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  1. I think theyve realised with an end in sight, and widespread public acceptance/apathy about 500 deaths a day that they have a bit more flexibility around what they let happen over the next couple of months. If deaths hover in the region where they are now, they won't get much pushback about it unfortunately
  2. If that's all that ends up in tier 3 that's a worrying level of acceptance of the numbers below that, with the knowledge that give even a little bit of rope that most places will end up in tier 3 within a couple of weeks anyway
  3. It's all so true. This is the lower end of the January death toll now, which is mad really
  4. They can say its more sanitary (despite more being indoors with the added bars and hotel stays ) and most of the country will believe it
  5. The far left are just as susceptible to authoritarianism - plenty of the socialist crowd would happily have a society like that to enforce that equality. I probably agree with that to some extent for climate change but not for this
  6. This is true. I'll take the vaccine as I want to go to gigs etc - if I have an adverse reaction its just how it goes, but I'm very much against this "you have to have it to do anything" narrative. Once the vulnerable are vaccinated it's a bit strange to make it practically mandatory I think. One year ago we would've all criticised China's traffic light via app system. Now we're calling for something similar. Get the wrong government in (Farage style far right or left wing nut jobs on the other side) and it wouldn't take much to change "NHS" track and trace app to be a lot more sini
  7. When I got my rabies and whatever else jabs for Asia a couple of years ago, I was terrified as I hadn't had an injection for nearly 20 years. I'd built it up so much but was actually fine. That said it was in one of those private travel vaccination places so quite personal and chilled. Not sure how I'll be with a 2 minute slot conveyor belt...
  8. Definitely makes sense in cities like Manchester considering the number of people who live in the apartments in the city centres without cars, as I imagine the other vaccine centres will be out of town with bigger spaces.
  9. Ah nice one - let me know if they do? It wasn't mentioned on any of the promo so I'm hoping it was the original plan and changed
  10. It's interesting that the conversation seems to have moved on from this - we're now more talking about getting everyone vaccinated. I'm not surprised, I still think we'll need to show proof of vaccination to do anything beyond going into a supermarket but I guess it needs to be backed by the population to push it through, and really needs a rollout before reopening too much
  11. Ah shit so it does. Best get Manchester booked as well then for a proper gig...
  12. I reckon end of Feb just because of the two dose thing but all sounds about right
  13. Extension would be a scenario I could see the leave lot rioting. Subverting democracy etc etc. I hope it's what happens (the extension not the rioting)- I know we do have to leave but during a pandemic isn't the time
  14. Acoustic? I thought it was a normal show? I also have tickets for this - booked a flexible hotel room so we can make a day/night of it Stream was so good last night, really enjoyed it. I think they're one of the only bands that I like every song by. Some of those deeper cuts sounded brilliant. Broken Arrow is a particular favourite
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