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  1. I'm the same and I'd be happy with that. I won't miss a band I like on the Pyramid as the magic really does happen sometimes, but I'm happy when it's a blank for me at Pyramid headliner time as I love how quiet the rest of the site is, and seeing things on other stages. But similarly I don't like it when I get zero like 2015 ended up being!
  2. Ha yeah I'm the same - little sore throats and colds after big days out/festivals etc In the past that was normal now it's "you've got to test!"
  3. So it turns out deaths with covid on the certificate is also shown on the dashboard, so is unlinked to testing status and that looks on a generally OK trajectory. https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/deaths Didn't even know they reported that one - thats surely the most accurate of the measures? And maybe that should be the one used on front pages.... Cases will look silly, and there's a bit of an unknown about hospitalisations and ICU numbers, though it could explain the drop in ventilation with covid numbers recently. That's probably the only thing that could derail it - if a lot of reinfected are in ICU
  4. Numbers may look bad come Monday - whoever is PM by then will need to stand firm when people start to demand action To clarify - the within 28 days deaths and hospitalisations will look bad due to their nature. Hopefully sense will continue to prevail, though there could be accusations of a cover up to keep things open if the numbers are high enough
  5. My moral compass is just gone. I still don't care about these lockdown parties and the sheer number coming out isn't changing my mind at all
  6. That really is the beginning of the real end. Whatever people's beliefs, when vaccination status is being used still that is a restriction.
  7. Yep second this - I had a bank holiday one that took that long last year, and I also noticed when I was last booking that occasionally an early one will take that long but it's back to normal later in the day. To be honest I've noticed nothing different apart from the logo - same trains and everything, and generally pretty reliable
  8. If its for next winter, have they not (without saying it) made it mandatory for at least a 4th, possibly a 5th dose? Because whatever you take now will be long gone by winter based on the waning data?
  9. It's mad that we've announced what we have this week while France are requiring boosters for most things including long distance trains and Austria are signing into law actual mandatory vaccinations.
  10. I've watched him quite a few times - it's also an opportunity to see oasis songs that would never make it into the setlist even if they did reform. Same with Noel's sets. Liam was at his very best of his solo career this past summer - he was great at Leeds. Im taking my brother to the Etihad gig - he's 27 and never got to see Oasis (I only did a couple of times later on) and hasn't seen Liam yet. He's absolutely buzzing - it'll be a big deal for him. It was same with Stone Roses in 2016 for him. That'll be a great night
  11. Come on "play the ball not the man" to use a football analogy - the debates are good without that stuff
  12. My hope too of course - just I think its a cautious optimism for now. This winter has proved it can be dealt with without any measures in place apart from maybe work from home as that does keep people away from close contact with others for definite (as I know we all have different opinions on how well plan B stops spread - I'm almost 100% certain the passports did nothing at the very least). But there have been a lot of variants so far. Treating it like flu will be hard for a lot of people, as that means letting a lot of older people die "preventable" deaths just like every winter before - so while its not new, we are now more acutely aware of it. So definitely setting up a debate about how that can be dealt with, but I'm not sure how realistic it is to make the results of that debate shutting down the country every year for a bit. The biggest change in thinking that needs to happen is to stop supporting the government in allowing them to blame the state of the health service on people being irresponsible enough to catch covid. They need to fix it, and increase capacity over time as they were in a mess every winter before now and no amount of masks or vaccines will fix that.
  13. The biggest test of all this is if the next variant of concern remains as mild as this one. On the evidence of the past couple of years we're due at least two major ones in 2022. If we get through the next 12 months without re-imposing any rules (or voluntary lockdowns like we saw before Christmas) AND without the "bodies piling high" then maybe we can look forwards. As it is, I'm not going to be booking anything more than a couple of weeks in advance. I also think the end of self isolation in March IS Boris trying to save himself and won't actually happen. I think plan B removal may have happened anyway with the numbers as they are, though I think that would've been through to March too if things had looked different politically
  14. Excellent news. A massive step on the road to living normally again. Particularly liking this bit True normality at probably the right time. Obviously anything can happen between now and then but I'm glad to see a move in that direction
  15. A choice being taken away from all of us. Can't even go private as it applies there too - so much for the free market... And yeah i agree even if its the right thing to do the non public facing roles, especially those at admin only centres it's a bit pointless. Similar to the Australian mandates for people who work 100% remotely
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