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  1. Crowded House on the TV the crowd looked tiny.. crowd was broken up/empty past the sound desk. I'm not there but my two cents are: - Security/ stewards- if it's the same as last year there is still a big shortage after the pandemic, not to mention staff dropping out last minute with COVID. Was certainly the case last year. - Weak lineups and the shift to mainstream. I.e. Sugababes and TLC in previous years may have been considered 'novelty' acts which, if up against other strong acts maybe wouldn't have attracted larger crowds? Pyramid stage was piss poor yesterday. - I think after so long maybe people just aren't used to big crowds and don't remember what it was like previously? Queues have been insane for places for years at night... Maybe we're all just remembering things differently?
  2. barcelonista1899

    Crew Bars

    Si si San Miguel! Vive San Miguel!
  3. I cannot go for reasons posted elsewhere, BUT... I am so happy to see all the progress on the farm. Whenever I have worked there, most people have done so for the benefit of the festival as opposed to financial gains Without Glastonbury, the festival landscape in the UK woul be very different. Glastonbury IS the greatest cultural festival on the planet. When it triumphs as does all live events. Love to you all. Let's fucking have it.
  4. Not going this year... Normally volunteer and ans this wasn't available due to work commitments managed to get tickets via the resale but this ended up not being possible due to a few factors so had to cancel. Go between looking at everything religiously and extremely happy that it's seemingly going ahead, seeing all those involved bringing it back to life it is great....to burying my head in the sand or wishing for heavy rain... It's a battle!
  5. ¿Taquería? 4/5
  6. Thanks for the kind words! Honestly nothing terrible, just a combination of circumstances, a dickhead boss and working abroad has now made it impossible this time around! Been hoping for some change but that doesn't seem to be happening before the cancellation deadline this week unfortunately.
  7. Having to send the email to cancel my tickets in a few days will certainly make me cry 😒
  8. I seem to remember Cimafunk was part of the Cuba episode in Huey Morgan's Latin adventure. Worth a watch if you're interested at all in Latin music.
  9. barcelonista1899

    Wet Leg

    I would be in favour of a Shangri-la micro venue with a load of chaise longues playing chaise longue all night, like the shrinel Richie did a few years back. Call it the Chez long. Managed to get in the tent and see them at Latitude last year. Owing to COVID, they must have missed those early formative gigs as no-bodies and went straight to audiences who knew the words religiously to (at least) one of their songs. I can imagine that to be a bit overwhelming/ surprising.
  10. So, usually volunteer at the festival but working arrangements made it impossible this year. Thought I'd try for tickets today and by some miracle (I have not got through in the last 10 years) managed to bag 2 general tickets! Currently the plan is fly in land at Bristol 8am on the Friday, taxi straight to site and then back early on the Monday morning. Has anyone had any experience of taxis from to and from site during the festival? Debating whether the whole idea silly as will be missing the weds and Thurs, but then again it is fate saying we should go for it!!
  11. IMO ped gate B is best with Oxfam- close to camp but also not to far away from the pyramid and other stages after shift/during a break. Although normally I have been on A, which is more exciting and have had a fair few well known faces through there over the years.. Had been wishing for a change of circumstance recently, but today watching as the general Oxfam spots were opened and then filled was definitely realisation day that Glastonbury this year, owing to work commitments, probably wouldn't be for me 😞
  12. Found this interesting from a day 'festival' in Shrewsbury (I'm not going, I've just been keeping an eye out as a mate's wedding is nearby and all the hotels are currently booked out!) re a test event shortlist, makes you wonder how many test events there are going to be...
  13. Also seen that Boomtown are planning a 4,000 capacity event, Boom Village, for local South downs national park residents. Seems as if there is increased optimism about! Pleasantly surprised by the latitude lineup, planning on attending-haven't been since 2012, coincidentally the same year of a good euro adventure that took in Frequency fest in Austria mentioned above. Remember that the campsite and the arena are separated by a river; a 20-30min detour to the bridge could be avoided by some dodgy skipping stones, which naturally caused at least one of the group to fall in when sloshed. Turned out to be the Reading/Leeds of Austria, so were awoken by the neighboring school leavers' car battery sound system playing Gangnam style at 8am each morning. They were kind enough to share their supplies, so all was forgiven!
  14. RE Chile vs. Israel the Guardian article mentions that Chile has been administering both Pfizer and Sinopharm vaccines, and from what I'm hearing from other countries where Sinopharm has been used a lot, I'm not sure how effective the latter actually is..
  15. The other night whilst failing to sleep, I added up 2+2 and got 5... Rob da Bank uploaded a photo of him last week at Castle Cary station. Obviously he was in charge of the now defunct Bestival, which historically took place in September before its demise after a move to August. Most like just there on a jolly.. but could there be a quiet plan for a new back up event on Worthy farm in September? A one-off reprise for Bestival in a new location? (Although come to think of it I think the Bestival brand is now owned by live nation, so maybe not) I think the draw of the location alone would ensure solid ticket sales. That way it wouldn't be a 'Glastonbury', which would be pushed back to 2022, but might generate some useful funds for all involved.
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