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  1. I'm interested in where all this is going, because we're in a strange middle ground right now where these test events have happened but others are allowed Did you get the impression festivals could be pulled in the near future if the results of this aren't favourable? It feels like some are getting a bit of a free pass the next few weeks and it's all pretty confusing, I'd have expected none to be allowed until the results of Latitude and Tramlines are in. I think I just don't trust the government!
  2. Looks like we're on from the social media posts showing the build happening. Less than 2 weeks to go- can't wait for this. Miraculous really - did not think this would make it through to be honest. Who's looking forward to what bands? @Stringebean and @TheDHolford? Paris Youth Foundation, Only Sun, Spinn, Pixey and Abbie Ozard are my perhaps lesser known recommendations.
  3. There were some wines on the Thursday in weird thin plastic bottles but not sure how long they lasted. For everyone- even if you don't like Carlsberg, Export is pretty nice, so don't write it off til you've tried it! Ice cold cans of that from co op are brilliant
  4. Yeah it's a tough one doing it via social media, though here is my preferred option to buy and sell if going along those lines as you can look at post history and get a good feel for the perso . I like the protection of Twickets (plus I'm well behind them as a concept - always been a fan due to the face value approach). I ended up buying Reading weekend tickets in 2019 that never arrived, I had my money back a couple of weeks after the dispute was opened and managed to bag some more that did arrive. Very impressed, they were really helpful in letting me know what to do in opening a PayPal dispute. The concept of a sold out gig (aside from Glastonbury!) seems to be a thing of the past now which I can't complain about. Always face value options to be found
  5. I think making everyone test would be the safest but they'll never do that Came up as a suggestion when I typed in latitude...
  6. That would be amazing! We're not 100% definite yet but I will know soon and drop you a message. Thanks a lot!
  7. A quick search for "Latitude covid" on twitter doesn't make for good reading. Hope they're anecdotal and rare but it sounds like whole groups are coming down with it I'm more worried about the optics...
  8. Search on twitter "latitude covid" I don't think festivals are out the woods just yet 😔. If they want to stop spread I don't even think the answer is to only let double vaccinated people in... Hoping these whole groups getting it are isolated incidents or exaggerations
  9. Can't believe how expensive tickets have got now. Will have to rely on twickets sales of a earlier release for Foals day!
  10. It sounded every bit as good as the setlist indicates. They were incredible. Looking forward to seeing them again
  11. Biffy Clyro replacing Queens of the Stone Age at Leeds and Reading. Good for me as I have day tickets for that day and I prefer Biffy Weirdly haven't seen either of those two bands since Glastonbury 2011- a whole decade!
  12. Feel bad for anyone going for Queens of the Stone Age, but i can't say I'm disappointed with Biffy considering I got tickets for Leeds on that day on the strength of Liam Gallagher and Wolf Alice. I now have 3 bands I really want to see instead of 2 plus one I kind of like. Holly Humberstone being added is a great one for me too - missed her at Latitude despite her being a must see
  13. Amazing stuff! I highly recommend seeing Stephen Fretwell
  14. First act was Lucia and the Best Boys on the Friday at Latitude due to timings, but out of those I wanted to see it was Stephen Fretwell and Wolf Alice. Both incredible
  15. efcfanwirral

    Wolf Alice

    Go for @vintagelaureate's if it becomes available (thanks though!) - I need to get hold of two anyway!
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