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  1. I went for the ridiculous price for a decent lower tier seat (£150). Once in a lifetime thing in NY, 3 good bands etc. Cost is so far removed from the actual gig it doesn't feel like part of the outlay anyway!
  2. efcfanwirral

    2020 headliners

    That Foals atmosphere wont translate to the whole field singing along and bouncing (it wasnt last time) - I think they're suited to smaller indoor venues myself
  3. So it's gone from "shame we cant go to the UK tour let's see if europe is an option" to "ah let's do New York in August" - no complaints!!
  4. efcfanwirral

    2020 headliners

    I'm not sure about the resale, lineup is out by then and I feel the cost won't justify it to a lot of people. I also think a lot of younger people like the idea of seeing FM etc than the reality for £230. I more hope you're wrong!! I have already resigned myself to resale though
  5. efcfanwirral

    2020 headliners

    Resale then. When they realise it's a normal glastonbury year not wall to wall headline acts it'll slow down. I'm expecting a ticket in April myself
  6. Those screens were honestly incredible at Reading - crazy good quality The barriers were great too, a front bit and a middle bit, then the rest of the crowd. It made a difference to how busy it got during headliners if you wanted to get forward
  7. 110 Above in the Midlands- I went this year and it was really good. Tiny capacity, really friendly atmosphere, very new indie type bands but some surprisingly well known names for such a small festival. We had Pale Waves, Mystery Jets and Swim Deep headlining. The best bit is the way they space out the bands, there are 3 stages and you can pretty much see most bands - the main and second stages are 100% no crossover and you can walk between in 2 minutes, and you can guaranteed see headliners on all 3 stages each night as the third stage headliner comes on after the main has finished. Decent bar prices too - £3.50 for a lager, £4 for a cider and £4.50 for a pale ale. Just dont go if you're allergic to wasps.....
  8. I'm on holiday that week unfortunately otherwise I'd definitely be making the trip!
  9. Jealous of people who get to go to this - I really hope they play the main fest next year, always wanted to see Supergrass
  10. Yep - I remember that from 2012 - horrible. Reading was like that thursday night but didnt seem anywhere near as bad the other nights
  11. I'm the same - right up until they came on stage on Friday I've questioned how they're headlining festivals of this size...I was proved spectacularly wrong. Completely blown away and it's such a rare thing for me nowadays. Everything from the visuals throughout to somehow knowing every song despite only ever actively listening to the first album when it came out. Ha we thought the same (late 20s/early 30s). We watched a couple of songs just in case we got it but just walked away in the end. I think the lyrics mean a lot to a lot of people, hence them screaming them back at her, but you cant make them out live if you dont already know them. So the lyricism and depth is lost and its not like there's really any music to grip you in the live setting beyond that...
  12. Is the Radio 1 stage gap to remain a gap so everyone can see Eilish or may there be a surprise on the cards?
  13. Such a shame- Sea Girls were brilliant with a great crowd just then. Hopefully it was still filmed for future iplayer streaming
  14. 2007 was my last one and I came across people lying on their bags who'd been told to leave their tents or they'd get burned with them. Considering how even more downhill and violent the world in general has gone I'm genuinely surprised this doesnt still happen...
  15. Proximity to Liverpool while supporting Circa Waves presumably. Also not sure why Night Cafe are above Sea Girls either... Foos, Blossoms and Peace for me. I see this as strength in depth, not many real stand outs if Chvrches and Sundara weren't clashing with foo fighters I'd be happier (and chvrches would be in that list) but I knew that when I got tickets.
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