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  1. efcfanwirral


    the wristbands in the daylight looked terrible. Luckily starts later at Glastonbury. The best for me was Wembley in 2022, was mid August so got darker earlier, and coupled with the stands blocking the light led to the full experience from the start
  2. Looks like Pale Waves were due on after the next act so can see how an argument would develop with such short changeovers.
  3. Cribs were amazing tonight in Liverpool - you're in for a treat in that tent tomorrow!
  4. The Cribs at Liverpool Olympia were incredible tonight. First two albums in full then a "fans favourites" set of 13 songs after. One of my favourite bands live. The venue isn't ideal for getting a train home from though, too far out of town. We had to go a very round about route home involving an extra train and £30 taxi, which I suspected was likely, but we probably won't go there again unless it's a one off show like tonight. Would've had to miss Be Safe and Pink Snow, and maybe even still not made the train.
  5. I get that often after gigs, especially Springsteen. He puts on the most amazing shows. Manchester 2016 was my favourite so far but from the reviews of this run of shows the last couple of weeks that may change in July!
  6. efcfanwirral

    Cyndi Lauper

    Shifts permitting I'll be the same. The really big ones are radio staples that I really like. I always try to see stuff like that, where I like a few of the songs but where I wouldn't pay to see them usually. Sheryl Crow was great the other year along the same lines. I see Gabrielle is TBC, and after seeing her at Kendal Calling the other year I'd recommend her for the same reasons.
  7. Doing the same one (if it's 10am)
  8. efcfanwirral

    Block 9

    Conman live?? Or DJ? Live would be amazing there
  9. We went to Antwerp last night and it was incredible. I liked the songs before but wouldn't have called myself a big fan. The atmosphere was one of the best I've ever seen, could barely hear her during the big songs, and her voice was so good during the slower ones. As for Glastonbury headliner, I reckon maybe a couple more big hits from album 3 and it'll be time. I enjoy acoustic style ballads but it could be argued there was a lull in the middle, definitely if it was a festival set.
  10. https://twitter.com/NatashaC/status/1793682298484707421 this made me laugh. Maybe they won't play it... Though U R The Best Thing is a great song, forgot about that one til I searched them on Spotify
  11. I love him but I'll be staying away from anything that'll be too crazy busy (apart from Coldplay hopefully but will turn up a couple of acts before this time). No crushes, no stress is the plan. I could see the hill by Strummerville last time from the other side of the site, and I'm not feeling that at all
  12. I think he did 5 shows last time so there'll probably be other smaller ones over the weekend too. Having him as one I want to see is pretty helpful while volunteering as surely one of them will cross over with a time I'm free!
  13. Am I missing a thread or something that says which day people are playing?
  14. Don't know if it fits in international or UK but, thoughts? Alongside the slow build up of war propaganda recently around conscription and the like. This is essentially saying fight them directly in Ukraine or it'll be a Nato country next and we'll have to fight them there.
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