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  1. Hurricane and Southside have just confirmed their first poster for 2021, which is the weekend before Glastonbury. Bound to be a few heading to Pilton the weekend after.
  2. If you want to watch live tvmucho.com is your friend from abroad.
  3. Right then, 2 week quarantine in your car before the gates open. Temperature check on the gate then they close the gates and we stay in there until it all blows over? 🤗
  4. I think if it's cancelled they should allow the 2020 people to pay in full now for 2021 (normal cancellation rules apply) or they receive their deposit back. Would help with cash flow for the fest, and it would probably mean the less serious people drop out.
  5. I would think they'd be perfect for an other stage headliner. They also don't like having their shows broadcast so I imagine in this day and age that would rule them out for a pyramid headline slot
  6. Breal (in prophets) just today said, what appears to be him bowing out (which was always the case if a full reunion was on the cards?)
  7. Not read the entire story but keep fighting. I personally know someone for 2019 who fought with seetickets for a lot less reason and they managed to budge and confirm them tickets.
  8. Make a ballot... Charge a non-refunable £10 (to charity) per registration to be entered. Groups can do it. People then have a period of time to purchase before they lose the right and then a second draw later. Would make a bomb for charity.
  9. But once the festival is over, what happens to all the "reusable" plastic cups? They are also a pain when they get smashed into little I thought this year the cups at Glastonbury were 100% biodegradable and didn't have that plastic coating that had stopped them from being so before? They certainly seemed more flimsy! Definitely made it harder trying to hold a cider cup with your teeth whilst going for a wee! I've no idea which one would be better for the environment!
  10. barcelonista1899


    That's funny, as I thought they sounded quite 'tinny' from where I was , albeit nice and loud! Echo thoughts about the chems- they were very quiet, and have been noticebly so at other festivals I've seen them at which is strange
  11. I was heavily searched at 6am Sunday morning going out of the festival at Gate B. Every part of my bag and wallet taken out and checked. Questioned it at the time as to why (seeing as it is a condition of entry not exit). They were catching quite a few even in the short time I was there. Luckily for me I had a sudden feeling half way up on muddy lane that this may happen (I've seen it before in other years) so anything that may or may not have been in my possession was handed to a friend camping in site just before!
  12. Was in the area shortly after Sunday headliners and thinking that most would be at bigger attractions thought we give it ago. Saw a queue of about 50-100metres so sacked it off. Could definitely do with a completely different location each year
  13. That looks like a fence, so I imagine it could be by a camping tap- they are always muddy!
  14. If there is a change I guess it may be due to the new block 9 field taking over Glasto Latino. Normally people walk straight lthrough there and disperse to the other venues, but if it is a big draw then it could potentially cause a bit of an issue where people struggle to get through to the other areas?
  15. Searching on exit is an odd one. I've seen it happen to people, usually early hours as I imagine security are bored. Not sure what would happen if you were to refuse if you were going off site as it's a condition of entry not exit?
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