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  1. Rainbow snot. I much prefer the smoke ones after years of the flaming ones at the low-brow gigs I enjoy
  2. Came on to ask the exact same question. Its shifted pretty significantly from the actual flames to the smoke bombs since the reopening last year.
  3. I really like Noel's solo stuff - my setlist.fm tells me I've seen him 13 times over the past 11 years. I enjoyed the set a lot, but I do think he could've elevated it to a top level set if he'd done more of the High Flying Birds stuff people know. I find starting with the first 4 tracks off a near 5 year old album (wow just realised how long its been out!) a little odd. One of my favourite albums and She Taught Me How To Fly is one of my favourite songs he's done but combined it was a really strange choice to open a Glastonbury set. I know he took the piss a bit and acknowledged it, but adding If I Had a Gun, In the Heat of the Moment and maybe The Ballad of the Mighty I in there as a sort of career spanning HFB set for his one and only Pyramid performance solo would've probably increased the crowd interest before the Oasis tracks. Dead in the Water seemed to get people's attention though. I enjoy the musicianship on the songs he played, but people weren't remotely interested until the Oasis tracks. Maybe that would've been the case whatever he played.
  4. Yeah we arrived on the Gate A shuttle/coach side at about 7 by the time they'd unloaded the shuttle bus. We got into the festival at about 9-9.15 if I remember rightly, once they stopped checking what seemed like everyone in that security tent. We were fully set up in Paines and in the breakfast van queue at 10.30 anyway according to a message to my Dad so my timings are roughly right. Just to say the train strike probably benefitted us on this - I'd guess it'd all have been busier if there had been trains at the time we did the Castle Cary shuttle
  5. I never even noticed the guy's name was Pincher and made a connection to the incident til I saw this tweet...
  6. Haha were probably reds cooking up the old beans. A very good question - it's what we were craving at the time and after the smoothie and coffee had gone down the time had sort of gone.
  7. Best food - Flaming Cactus chilli burrito. Basic but I have at least 4 every Glastonbury. Worst - had some beans on toast and after it taking almost an hour found it had something weird in the beans which I only noticed after eating half. It looked flourescent blue. Hoping it was some cross contamination from other food - red onion or something. I seem to have survived anyway.
  8. I always go for a second festival anyway, but if I miss out on Glastonbury I'll just be chasing whatever lineup I like the most as my main one. Mad Cool was the one for this year if I'd missed out in the resale
  9. I reckon the resale is where the cost of living will show up . With the half a year before parting with the majority of the money and the likelihood the cost of living will bite harder after October (comparatively), people might think things will get better by April and go with the deposit and decide later. Clearly they'll be vastly wrong so a big resale most likely!
  10. Oh god I'd have been so disappointed 😂 I had decided it was Bruce at that point!
  11. Thurs Piri and Tommy - loved the Lonely Hearts Club stage and this was a good Thursday choice as they're getting a lot of radio play right now. Smooth Sailors (90s/2000s dance covers in Bread and Roses around midnight - stumbled across as we were walking past and it was so much fun) Fri Libertines Blossoms Wolf Alice Sigrid Sam fender Alfie Templeman (last 4 songs) Foals (all but last 3) Billie Eilish (first two and last two) Sat Holly Humberstone Beabadoobee Haim Noel Paul Mccartney Sun Diana Ross Elbow Lorde Charli xcx Rudimental Soundsystem Happy with all my clash choices - seeing Phoebe Bridgers and Supergrass later this month anyway and they were my main two clashes. Wanted to see Olivia Rodrigo but can't have regrets, had a great singalong with one of my best friends to Noel (who he'd never seen before) and really enjoyed Haim in the sun.
  12. Bruce coming on was the obvious one, but from a "Glasto moment" it was Elbow doing One Day Like This in the early evening sunshine on the Pyramid - the lyrics encapsulate how I feel about the festival and being there vs the outside world...but I'd forgotten all this until the intro started as I haven't listened to them for ages. Set me right off.
  13. That moment he said he had another surprise "from the East Coast of America... New Jersey" I completely lost my shit - a huge Springsteen fan, his music means a huge amount to me and my family and he was my first Pyramid headliner. Will never ever forget that moment. Didn't cry, just bounced around like an absolute maniac screaming along to Glory Days. Preceding that with Dave Grohl doing Band on the Run and then following it with one of the best half hours of music I've ever seen cemented it as one of the best shows I've ever been to. Obviously the three main ones with the huge singalongs and the fireworks, then in the encore Helter Skelter and the last three songs from Abbey Road were incredible - Golden Slumbers sounded immense, I love Carry That Weight then we see Mccartney/Springsteen/Grohl supergroup playing the outro to The End. The stuff of dreams really. Rest of the set was amazing too - I didn't know everything but the ones I did were huge moments for me. So happy to have got resale tickets just to see that - could've begrudgingly missed the more easily accessed stuff like Sam Fender etc, but this was not to be missed
  14. So much to choose from but: Paul Mccartney Sam Fender Wolf Alice Exactly as expected before going but that was for a reason, both with what they mean to me and how good they all are anyway. Holly Humberstone a close 4th though.
  15. maybe she already had Lily coming out and just did a different song - apparently she brings out people she looks up to on tour to cover one of their songs e.g. Alanis Morrisette, Avril Lavigne etc - always female artists. Lily Allen makes sense for someone younger who may have watched Glasto coverage growing up as she played a few times - possibly one of the more recent female artists you'd associate with the place
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