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  1. Surely for under 30s it's enough though? They're not at any real risk from the virus and a small amount more spread (while everyone else is vaccinated especially the most vulnerable so it shouldn't really matter) to get them finished quicker with one dose sounds like it makes sense.
  2. Figured that might be the case! Are you open this week or waiting til May?
  3. I'm fine with all outdoor stuff - no anxiety at all about beer gardens or meeting in people's gardens. I don't even know how I'll feel about the indoor side of things - if prevalence is low still at that time then I won't be too worried. I've got it in my head that I'm playing a long game anyway so for me there's the April easing then the June ones, and nothing will really change for me in between. I'll do the minimum between the mid May and mid June dates as my small contribution to not spreading the virus so if the good stuff gets delayed I'll at least feel like I did what I can. Obviously b
  4. They were muck spreading round here the other day and it smelt a little sulphur like. For a minute or so it took me back but it was pretty overwhelming instead of just a fleeting smell of it...
  5. Screenshotted from sky news live page - a different world! Though I imagine certain cabinet members here wish this was the sort of behaviour they could get away with..
  6. That's a really well put together survey - I can already imagine the sort of figures that will come out of that and I imagine they'll be favourable to getting us back to live gigs!
  7. He always seems to be laughing at his own joke when he mentions haircuts - as if we'll all laugh along with him. Though I suppose many will...
  8. My only issue was his horrendous wording that sounded like a dismissal of the vaccine programme. He should've just said word for word what you said if he wanted to be clear 😂
  9. Scientists/nudge unit/behavioural people must be tearing their hair out having to deal with him. I know what he's trying to say (lockdowns alongside vaccinations) but he's messed that delivery up so badly...
  10. Probably the right thing to do though? We'll never voluntarily give these things up so there's no real other solution than somehow restricting it. I'm terrible for it - I go on about climate change but always fly off elsewhere when I get the chance. I'm good on the car front though - never owned one and never will (unless they somehow create a sustainable one)
  11. I think people need the media and government to change the narrative a bit to take that into account, maybe once the over 40s are done. It could get people a bit more comfortable with going back out if shown their chances of hospitalisation are even lower than it initially looks when you split out conditions
  12. I've always been surprised that we're looking to open up fully before everyone is vaccinated and for a government that deals in easy to digest soundbites it would have been a lot easier than "at no time before this date", which has led to so much confusion. Just mid May for indoor hospitality, socially distanced and with all the rules, then "we'll look at the rest when everyone's vaccinated". I'm sure it's what the scientists will have advised, maybe didn't get past the focus groups. I also think we may end up with that exact situation still, just with a lot more pissed off people. And it's p
  13. Not sure the word "eliminate" is a realistic word for them to be throwing around...
  14. Hahaha Peroni is my go to - never quite as good in bottles as from the tap.
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