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  1. Prices are what they are now I guess. I really like Inch's cider - happy that's there on the main bars. In 2019 the "Neighbourhood Inn" had some different beers - Moretti and an IPA on tap if I remember rightly. Not sure if it was the same last year?
  2. efcfanwirral


    Not sure myself - that website page describes it as "near the Pyramid" which isn't overly helpful.
  3. My speculative buying of PB tickets for Manchester could pay off in this scenario!
  4. efcfanwirral


    Didn't know they did craft beers at that Elephant bar - would've been useful for Pyramid acts!
  5. Excellent. Going to Warrington tomorrow and really looking forward to it!
  6. I got hugely into DMA's during lockdown when The Glow came out and I went backwards through the albums. Love them now - though still only seen them once, at Liverpool in October. Atmosphere should be great on Saturday with the crossover with Courteeners fans. Also really looking forward to Courteeners - seen them countless times and had struggled with them for a few festival slots until the Old Trafford gig in September, which was the best I've seen them by a mile. Blossoms are another I've seen loads and loads of times, but after Band on the Wall the other week, and loving the new album, I'm really excited to see them this weekend too. It's all just aligned for me being really up for seeing bands I'd maybe got a bit bored of before. Should be an incredible weekend. We're starting it off with MCR and Frank Turner on Friday too
  7. Really hope a Liverpool show is true! I hate the Manchester stadiums for gigs for various reasons so I'd love that. Still might do Hyde Park if it's one of those BST days though
  8. I've got my sights on a bit of a Supergrass singalong and i just can't see it at that time
  9. Same! Listened to it so often over the years. Still have the cd on my shelf but glad it's on Spotify now as I can blend it into playlists
  10. Just one of those weird things for me where I place it so high in my life that even if it was the only time I could afford to leave the house all summer I'd probably save the money to make it happen. Cost is spread October/april/June and I've got camping equipment. I'm fortunate not to need to do this but in the worst scenario I would. I think quite a few others are the same so I agree it won't fail to sell out
  11. Will be interesting to see what October is like - I put the ease down to people's lives/interests etc changing over the 2 and a half years at this point
  12. Would probably help to get some lineups out before Christmas like many did this year, tickets as presents or spending Christmas money on them.
  13. I saw this yesterday. It HAS to be fake right?
  14. Pleasantly surprised at being able to see all of Pale Waves and The Amazons - was concerned they'd clash. Also get a good half hour of Starsailor before Blossoms. Only clash is Baby Queen and Cast - girlfriend will probably go to the former and I'll probably go to the latter, rest is fine (as we obviously already knew about the Kasabian and Manics clash)
  15. Honestly I think we may end up with a more balanced one. Just need to do some shrewd business with the little money we do have to spend (which I doubt will be zero once those sales go through). They get us goals but DCL and Richarlison can't really play in the same team consistently, it causes massive imbalance by taking a potentially creative player out the team. Big thing to sort is Dele Alli based on that second half. If we can get to the point where he starts games he can make a huge difference. He completely changed the game last night and is exactly what we need
  16. Was the same til I saw them at South Facing last year. Have since got really into them- In it for the money is an incredible album, also loving the first album. I'm very excited for them at Glastonbury. Really hope they play a later show and not something like the 11am slot
  17. Wimbledon 1994 all over again coming back from 2-0 down. So relieved and haven't ever been this happy to see a season end.
  18. Ah yes that was the Friday- forgot there were less acts. Here is Saturday - seems the same. Literally the only clash i can remember is needing to leave Vistas early to watch Paris Youth Foundation, mainly because Vistas play gigs more often. All they need to do is put a little more bar space in, as the queues were a little longer last year, and it'll be perfect. Not terrible queues, just not 5 minute changeover friendly. And no worries- realised they were still there in my camera roll!
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