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  1. Yes, I'm not worried about attendance really, & I doubt the school will be, as you say it's all over the place after this last year. I'm just worried about the possibility of a fine in all honesty.
  2. Thank you. Yes, I could write an essay about the cultural benefits of Glastonbury, I'd quite enjoy doing that too! There's no assessments going on then & one of the days will be sports day anyway so no learning.
  3. I don't fit in at The Park. I'm a grey haired 46 year old. This year will be my 16th Glastonbury & while I like The Park I feel like all the young beautiful people are there & I feel like a tourist. I also feel like everyone's mum. (It's also what makes Glastonbury so good - accommodating everyone's tastes, not staying the same, constantly changing).
  4. I am taking my 7&9 year old children to Glastonbury this year. This will be their third Glastonbury but they weren't at school the last time they went. We're taking them on the Wednesday so they'll be missing three days of school. I don't want them to lie or to feel they can't talk about it with their friends so we're going to be honest with the school. How would you play it? Just ring up on the day & say they're not going to be in or request authorised leave in advance & if it is not granted go anyway (we will be going anyway!). Has anyone experience of this please? They've never had anything other than time off for sickness & even that hardly ever. Will we get fined do you think? Massive thanks.
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