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  1. Justiceforcedave


    I saw him perform a solo show at the Forum last year. His vocals were glorious.
  2. Justiceforcedave


    ‘Sweet Emotion’ is top level! Also a big fan of ‘Eat the Rich’ and ‘Rag Doll’. Don’t forget ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady’ or ‘Cryin’ as they’ll be big sing alongs. ‘Pink’ is fricking amazing but I suspect they won’t play it. Erm.... ‘Living on the Edge’ and ‘Jamie’s Got a Gun’ too! There’s more but see how you get on with those.
  3. Justiceforcedave


    An hour and 15 isn’t enough! The more Aerosmith the better This on the Pyramid would be glorious!
  4. Did anyone nab Sharon Van Ettens set?
  5. Ran into Sharon pre-gig pottering through the mountain stage. She was absolutely lovely! Definitely set of the weekend for moi.
  6. I wake in bed....I fall asleep in tent.
  7. When do those sneaky settlers arrive? I want some times
  8. When do the legit times sneak online?
  9. Spell binding live acts: Already got Idles and Sharon at the top of my list (seen both before) and heard great things about Car Seat Headrest. Anyone else on the bill got a reputation for being especially ace live?
  10. Let's not forget the interview last week.....in which they were the only headliner not name dropped.
  11. Not clashing with Sharon (I messaged Green Man FB to ask and they confirmed)
  12. Sunday = Aldous Harding > Eels > Sharon Van Etten > Idles Is there a better run of acts at any UK festival this year? NOPE!
  13. Can confirm Idles and Sharon Van Etten won’t be clashing!
  14. Bagged me a nice momento! Set of the weekend for me.
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