral

    Rolling Stones

    Very happy with Richard Ashcroft for Manchester- a big fan!!
  15. efcfanwirral

    Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    Ok now we're talking - charlatans, rag n bone man, metronomy, Jessie ware, Anna Calvi and pale waves all good for me.