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  1. Sorry if it’s been asked before but is there anything else happening on the Thursday? Or is it just the opening concert? Anyone know times? X
  2. Does anyone know how far from the car parks the standard camping is? X
  3. Hello if someone is on crutches within your group in campervan field will they take pity and put you nearer to the PG? x
  4. Mr Benn

    TBAs 2019

    Santigold has pulled out???
  5. Mr Benn


    Where are you seeing this? Says tbc on guardian when I just checked !
  6. Didn’t the libertines play this slot in 2016?
  7. You can change the name on the CV ticket if you were both on the same original booking for festival tickets
  8. Mr Benn


    I’d bet on quite high up the bill at WH
  9. Mr Benn

    Campervan question

    Asking for my friends !
  10. Mr Benn

    Campervan question

    Another question sorry ! Do they search you going back into the CV field??
  11. Mr Benn

    Campervan question

    Could you park up then head into the main site on the Weds to camp on site (and not in the van?)
  12. Mr Benn

    Campervan question

    Maybe not ideal at 6am trying to explain why you’re still awake
  13. Mr Benn

    Campervan question

    Do they tend to just look for glass in bags or do they search your person? Are there dogs and that there ??
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