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  1. Did you expect any different? As if we'd ever be told it was mild and we could crack on
  2. The fact its being talked about is enough for me None of us will agree on this - I'm almost definitely on the wrong side of it but it's not a society I'm prepared to participate in
  3. Tags, mandatory phone tracking etc - easy to imprison people in their own homes if needed. I think it's a little overkill to put people in actual prisons for this anyway
  4. Its happening here - Dowden has been on Talkradio (clever- do it on a station people discredit as a source despite there being a video of him saying it) where he's said we don't need to mandate anything as long as everyone takes their boosters On principle no booster for me. Happy to be locked down but it's not a society I want - a mandated booster whenever a government decides
  5. I think what you've said is the often unspoken futility of even bothering as a club outside the top 6 anyway. At the moment I don't speak about anything in terms of ambition to move forward- we'll never qualify for the champions league and like you say its pointless if we do. But normally we're comfortably mid table and not in danger. Way we've been playing we're in danger. I almost guarantee you we won't be finishing as high as 8th or 9th this season
  6. Nice one that producer one sounds exactly the sort of thing I'd enjoy
  7. Just for the balance the hospitalisation data isn't for those increases in cases so the lag time hasn't changed. Hopefully
  8. They also bought back masks just as it got properly cold (plus the storm) - all forcing people inside. As we've said before it can't be controlled without social distancing. Good thing is hospital numbers are ok for now (obviously they can't cope.with any but it's nowhere near previous peaks) so we don't need to But there'll be media panic over cases as always. With many assuming any increases are down to the variant and not winter
  9. Yep that's the bit I'm getting at. It's not the first time recently Sky has blatantly lied about covid related things That headline is a lot scarier if she's a SAGE member vs independent sage
  10. Not looking for a pile on about what she's saying as it's the usual, more calling attention to the very obvious lie that Sky News is putting out there AGAIN. These "mistakes" always seem to be around harsher restrictions or extremely bad news around covid. But they are just blatantly untrue and it keeps happening
  11. Creating scarcity and desperation for the product. Like a good marketing department
  12. Good read for anyone interested/has free articles left. Sums up where we are both on the pitch this season and off it in general
  13. Biggest issue for me is the mental fragility of the players. When something goes against them or they feel some fear they absolutely fall apart, so I don't know if they have the stomach for a relegation fight. Plus one or two injuries completely ruin us - we're only missing DCL and Mina and we rarely look like scoring, and then if Doucoure or gray go down injured we go backwards again. The fixtures aren't good coming up: Arsenal home, Palace away, Chelsea away, Leicester home. If there are enough points picked up by those below us in the next couple of weeks it starts to look dodgy. DCL isn't expected back for these games either. Once you end up down there it makes it harder for a team with this mentality. They really need to dig a win or two out now to avoid being in that position
  14. The squad's shit. An expensive mismatch of different manager's signings. Many overseen by Marcel Brands, so there's definitely questions to be asked there. I don't think it matters who comes in when Rafa goes - as has been said about downing tools it's been seen through martinez, Koeman, silva and actually I don't think the effort was there for Ancelotti much either, not that i think there was much effort FROM him either. FFP has fucked us but it's our own fault for appointing the wrong managers and signing the wrong player over and over again. Scarily everyone seems to be relying on Calvert Lewin coming back. I think if he stays fit that SHOULD see us stay up but only him and Richarlison have any real sell on value if we want to replace some of this lot. And its a big gamble that it'll be invested properly if we do go down that road. Losing to Liverpool doesn't matter - they exist in a different league to us. We're lucky it was only 4-1 frankly - they should've been 2 up after 5 minutes. We are deep deep in the shit and I have no idea what the answer is with this squad. We've been flirting with disaster for years but usually pull it back. We used the Big Sam card in 2017/18 when we didn't need to...we should've saved it for now
  15. I'd love to know the name of that if you have it? Always been interested in that stuff
  16. That's a tough read. This line got me. If they don't feel protected by their own vaccine, why does their son getting one suddenly make them safe? ‘When are we going to be protected? When can we keep our son safe and ourselves safe?’ ”
  17. £100k per year bought an MP to get Randox a £133m contract. I'm sure that situation is completely unrelated... But just imagine what $billions could get you...
  18. Whats not helpful is that it's implied they can just stroll in without taking a test anyway because they're vaccinated. Nothing in showing proof of vaccination to enter indicates you need to do anything else
  19. Always were going to case wise at this point, but hospitalisations aren't necessarily too bad. This comes on the back of cold weather, and was always predictable
  20. You are right- I sometimes forget how important Christmas is to people! I was planning on the complete opposite - up until Saturday I was planning to go to Cardiff for stereophonics on the 18th. Fair to say I don't see Drakeford holding his nerve on that one...
  21. To be fair the world gone mad comment was about the mandatory vaccination comments in Europe. The papers carrying anything along those lines has an influence on other people though, in either direction.
  22. I've got to be honest - and everyone on here knows what my thoughts have been on what might happen this winter - I haven't booked any gigs in advance for any of the next 4 months despite there being absolutely loads I want to go to. Not because I'm worried but because of your point c- I don't want to spend money unnecessarily and put myself into the rescheduled gigs cycle again. But that's not about worry around catching anything, purely financial and avoiding disappointment a little. If those gigs happen I'm sure there'll be no issues with using Twickets and I'll 100% be going to them. But hearing that sort of behaviour with proper day to day businesses is really worrying. Been seeing a lot about Christmas parties being cancelled too, from pub owners I wont share on here because of their other views, but no reason to find them unreliable on this. There's no good answer because it's not going away.
  23. I think there's a big difference between mandating one thing once and essentially mandating something indefinitely. Based on what we're seeing, it's not inconceivable that mandate is ongoing permanent injections as part of life. Doesn't sit right, but I think the majority would take it
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