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  1. Burrow hill at the normal bars is very good news to me! I liked Thatchers but was worried about it being replaced by a new cider, so this helps a lot! Also liking the clever Carlsberg ad campaign where they admit their beer tasted horrible and said they'd changed their recipe. Not tried the new one yet but will give it a go next month!
  2. You'd imagine with all the equality talk that it'll be a female act Sunday Other with the slot becoming available?
  3. Both weekend days all about the undercard for me (main all the way friday) - way over the courteeners/miles/rev bore fest so will be checking out some smaller stage stuff. On that - do all stages finish same time usually or are some earlier? Jade bird vs Johnny marr is a bad one if it happens but maybe not? Peter hook and doves Sunday is a great day for me!
  4. Last year had second stage headliners ending before main stage ones, I cant imagine it being different this time - similar audiences for both there
  5. Makes getting home on the Saturday easier - watching primal scream and leaving..... Excited about Ashcroft and vaccines on the Sunday though!
  6. efcfanwirral

    Snow Patrol

    I think it'll be a really well received set - big singalongs and well known tunes. Hopefully pyramid 3rd or other second. I'd rather not the other opener as the atmosphere will be very flat, when its capable of being better than that.
  7. Having seen them at Benicassim for the first time in around 10 years I noticed the difference, even though everyone with me who saw them for the first time told me I was being very pedantic. Its so strange but it was in how they presented the show - it was the Brandon flowers show, him prancing around like some Vegas entertainer (I know why but still seemed different). I generally think the killers are 'ok' but there are some songs I love and mainly because of the guitar riffs - all these things, when you were young and read my mind. It felt to me like those solos were background music, no lights accompanied them, no spotlight on guitar players and honestly they sounded flat and even slightly turned down. Watching the peel set on tv reminded me of the gigs from the past and just seemed more like a band than a singer focused show. I hope they make the effort and I imagine from how much they love the festival that they will - they did say they'd be coming back for special occasions so this surely is one
  8. efcfanwirral

    Other Stage

    Ha it seems they're destined for half of their crowd to not be there for half their set most times.
  9. efcfanwirral

    Other Stage

    It did when that Libertines secret gig happened, and come to think of it when everyone had to leave early to see arctic monkeys in 2013!
  10. The Wednesday and Thursday are my two favourite days, it's like being on holiday, no bands timings to worry about etc. I had to miss the Wednesday last time I went (2016) and due to traffic didn't even get in until 2am so set up in the dark. To make up for it we'll be travelling down Tuesday and staying in a hotel Tuesday night to make the absolute most of it. Some of my favourite bits of those two days: - going up the hill by the sign and watching the sunset - that slightly smug feeling when you see people on the main paths still arriving with their stuff on either evening when you're sat there with your cider all set up (sorry those who have to come after work but it is a good feeling, only because we went through the carrying and walking bit earlier!) - that moment when the tent is set up, airbeds pumped up and you have that first can - just walking around endlessly, exploring for first timers and reacquainting for others - dusk - it's great when a band is on during that time but when you walk through the campsites with all the stringy lights on just before it's fully dark, drinking a cider and smelling the BBQs it's magical - the food- more time to explore and pick out nice places to eat, of which there are loads - easing into the music on the Thursday night with little acoustic sets about and the Williams Green bands on. - waking up Thursday morning knowing it's your first full day at Glastonbury - sitting on benches watching the world go by. Even with the best of intentions you don't really do that on the music days. Now I'm mega excited!
  11. Pulp would be incredible but I can't see it - I'm going with Catfish, that arena tour must be struggling with seated tickets!
  12. Please don't say destinys child....
  13. I got heavily into Springsteen a year or so before 09 based on how much my parents like him; then suddenly him and Blur are headlining and it made me go to my first Glastonbury...to this day they're still two of my favourite headliners. I was 10 rows from the front for easily the biggest and most iconic artist I'd seen at that point. Incredible set. Doves, Springsteen, Blur. A lineup I can only dream of this year....
  14. Very good value for money this festival - I'd pay £75 for just Doves and Manics! I've seen Courteeners many times but wouldn't see them at their own gig anymore, be great to see their new stuff (by then) live though. Two door are always good and Peter Hook was great at Kendal last year. And that's before all the new acts like sea girls etc - very much sold on this one!
  15. Just that a lot of people in their home area bought tickets for either London or Manchester, both absolutely miles away, because they thought those were the only two gigs then they announced Bristol a couple of weeks later. Good gesture letting people swap because those tickets won't be being shifted for anywhere near face value if they don't sell out
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