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  1. Any chance of Richard Ashcroft making an appearance?
  2. royal blood for the rock slot? or are they r & l exclusive?
  3. Could Courteeners not sub Chems on the sunday?
  4. The Killers > LG > Courteeners on Sat Pyramid?
  5. Cant see how they can have courteeners and Liam Gallagher Clashing
  6. Hacienda Classical likely to open the pyramid stage again?
  7. Is johnny Marr more likely to be an early pyramid slot or higher up on one of the smaller stages?
  8. foals more likely to be JP surprise set?
  9. only other people on the recent poster who are big enough for the slot is George Ezra & Miley cyrus, both of them will be on the Pyramid surely?
  10. Would imagine wombats would be there somewhere (probs other stage day slot)
  11. Fatboy slim would be underwhelming considering he’s there every year anyway lol
  12. Would seem a little strange to have the killers and foals clashing, similar sort of genre.
  13. what stage do we reckon for Interpol? Mid to late noon on the other?
  14. Stubbsy55


    Any ideas what will be replacing the giant spider for Arcadia?
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