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  1. Mr Benn

    Campervan question

    Asking for my friends !
  2. Mr Benn

    Campervan question

    Another question sorry ! Do they search you going back into the CV field??
  3. Mr Benn

    Campervan question

    Could you park up then head into the main site on the Weds to camp on site (and not in the van?)
  4. Mr Benn

    Campervan question

    Maybe not ideal at 6am trying to explain why you’re still awake
  5. Mr Benn

    Campervan question

    Do they tend to just look for glass in bags or do they search your person? Are there dogs and that there ??
  6. Mr Benn

    Campervan question

    Thanks: can anyone enter the CV fields or do you need a special wristband? If your friends who weren’t camping with you wanted to come to the van, would they be able to?
  7. Mr Benn

    Campervan question

    But the distance thing.... if you’re heading home from Shangri La to East CV then you’re nearer than you would be if you were camping in say Woodsies?
  8. Mr Benn

    Campervan question

    Ok thanks. Say I wanted to watch a band at 2pm at Pyramid how much extra time would you need to factor in the queue? Do you think East CV is as far away as everyone says? Isn’t everywhere far from somewhere? e.g Woodsies to The Park is a good hour walk.
  9. Mr Benn

    Campervan question

    Hello how bad are the searches in the CV fields? Do you get stopped and searched every time you leave and go in? Does this cause queuing issues? i.e. would you need to factor in queuing time every time you left to go watch an act? Thanks !
  10. Hello, can anyone please tell me the amount of time roughly it takes to walk from East csmpervan fields (from E21) Park Shangri La Pyramid stage? Thanks x
  11. Not really a festival as such but does anyone know what outdoor events are on in London for this?
  12. Wow £20k is harsh! I’d have let him stay! Today I am going to be Janet Jackson
  13. Did they let him stay in?
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