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  1. Would love Supergrass, Fontaines and working mens club. Got a feeling we might get Pet Shop Boys- saw both them and the Killers at Benicassim 2 years ago, both very boring. Though Glastonbury was a good set and PSB came on to play their best song!
  2. Got in for the Eden Sessions gig - always wanted to see something there as it sounds like a really nice venue. Week before Glasto so (hopefully) a nice warm up
  3. I had a dream that id forgotten to take my friend off the spreadsheet, and tickets had just gone on sale 20 mins ago. I then woke up. I hope that's not time travel....
  4. efcfanwirral

    Volunteering 2020

    Concerns me for the resale to be honest, as well as Festaff (I didn't get through today)
  5. efcfanwirral

    Volunteering 2020

    Thanks for all that it does sounds pretty good! out of interest when was your 3rd shift? And if you go as a couple and queue up for shifts together do you get the same ones?
  6. Ah fair enough - preferably neither really. Strokes are still my top most wanted for this one. Maybe even RHCP
  7. Would rather Noel than Liam to be honest. Big fan of Liam and I even bought tickets to see him in Manchester but need to space out the gigs a bit!
  8. efcfanwirral

    Volunteering 2020

    So are there set dates for the applications after the resale etc or do they just come up randomly?
  9. efcfanwirral

    Volunteering 2020

    Thanks - we're a couple so it won't matter if we're working same places, but good to know you can do same shifts as Glasto is our special place so want to spend our downtime together if we get in!
  10. efcfanwirral

    Volunteering 2020

    Also what about if you want to apply together? Do you apply individually then link up somehow later or is it everyone for themselves?
  11. efcfanwirral

    Volunteering 2020

    Quick Q on the Oxfam - is it first come first served on Tuesday? and also, do they need an actual CV or do you put that into the application form? Edited to remove Festaff question - 1st March not 1st Feb ha https://www.festaff.co.uk/news/glastonbury-applications-2020
  12. Perfect lineup for me. Not going though, cutting back on festivals this year as spent a ridiculous amount last year. Painful one to miss out on but it is what it is!
  13. Hope so - one of my favourites and a great festival band. Saw them in Liverpool last week and they were brilliant as usual
  14. Whoa dont put ideas like that in my head!! I got my brother Blossoms tickets for us both to go in manchester that day! Would love the idea of some smaller shows later in the year - that 2015 academy tour was immense
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